Tired of Pitiful Facebook Reach?

Let's fix that.

As a blogger, you know just how frustrating Facebook can be. 

The constant algorithm changes, the declining reach, how difficult it is to get your fans to engage with anything you write... 

You try to follow all the advice out there, but it's just so confusing and contradictory. And it changes all the time!


You try to make it work,  but you have so many questions...

  • What types of content should I be posting on my Facebook page?
  • Should I even use a page or is my personal profile okay? What about groups?
  • Why doesn't Facebook show my posts to anyone?
  • Why won't my fans share my posts?
  • Do I have to pay for people to see my posts?
  • Why isn't my page growing??

It's enough to drive any blogger batty. 

But thankfully -- there is hope. 

Introducing... Strategies Worth Sharing

THE step-by-step guide to Facebook for bloggers and online entreprenuers.

The truth is -- Facebook is definitely tricky. There are tons of "rules" for what you should do and shouldn't do if you want your page to do well. 

They actually make a ton of sense, and they're even pretty easy to follow once you know what they are...

But unfortunately, most bloggers simply don't know how to use their Facebook pages properly. 

That's where Strategies Worth Sharing comes in. 

Strategies Worth Sharing isn't just a simple rehashing of the same ol' same ol' worn out "strategies" you can find all over Pinterest. 

No, Strategies Worth Sharing is an easy-to-understand step-by-step system that will show you EXACTLY what you need to do to make your Facebook page grow.


Millenial Money Man


Facebook Strategies Worth Sharing is an absolute gem if you’re a blogger or own a small business with an online presence. Grab it today through the above link – I promise you won’t be sorry. That’s hands down some of the best money I’ve spent on my business.

[Strategies Worth Sharing] changed my entire Facebook strategy, and it's working.

In fact, here's exactly what you'll learn...

  • The truth about declining Facebook reach... and why it's actually a GOOD thing!
  • How Facebook reach actually works -- and how you can make it work for you!
  • How to create a page that stands apart, gets noticed, and helps you achieve your biggest blogging goals.
  • Which type of content you NEED to post -- and which kind you definitely shouldn't.
  • One "Can't Miss" trick that can easily score you HUNDREDS of new Facebook fans -- for free!
  • How to get your fans to like, comment, click and share - without even asking!
  • The super common blog practice that is KILLING your engagement (Avoid this at all costs!)
  • The 12+ words that will demolish your Facebook reach.
  • And more!

Strategies Worth Sharing is your complete step-by-step guide to ​growing your page, increasing your reach and skyrocketing your engagement -- all without paying Facebook a dime!

And that's not all! 

Want to REALLY rock your Facebook Page? Upgrade to the Master Package and you'll also get: 

The Strategies Worth Sharing Workbook

With 16 chapters and 31 pages, the Strategies Worth Sharing workbook is FULL of printable worksheets that will help you not only learn what you need to do but actually put it into practice!

9 Bonus Training Videos

Don't guess and hope for the best -- these 9 short training videos will show you EXACTLY what you need to do. From finding niche influencers to scheduling updates to navigating your Facebook insights -- these videos will show you how. 

 Michelle S. 

 Making Sense of Cents 


I started 2016 with just around 6,500 Facebook followers and ended the year with 38,000. At the end of September of 2017, I had over 80,000. I owe a lot of that to the ebook Facebook Strategies Worth Sharing.

Growing my Facebook page has allowed me to reach new readers, improve my blogging income, grow my email list, and more.

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Strategies Worth Sharing Workbook (31 pages)

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Path Through the Narrow Gate


After two years of start and stop Facebook experimenting and painfully growing my page to 600 likes, I bought and read Brittany's book, Strategies Worth Sharing.

This last month, combining my first ever viral post with Brittany's advice, I have grown my Facebook page to 3684 likes, and I am getting over 100 new likes every week!

Brittany's book is full of positive, common sense strategies that will help you get the results that you are looking for.

A Note from the Author...

Hi, I'm Brittany Ann! I'm a wife, mother, online entrepreneur, and the founder of Equipping Godly Women with its active Facebook page of over 150,000. 

Two years ago, I grew my Facebook page from 2,000 to 100,000 in just five months, all without paying Facebook a dime, and now I help other bloggers and online entrepreneurs grow their pages as well!

In fact, Strategies Worth Sharing was written specifically because I saw SO many bloggers struggling with Facebook, and I felt compelled to help. 

Over the last two years, my strategies have helped nearly 1,500 bloggers get better reach and engagement on Facebook, and I'd love to help you too!

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