Kids Driving You Nuts?

Want a simple, step-by-step solution to change that?

You love your kids. You feel incredibly blessed that God has entrusted them to you and called you to be their mother.

But do they ever drive you nuts at times?

Maybe it's the whining, the backtalk, or the constant sibling squabbles. Maybe it's selfishness, the fact that they won't listen until you yell, or the way that it's a constant disaster zone wherever they've been...

You tell yourself it's probably normal, or just a phase. That they're just being kids. But inwardly, you feel like a total failure most days and wonder where you went wrong.  

Sound familiar? Then I have some good news...

"TEACH Your Children How to Behave" Can Help

Want in on a little parenting secret?

While some children are naturally better behaved than others, there are TONS of simple, quick little tricks you can use to help even the most difficult of children learn to control themselves and obey. 

They aren't really difficult. Or time consuming. You just have to know what they are... 

As a former substitute teacher to a number of inner city schools, I HAD to know how to quickly get the kids' trust and cooperation if I wanted to get through the day's lessons. Otherwise, I was toast! 

Now, after years of research and plenty of hands-on testing to find out what works and doesn't, I'm excited to share everything I've learned with you in my book, "TEACH Your Children How to Behave."

Here's What You'll Learn: 

✔️ How to set reasonable expectations for your children's unique ages, personalities and ability levels.

✔️ How to prevent your children's bad behavior BEFORE it starts

✔️ How to choose fair consequences that REALLY work!

✔️ How to respond to 25 of the most common behavior problems parents deal with today -- problems including arguing, hitting, lying, attitude problems, whining and more!

✔️How to TEACH your children to make better choices in the future so you aren't repeating yourself again and again.

Plus: Want to Make it Even Easier on Yourself?

Grab the "TEACH Your Children Printable Pack" as well!

"TEACH Your Children How to Behave" lays out everything you need to know. But  simply having the knowledge isn't enough -- you also need to put it into practice!

Thankfully, with 13 pretty and practical printable worksheets you can customize to your family's unique needs, the "TEACH Your Children" printable pack will help you do just that!

Whether you need help remembering the method, brainstorming appropriate consequences, or helping your children learn how to behave--the "TEACH Printable Pack" has everything you need and more.

Plus, it's less than 5 bucks when you order it alongside the ebook!

See What Our Readers are Saying...


Equipping Godly Women Reader and mom of 4

"What I like about Brittany's TEACH Method is that it is a solid, research-backed method that is easy and practical to implement. Everything she teaches in her book works.


Equipping Godly Women Reader and mom of 4

"Using the TEACH method has given me confidence as a parent, and encourages me to lead my children to have good behavior while still enjoying life. Since implementing what I've learned from the book, I can already see improvement!"

Sure, you could choose to keep things the way they are. Kids driving you nuts. Snapping when you don't mean to. Counting down the hours til bedtime every day. Or you could make a change

"TEACH Your Children How to Behave" will walk you step-by-step through the exact parenting strategy I use to help my children behave, and the system that thousands of others have used to raise great kids as well. 

This isn't just a bunch of fluffy theory. This is the super practical, hands-on help you need to change your family life and start truly enjoying parenting your kids again. Research backed and real life tested. 

Grab your book today!

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