When You Don’t Feel Like Being a Good Christian

🌺  Written by Brittany Ann

 When You Don't Feel Like Being a Good Christian

I would say I’m a pretty committed Christian. Christianity is a huge part of who I am, and being a better Godly woman is something that I strive for literally every day. And yet, there are days when I seriously just don’t care.

Days when I know I should pray, but I don’t feel like it. Days when I know I should read my Bible, but I’m just not interested. Days when I should go to church, but seriously–can’t I just stay home in my pajamas and do nothing for once??

Do you ever have days like this too?

I think we all do at times (at least–I hope it’s not just me!). None of us are perfect, and we all fall short at times.

Thankfully, we don’t have to stay there. If your relationship with God is feeling rather strained, distant or apathetic lately, here’s what you need to do to fix it.


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1. Identify Your Real Feelings


First of all, you’ll want to figure out exactly what you’re actually feeling. Are you tired, burned out or stressed? Are you worried, distracted or unmotivated? Is it that you don’t care at all, or that you do care but something is standing in your way?

Now, being honest and open enough to admit what is really going on with you may be uncomfortable, but the more honest, accurate and in-depth you can be with yourself, the better. You don’t have to tell anyone else if you don’t want to, but you need to be honest with yourself–even if you don’t like what you uncover.


2. Look for Potential Causes


Once you’ve figured out where you are at emotionally, your next step is to try to figure out what is causing you to feel this way. Sometimes, this will be easy. You’re tired because you have too much on your plate and you really need to TEACH Your Children How to Behave. Or you’re avoiding church because of a strained relationship with another church member you see regularly. Other times, figuring out the root of the issue may be a little more tricky to do.

If you are having trouble figuring out what is standing in your way, there are a few things you can try. Ask yourself if anything has changed in your life lately. Try to identify the exact times or situations that are causing you difficulty. Talk to a friend or family member who knows you well, who may be able to see a blind spot you are missing.


3. Find Ways to Overcome Obstacles


Once you know what is standing in the way of your relationship with God, it’s time to take action. Maybe you’ve been too busy lately, and you need to take some things off of your plate. Maybe you’ve been lazy, and you simply need to make quiet time with God a part of your routine. Maybe you’ve let sinful attitudes creep into your heart, and you need to take steps to cultivate the opposite attitude. Whatever it is–find a way to overcome it with God’s help.


Grace Goals


By the way, one resource I absolutely love for getting rid of pesky sins and bad habits is Grace Goals by Arabah Joy. This 100% Biblically based course walks you step-by-step through the process of identifying your struggles and making a real plan to overcome them. I would highly recommend!

You can learn more here if you’re interested.



4. Pray


Of course, no one said that making these types of changes in your life is going to be easy. In fact, it will probably be very difficult–especially if you are truly committed to diving in and dealing with some yucky stuff. That’s why you NEED to pray all throughout the process.

Pray that God gives you the insight to identify the things that are standing in your way. The wisdom to figure out what to do about it and the strength and courage to take the steps you need to take. That He will put the right people in your path to help you along the way and that you’ll grow closer to Him as a result.


5. Obey Anyways


Perhaps you’re feeling distant because God has asked you to do something that you really, really, really don’t want to do.

Do it anyways.

It doesn’t really matter what it is, why you don’t want to do it or what excuses you can come up with… God know more than you. Like, a lot more. If He says to do something–trust Him and do it. He knows what He’s talking about.

Sure, you may not *feel* like it at first. That’s okay. Obedience shouldn’t be based on feeling, anyway, but knowledge. And I can almost guarantee that if you lead with obedience, your feelings will follow.


6. Cultivate a True Relationship


Of course, as essential as obedience is, Christianity is a lot more than just following the rules and marking off a few check boxes. It is a religion, but it’s also a relationship with the one and only Lord of the entire universe. It’s a romance. It’s an epic adventure.

So, yes, eliminate obstacles and obey and check off all those boxes, but never forget the real reason you’re doing this in the first place: Because God is amazing and He deserves your all. And, as a bonus, when you’re all in, it’s pretty wonderful for you too.



How is your spiritual life going lately? Are you as passionate about God as you should be, or has your faith taken more of a backseat lately?



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  1. “Obedience shouldn’t be based on feeling, anyway, but knowledge. And I can almost guarantee that if you lead with obedience, your feelings will follow.”
    This speaks volumes to me. I have recently made a difficult decision because of my faith, and even though I don’t really feel like going through with it, I know I should.
    How interesting that I just found your article about that. I’ll take it as a sign from God. 😀
    Thank you for writing this!

  2. Very insightful post. It can be difficult to stop and analyze the reasons behind our lack of faith or lack of enthusiasm. I think many people may just keep on going without taking the time to really think and pray about it. I’d also add that, as an Orthodox Christian, I would go to confession. Often any roadblock in my relationship with God has to do with unconfessed sin. When I go to confession and then speak with my spiritual father, I am always encouraged and strengthened in my faith.

  3. Hi. I love your post. I wonder if I’m getting burned out. I’ve been experiencing a lot of heavy spiritual things very recently, on top of college and other commitments.

    I seem to be tempted to fall back in to the old creature when I go through this. Right now, part of me wishes I could just say “screw it” and never do any Christian-y things again. Church is fine, but avoiding sin seems like a chore and I don’t want to do it. I mean, I want to obey God, and I know it’s the right choice to obey, and every time I obey I never regret it. But sin sounds so much better right now.

    I don’t know what I’m asking for, so I guess at the very least I need prayer.

    Thank you

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