Frustrated by Facebook?

Not anymore.

If you're a blogger who uses Facebook to help promote your work,
you know just how frustrating Facebook can be.

  • ​All the time you spent creating the PERFECT post... only to have Facebook show it to all of 10 people. 
  • The constant algorithm changes--by the time you finally figure out what you're doing--Facebook changes everything!
  • How helpless you feel when growth is so sloooooooow, and you don't know how to fix it.
  • How embarrassed you feel when you ask questions to get people talking -- and all you hear is crickets.
  • How cheated you feel when you "pay to play" -- and STILL don't see results!
  • The headache you get from trying to figure out all of the conflicting advice. (Should you post 4x a day or 24? Do photos do better or links? Are third-party schedulers okay, or do they ruin your reach?)

But what if I told you it didn't have to be this way...?

Hi, my name is Brittany Ann!

I'm the owner of Equipping Godly Women and its corresponding Facebook page... and I'm kind of obsessed with Facebook. 

One year ago, I was just a normal Facebook page owner, plugging along, posting updates every day, trying to figure out what works and what doesn't, trying to get people talking...

​And then, suddenly, my Facebook page skyrocketed overnight! 

I went from 2,000 Facebook fans to 100,000 Facebook fans -- in only five months.​

Suddenly, people I barely knew started emailing me--"How in the world did you get so many Facebook fans??? And they're so engaged! What in the world are you doing that we aren't??"

Page Growth from January 2015
to April 2016 (All Organic)

Now, I can't take full credit for this. I'm sure divine intervention probably played a bigger role than I did!

But ever since then, I've been busy learning all I can about Facebook and how it works.

So if you've ever wished someone would lay it all out in an easy-to-understand, super simple "THIS is what you need to do to rock at Facebook" guide, well, you're in luck. 

I've spent the last couple years (plus well over $1,000 - yikes!) researching all things Facebook -- learning the ins and the outs, figuring out what really works and what doesn't...

I have the strategies. I have the tips, the tricks, the hacks, the secrets.... All of it. And now I'm sharing them with YOU!​

Can't believe she grew her FB page from 2K to 100K overnight! This book is a MUST read!


"Strategies Worth Sharing"

THE book you need to read if you want to succeed at Facebook.​

Strategies Worth Sharing isn't just a super basic, beginner-level rehashing of the same ol' same ol' strategies you can read all over Pinterest. This is the REAL DEAL. From someone who has the stats to back it up.

With over 70 pages of no-fluff, no-nonsense strategy in the book alone, these are the tricks you've been missing!

In fact, here's exactly what you'll find inside...

Can't believe she grew her FB page from 2K to 100K overnight! This book is a MUST read!

Section One: Why Facebook?

1. Is Organic Reach Dead?
2. Why Facebook's Declining Reach is a GOOD Thing
3. Why Facebook?
4. Is Facebook Right for You?

Section Two: Getting Started with Facebook

5. What Big Goal Do YOU Want to Accomplish?
6. What Makes Your Page Unique?
7. Setting Your Fan Page Up for Success
8. How Not to Get Steamrolled on Facebook

Section 3: AMAZING Content - What It Is and Where to Find It

9. How to Spot Amazing Content
10. Where to Find Amazing Content
11. One Easy Trick that Will Save You HOURS on Facebook
12. How Often Should You Post?
13. When to Post so Your Fans Actually See It
14. How to Create an Editorial Calendar for Facebook (and why you should)
15. Posting Live vs. Scheduling Posts in Advance—Which One Delivers the Best Results?

Section 4: How to Get (the Right) People to Like Your Facebook Page

16. How to Build a Page You'll Love
17. 15 Easy Ways to Get More Facebook Fans
18. One “Can't Miss” Trick that Can Easily Score You Hundreds of New Facebook Fans
19. The Common Blog Practice that is Killing Your Engagement (DON'T DO THIS!!)
20. What You Need to Know About Giveaways

Section 5: How to Get Facebook to Show Your Posts to People

21. How Facebook Reach Works (And How You Can Make it Work for You!)
22. How to Get Your Fans to Like, Comment, Click and Share
23. Three Reasons Your Fans Won't Share Your Articles
24. Is Collaborating with Other Bloggers Hurting More Than Helping?
25. Are You Being a Rude Host/Hostess Without Even Realizing It?
26. How to Ask Questions People Can't Help But Respond To
27. One Simple Trick to Give Your Posts a Quick Boost - for FREE.
28. What Does Your Audience Need from You? (Do You Know?)

Section 6: Bonus Tips and Tricks

29: Are You Making This Lazy Facebook Mistake?
30: The Problem With Sharing Your Own Content Too Much
31: The 12+ Words that Will Kill Your Facebook Reach
32: When You Should Tag Other Pages—and When You Definitely Shouldn't
33: One Sneaky Trick to Get People Interacting
34: How to Find Content People Want to Talk About Right Now

Want to find out how I get reach like these...?

Then you need this book.

And at only $20, how can you afford not to?

(Seriously, you can make that back in no time with all the extra traffic you'll have.)

No more frustration. No more hair-tearing-out. Just real results.

But wait - there's more!

You know as well as I know - creating a truly AMAZING Facebook page isn't always easy. Would you like a little hand-holding along the way? 

If so - you're in luck!

In addition to the Strategies Worth Sharing book, I have a few other resources that will take you by the hand and show you EXACTLY what you need to do to create a Facebook page that helps you accomplish your biggest dreams. They're all yours too if you want them.

Read on to learn more!

The Strategies Worth Sharing Workbook

Available with the Pro Package

The Strategies Worth Sharing *book* has all the tips, tricks, strategies and information you need to create a truly fantastic Facebook page. 

But actually sitting down to implement all the things you learn and come up with a strategy that's just right for you? 

That's where the *workbook* comes in.

With 16 chapters and 31 pages, the Strategies Worth Sharing workbook is FULL of printable worksheets that will guide you step-by-step through the process of implementing everything you're learning.

So you aren't just gaining more head knowledge; you're actually putting it to work for you!

9 Strategies Worth Sharing Video Trainings

Available with the Master Package

Want a video tutorial so you can see exactly what to do? The master package has nine of them!

Whether you're creating a content calendar, finding and scheduling awesome content, or making sure that content always performs its best - I'll show you exactly what steps you need to take for the best results!

How to Create an Editorial Calendar for Your Facebook Page

So you always know exactly what to post and when to post it.

How to Schedule Your Updates - the Right Way

A few little tricks to make sure your posts always get the best reach possible. 

How to Replace Bad Images on Other People's Links

Found a great article with a terrible image? Here's how to fix it - fast and free.

How to Make Sure Facebook Always Pulls the Right Image

One super easy tweak to make sure your images always display correctly. 

How to Quickly Invite Hundreds of New Likes - for FREE

Do this one thing EVERY DAY to grow your page at a massive rate - it's fast and it works!

How to Navigate Your Facebook Insights - And What It All Means

How to figure out exactly what content what your audience wants - and where to find it.

How to Link Your Facebook Page on Your Facebook Profile

So the people who want to find your page and share your posts can easily do just that.

How to Quickly Find Tons of Quality Niche Influencers

This makes it SO quick and easy to find tons of terrific content to share.

One Must-Have App That Will Help You Avoid Getting Distracted

So you can get your work done, get off Facebook, and get on with your life.

So, what do you think? 

Are you tired of the endless frustration? Are you tired of banging your head against the wall, trying to figure out what works and what doesn't? Are you ready to start earning the traffic and income you deserve - all in less time than ever before?

If so, check out the pricing options below and see which option might be the best fit for you!

Strategies Worth Sharing Pricing Options

Get all the help you need - without paying for what you don't.

Use the pricing chart below to help you determine which option is just right for you!

Basic Package

The knowledge and strategies you need to take your Facebook fan page to the next level.

Strategies Worth Sharing ebook (70 pages)

Free lifetime updates with each new version.​


Live in the EU? Go here instead.

Pro Package

Everything in the Basic Package PLUS all the worksheets. (So you don't just learn more--you actually implement it!)

Strategies Worth Sharing ebook (70 pages)

Strategies Worth Sharing Workbook (31 pages)

Free lifetime updates with each new version.​


Live in the EU? Go here instead.

Master Package

Everything in the Pro Package PLUS additional training materials so you see exactly what to do to make your fan page a massive success.

Strategies Worth Sharing ebook (70 pages)

Strategies Worth Sharing Workbook (31 pages)

9 Video Trainings

"Amazing Content" Checklist

“Why People Like, Comment, Click and Share” PDF download

Exclusive access to the exact insider information I used to train my Facebook VA

List of my top recommended resources

Free lifetime updates with each new version.​


Live in the EU? Go here instead.

What People Are Saying

Rear. Release. Regroup.

Strategies Worth Sharing has been a game changer for me! Within one week of implementing just a few of her strategies my total reach was up 597%, and the number of people engaged had already climbed to 444%!

Before Strategies Worth Sharing, I rarely had more than a couple interactions per post - now, not only are people interacting, but they're commenting and sharing, and my Facebook page membership is steadily climbing!

Brittany keeps it real with down-to-earth explanations for how Facebook works, and solid, concrete ideas for not only getting viewers to interact and share posts, but to drive traffic to the owner's blog. This easy-to-read book is the most affordable, valuable tool I've found for cracking the Facebook code! I highly recommend it!

Path Through the Narrow Gate

After two years of start and stop Facebook experimenting and painfully growing my page to 600 likes, I bought and read Brittany's book, Strategies Worth Sharing.

This last month, combining my first ever viral post with Brittany's advice, I have grown my facebook page to 3684 likes, and I am getting over 100 new likes every week!

Brittany's book is full of positive common sense strategies that will help you get the results that you are looking for.

Arabah Joy

Brittany Ann's book helped me not only think through a comprehensive strategy for Facebook, it also helped me understand the "why" behind those strategies.

​Understanding how Facebook works and how my particular audience engages on Facebook is critical to having a thriving page. Instead of giving up on Facebook, I now have fresh ideas for making it work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this book for beginners, advanced users, or somewhere in between?

This book is for anyone who is frustrated by Facebook, who is ready to learn and develop a solid strategy that works. This book isn't just a rehashing of all of the basic tips you can find all over Pinterest--it's a whole new way of thinking about Facebook. It's easy enough to understand for true beginners, but full of great information perfect for people who have been using Facebook for a while. 

Will the information in this book become obsolete the next time Facebook changes its algorithm?

Nope! The information in this book is actually pretty algorithm-proof. Sure, there may be a few tiny details that may change, but 95% of the information in this book isn't going to change--no matter how many times Facebook changes its algorithms. Its been nearly a year now since I first published Strategies Worth Sharing and I still use the exact same strategies today!

Which package should I buy?

That depends on your learning style and your budget. The book contains all of the information and strategies you need, but it doesn't walk you step-by-step through the process of actually implementing what you learn. 

If you're someone who reads information and then struggles to actually implement it, you'll definitely want the workbook (available in the pro package). It will literally take you step by step. Most people do order the workbook along with the book.

If you're brand new to Facebook, need all the help you can get, or you're serious about taking your Facebook page to the next level, the Master Package may be just right for you. Look over the pricing options - do the additional resources look like they will be helpful to you?

Alternately, if you're on a super tight budget or your page is already doing really fantastic - you just want to up your game a little bit - then the book may be all you need. It's up to you! (And you can always upgrade later. Just email me and tell me what you need)

I'm located in the European Union--Can I still buy this book?

Unfortunately, EU tax laws make this a little tricky. The buttons above won't work for you, but you CAN still get the book. Go here for details!

Is this a physical book?

Nope, it's an ebook, available in pdf format only. Immediately after purchase, you will get the link to download via email. Nothing will be mailed to you. You are more than welcome to print off the workbook and have it bound at your local office supply store, however!

Do you offer any type of guarantee?

If you are not satisfied with this book for any reason--I want to know so I can make it right! Not just for you, but also for future readers. Please email me at to let me know. Thanks!

I have a different question...

No problem. Feel free to email me at and let me know what you need.

If you've made it this far--it's clear that you're seriously considering this book. You know you want it, so what's holding you back? Don't let fear stand in your way. This book is legit and yes, it can really help YOU. Even if you're new. Even if you don't know what you're doing. Even if Facebook hates you. 

Stop wasting your time spinning your wheels. Grab your copy today. You'll be glad you did.

About the Author: Brittany Ann

Two and a half years ago, Brittany started blogging on a whim because her friend started a blog and she thought "it looked fun." Little did she know it was a decision that would change her life forever.

Today, Brittany is a busy work-at-home mom , trying to balance working, being a good wife and taking care of three VERY energetic (but completely adorable) little ones. When she isn't busy working on her site, Equipping Godly Women, or cleaning up the box of cereal the toddler dumped all over the floor AGAIN, you can probably find her on Facebook, catching up on the latest blog news and eating way too many cookies.

Bloggers! -- Interested in becoming an affiliate? I'd love to have you help me get the word out! Signing up is easy, and I pay a generous commission. All the details you need are right inside the book! Or you can find more information here