Do You Ever Struggle to Trust God's Plan?

You've probably noticed by now: Life doesn't always go according to plan.

Unexpected illness... job loss... strained relationships... struggling to make ends meet... friends and family who walk away from the faith...

Seems like there's always something. And it's enough to make you wonder "What is God up to?" "Doesn't God care?" or "Will God ever come through?" 

The good news is -- God DOES care. He knows your worries. He hears your prayers. And He still has a plan for your life.

And if you could use a little extra love and encouragement to get you through life's tough seasons -- I have just the thing for you...

Introducing: The "Trusting God's Plan" Encouragement Pack

Walking through the tough seasons of life is hard. What if you had something to make them just a little bit easier?

Pretty, encouraging and oh-so-helpful, the "Trusting God's Plan" Encouragement Pack will help you cling tight to faith and hope no matter what life throws your way. 

Plus, it's 100% digital, which means no shipping, no waiting, no hassle... Get the encouragement you make it through another day today!

The "Trusting God's Plan" Encouragement Pack Will Help You... 

✔️ Be Encouraged in Life's Tough Season with a Beautiful Scripture Art Print to display in your home.

✔️ Rest on God's Promises with 10 Biblical Promises for Believers -- straight from the Bible.

✔️ Watch God's Promises Come to Life with 3 incredibly encouraging videos, all based on God's Word. 

✔️ Meditate on God's Encouraging Word - no matter where you are - with 18 printable Scripture cards you can throw in your purse, display in your home or keep in your car.

✔️ Put Your Faith in Action with a step-by-step guide to walking in faith, even when it's hard.