5 Ways to Make Time for God When You Barely Have Time to Pee

Wish your faith were more of a priority but you can never seem to find the time? These five tips help make it MUCH easier (Plus - free printable!)

Do you ever have days when you’re so busy you barely have time to pee, much less make time for God? 

With three little ones seven and younger, I’m definitely no stranger to days like that.

Some days it seems like every time I turn around, someone needs something, and it’s all I can do just to keep up.

Red cup, blue cup, speaking kindly to each other, whose turn it is to play with a beloved toy… it’s a lot to juggle!

Don’t get me wrong – I love it – but it can really take a toll… physically, mentally, emotionally AND spiritually.

The good news is, no matter how busy your life is right now (and no matter what’s making it so busy), there’s no reason God has to take a backseat.

Here are five things you can do to make time for God a priority — even when you barely have time to pee.


1. Schedule “God-time” in First

Several places in the Bible, the Lord commands His people to bring Him their “firstfruits” as an offering. (Deut 18:4 and Ex 23:19 are two examples.) While these verses typically refer to food offerings, the same concept applies to how we spend our time as well.

God is not satisfied with our leftovers. He want to be our #1 priority

Don’t aim to fit in time with God “when you have a chance” or “when you get around to it.” You’ll get busy. You’ll get distracted. You’ll forget. Ask me how I know… 

Instead, look over your day in advance. Figure out when the BEST time to read your Bible/pray would be, and choose to set that time aside for God. Set it aside. Guard it. Treat it like an unbreakable appointment — even when you don’t feel like it.

Your time slot could be early in the morning, over your lunch break, in the afternoons when the kids are napping… it’s completely up to you. Just choose wisely.

Don’t give God your leftovers. Don’t choose 10 pm if you know you’re going to be brain dead by then or 6 am if you know you won’t get up. Give God the best spot.

I actually did this myself lately, and it was really beneficial. 

One by one, I listed out my priorities — or at least, what I knew my priorities should be. Then, I scheduled them in – in order. I didn’t worry about priority #4 when I was on #2. I just went down the line.

Miraculously – there was plenty of time for everything. But even if there wasn’t, my top priorities deserved the best time slots, and I made sure they got them.

Yes, I had to move some things around, but that’s okay. My schedule now reflects what I want my heart to reflect.

2. Make Time with God an Integral Part of Your Day

While making sure God gets the best spot in your day is a fantastic place to start, I’d really encourage you: don’t stop there! God doesn’t want part of you part of the time. He wants all of you all of the time!

Tip: Need help remembering to make God more of a priority in your life?

Print out these beautiful free Scripture Card printables and place them around your home where you’re sure to see them often!

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And as an added bonus, I’ll send you some really encouraging, helpful emails to help keep you on track as well.

Thankfully, there are TONS of ways to make God more of a priority in your life – no matter how busy you are!

  • Turn on Christian radio while you’re driving around town, while you’re cleaning the house, while you’re eating meals, or while you’re getting ready in the morning. (Pandora and Youtube work well for this too!)
  • Post Bible verses around your home, at work, in the car… Enter your email in the box above and I’ll send you some to your inbox for you to print out right away.
  • Decorate your home with beautiful Christian items. Things like inspirational coffee mugs, fridge magnets and wall art. Here are some of my favorite Christian home decor pieces.
  • Create a special prayer routine. It’s easier to remember to pray when you associate it with something else you do on a regular basis. For example, you could pray every time you get into the car, every time you use the restroom, or every time you walk up a flight of steps. Seems silly, but it can make for a very powerful habit.

**Praying for your kids? These prayer cards will help!

3. Reevaluate How You’re Spending Your Time Currently

Of course, if fitting another thing into an already jam-packed schedule really is going to be a challenge, chances are you have way more things on your plate than you should.

Sure, they may be good, and even important, but if they are taking up so much time that you don’t have time left for God, they have to go.

So… how are you spending your time currently?

I would encourage you to get really honest with yourself. Maybe take 3-4 days and write down absolutely everything you do. Don’t estimate. Write down where your time is actually going.

How much time do you spend:

  • Getting ready in the mornings?
  • On Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or other social sites?
  • Watching TV?
  • Talking or scrolling mindlessly on your phone?
  • Shopping?
  • Driving your kids around to various activities?
  • Reading other books or magazines?

Not saying that you can never do these things — you can and should do at least most of them at some point — but if you have two hours a night to watch TV and none to read your Bible, something is wrong.

4. Surround Yourself with Godly Influences

And as for the time that you do spend watching TV, hanging out on social media, or reading other books and magazines – have you ever stopped to consider the quality of the messages you are letting in your life?

  • Are the TV shows you’re watching promoting adultery, violence or gluttony?
  • Are the books you’re reading teaching selfishness, self-pride or even witchcraft?
  • Is scrolling through social media stirring up feelings of jealousy, anger or discontentment?

Now, I’m not saying that you have to stick to ONLY Christian Living books or Christian TV. It’s totally fine to get a variety from various sources. But… you do have to realize — any time you are spending with ungodly influences (whether that’s media, friends or anything else) is time that you aren’t spending with godly influences.

And if you never seem to have enough time for godly influences in your life, maybe it’s time for some of those ungodly influences to go to make room.

5. Keep Your Expectations Reasonable

And last but not least, keep your expectations realistic.

There are some periods of life that are naturally going to be busier than others and that’s okay

If you’re still in the newborn phase or you have a child with special needs, your quiet time is simply not going to look the same as a single woman in her early twenties or a married woman in her fifties whose kids have already flown the coop.

Your quiet times now may not look like they did 5 or 10 years ago, and they won’t look the same in 5 to 10 years down the road, and that’s okay.

God is not up in Heaven with a scorecard, marking down every minute you do (or don’t) spend in prayer. He isn’t keeping a huge tally card of how many verses you have memorized or how many pages of your Bible you read today.

1 Samuel 16: 7 tells us, “But the LORD said to Samuel, “Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The LORD does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.“”

What does your heart look like? That’s the question.

  • Do you genuinely hunger for quiet time with the Lord?
  • Do you look forward to reading your Bible or meeting with other Godly women as often as you can?
  • When you do read your Bible and pray, do you do so with a humble, willing, and receptive spirit?
  • Do you strive every day to grow deeper in your faith than you were the day before?

Answering these questions honestly will reveal a great deal about your real priorities.

Do you spend as much time with God as you’d like to? Which of these five tips do you most need to implement today?

Struggling to make God the priority you should? This will help!

By the way, if you regularly struggle to make your faith the priority you know you should, I have a book I really think would help you out. It’s called “Putting God First: How to Make God the #1 Priority in Every Area of Your Life.”

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A devoted Christian, wife and mother, Brittany loves helping other women grow in these roles as well. When she isn’t busy taking care of her growing family, you can find her at Equipping Godly Women, where she regularly shares tips, tricks and encouragement to help you be the amazing woman God created you to be. Brittany also has a thriving online community on Facebook as well.

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Funny title and so true! I said several times to my kids this morning, “I still have to pee,” each time I helped the next one with something! These are all good suggestions. I used #3 a lot when the kids were littler. I agree with #5 that God should be included in every part of your day wether you’ve had focused “quiet time” or not. I do think though that establishing a set time to focus on God at least most days will help us be able to maintain that attitude. I have struggled with doing that; its hard, but our whole family has benefited form mom being able to have that time. This is what I started about a year ago – most days, after breakfast, I set all the kids (5 of them) up for “quiet reading” each in their own space with their own books, and I sit at the table with my Bible to read and/or pray. They’ve had to learn how to do that, (I keep most of them in my sight) some days are still very interrupted and it lasts 20 minutes at most. It has taken a while to get to this point and its still not easy but its been good all around.

I know, kids just ask and ask and ask, don’t they! I used to get very grouchy when my son would ask for his third breakfast when I hadn’t even gotten to make mine yet. Now I just get up a little earlier (and he started school), so that has helped a lot!

These are great ideas! So glad I saw your site on Twitter. My kids are high schoolers now, but I still don’t always have time to pee!!

I love what Abi shared above. It is so challenging to have daily quiet time with God. That keeps me sane, but the only way I can do it is by getting up a half hour earlier than the rest of the house. That said, I think that taking God with you during your whole day #5 above is just as or more important. My morning time gets me in a mind frame to share my whole day with God. I forget him so easily on those busy days!

You mean I STILL won’t have time to pee even once they’ve grown a little?? Oh no! I thought once I got them both into kindergarten, I’d be good to go! (Although, knowing me, I’m sure I’ll still find plenty of new things to keep me just as busy 🙂 )

Oh I love this topic! In fact, I’m doing The Nester’s #writing31Days on “Abiding in Christ–when reading the Bible isn’t an option.” Such timely words and great advice for those of us too busy and overwhelmed to even pee, let alone sit down for an exegetical study. Love ALL your pointers!

I often do too, Michelle. I think making quiet time a part of my routine (and having a good routine) has really helped a lot. Then, I don’t forget or get distracted nearly as easily.

This is a great post … but I think the REAL truth is – if you don’t even have time to pee, your plate is probably too full. If you don’t have time for God, your plate is DEFINITELY too full.

I am no longer comfortable with saying this – “I don’t have time to spend with God.”

It sort of makes me shudder to think about the depth of what I am saying about myself and the TRUE heart attitude behind being able to truthfully say that statement. To me, it means that I no longer really, really truly understand how amazing God is, how precious it is to be in His presence and most of all how desperately and deeply I NEED Him in all areas of my life. Because when I have completely filled my time with blogging, social media, TV, shopping or even spending time with my family to the point where I have successfully crowded out the God of the Universe, the Creator, the Great I Am, then I KNOW that I am running around acting like my schedule is more important, my priorities are higher and that I can do it all myself, thank you very much. Been there. Done that.

DONE with that.

God trumps all.other.priorities.

The world will tell us different – and it does QUITE loudly.

But~ Jesus beckons us quietly to draw near and rest. Ah….the better peace of hanging out with my Savior is much, much too sweet to set aside in favor of more likes on my Fan page, better stats in Google Analytics, more repins on my boards or anything else, including more income.

I know, because I have BEEN the can’t pee mom. But because of Jesus’ great love for me, He let me completely crash and burn in that life and then picked me back up and gently set my heart back towards Him.

The world LIES to us about how we should fill our days. God does not – He promises to draw near to us when we draw near to Him. I can’t NOT spend time with God. I pray the same longing for you~

I love that your first paragraph puts spending time with God above peeing. I know we are supposed to put Him first, but if I have to pee…. lol 🙂

And I love the rest of your comment just as much. I definitely struggle to manage my priorities. I do have quiet time every day, but the whole rest of the day always seems like too much rushing, rushing, rushing. That is something I’m working on right now. (Hey, I don’t write these posts just for all of your benefit! 🙂 ) I’d rather listen now, than be forced to listen a couple weeks from now when I have no other choice.

Thanks for the wonderful comment!

I have used some other practical ways to bring my prayer life to the forefront of my day.
We homeschool, have 5 kids and eat every meal at home (almost) which makes for a lot of dishes…
I have a dry erase board on the inside of my kitchen cabinet. If I have someone ask me to pray for them, or a prayer something I need to take to God, then I write it there. As I am doing the dishes, is the time I am usually left alone by my kids. Because they know if I’m doing dishes and they are loud, or bored, then they get recruited to wash or rinse with me. So, since I have all that alone time, I open my cabinet and go over my prayer list.

I know your list says when you don’t have time to pee, but that is my second prayer time. Every mom of small kids hides in the bathroom. I do it too, and I try to remember to use it for prayer time.

Just some thoughts.


I think that’s a fantastic idea, Carla! Thanks for sharing! I usually use dishes time to listen to blogging podcasts lol, but I love the idea of using it for God time too 🙂

Hi! I feel like this article was written for me. I like the note card idea. I know this sounds weird but I keep a bible in the bathroom and read verses anytime I have alone time in there! I also have a bible on my kindle that I read when I can.

That is totally not weird because I do the exact same thing! My Bible lives right by the toilet! That way, even if I get busy and distracted all day long, I’ll AT LEAST see it before I go to bed and read a little bit then. Though I usually *try* not to wait until then, but it happens.

Ooh, good idea. I can’t remember the last time I had a relaxing bath (maybe when I was pregnant, or sick? lol), but I like the idea! I’d be worried about dropping my book in the water though 🙂

Its tough to make time for God with a busy schedule and that puts me to shame to even say it. I Go for a walk and pray already most of the days. But I will now use your idea of putting Bible verses in the house. Thx for sharing

Don’t feel shame! We ALL go through this. If it were just you–I wouldn’t have needed to write a post about it! Oh, and I haven’t really announced this yet, but I just finished printable Scripture cards for just that purpose. They will be going out email subscribers soon, if you want to sign up!

I am a Registered Nurse of 45 years. Ten of those years I worked night shift. I drove the 20 minutes to work saying the Rosary.

I have now been working in an Intensive Care Unit for the past 15 years.

I now “talk” to God/Jesus/Holy Spirit and Mary on the way and ask Them all to help me be a good nurse, help me to do what is right for THEIR sick patients, pick up on the subtle changes that can make the difference between life and death, say the right things to patients and families, etc.

When my patient dies, I touch them, bow my heard and say the prayer for poor souls… “Eternal rest grant unto them, oh Lord”… Amazingly enough, everyone in the rooms respects that, and waits until I am done to begin post mortem care.

When I am drawing blood on a “hard stick” I always ask Jesus for help. I do thank Him profusely when I get it.

Lots of time, I barely have time to ” pee”. The BR as we call it is right past patient rooms… ” oh nurse…..” And we do go in… Most of the time forgetting that we have to “pee”. I think the Lord has something to do with that.

A true story: a group of Respiratory Therapy students, came into my patient’s room to draw an arterial blood gas. This young man’s first time doing so. He was scared and trembling. I looked at him and said ” Ask the Lord to help you get it.” He kind of looked at me funny, but, he did bow his head some and a few seconds went by before he stuck the patient. BAM! He got it first time, first stick! His head shot up and he looked at me wide eyed. I responded with, ” now Thank Him. Always thank Him.”

lol, hi Mary! I have the settings set up so I have to manually approve everyone’s first comment. It has nothing to do with the content of the comment; it automatically does that for everyone’s first comment. This is a very, very common setting on many blogs to prevent spammers from commenting all over the site, making it look very trashy (you wouldn’t believe how persistent they are!). Once I approve one of your comments though (and I just did!) you are free to comment as much as you like and it will display immediately.