10 Common Misconceptions About Christians That Simply Aren’t True

🌺  Written by Brittany Ann

Despite the fact that Christianity is thousands of years old and the biggest, most popular religion in the world, there are still plenty of misconceptions about Christians and what they believe.

Recently, on a popular social platform, someone asked, “What are some common misconceptions about Christians?”

And while it is easy to see where some of these misconceptions come from, thankfully, they are all false.


1. All Christians Believe the Same Things

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One person shared, “We all believe the same things. And that gets defined by the loudest among us.”

From Catholics to Baptists to Methodists to Jehovah’s Witnesses and more, there are tens of thousands of different Christian denominations, each of which has a slightly unique set of beliefs.

All Christians believe in the same God and many of the same values, but they differ widely (and often outright contradict each other) in the specific details of belief and practice.


2. They Are All Good Christians

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One person said, “That there can be no bad Christians.”

There really is no good way to define or precisely measure what makes someone a good or bad Christian.

We are all human and we all struggle with different aspects of Christianity to various degrees.

No Christian is perfect, and we all have good and bad days.


3. They Do Not Believe in Scientific Facts

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Someone responded, “Christians don’t believe in any scientific facts.”

While some Christians and some scientists may disagree on a few important issues, Christianity and science do not have to be at odds with each other.

They are simply two different approaches that both seek to explain the same physical world.

Many scientists are Christian and many Christians are scientists. The two can (and do!) work together.


4. They Are All Catholic

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One person said, “People also think that all Christians are Catholic.”

Catholicism may be the largest Christian denomination, but it is far from the only one.

Catholics have lot of long-standing traditions, but not all Christians share them.


5. They Are Hateful

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One person responded, “People have told me to my face that Christians are hateful, yet my Christian friends and I don’t hate anyone.”

Unfortunately, this is one of those misconceptions where it is easy to see where it comes from.

There are many Christians who rightly deserve to be labeled as hateful, judgmental, or rude.

Thankfully, however, these tend to be the extremists. By far, most Christians are wonderful, loving people who simply want what is best for their families and others.


6. They Can’t Have Careers in Science

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Someone commented, “Christians can’t be in a field of science.”

This misconception is absolutely false. Many Christians can (and do!) have careers as reputable scientists of all sorts.

Religion and science do not have to be at odds with each other.


7. They Deny Logic

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One person said, “We deny science and logic.”

Some of what Christians think, believe, or do you may not make a lot of sense to outsiders, that does not mean that Christians throw all logic out the window.

Rather, when you’ve seen and experienced God at work personally, it is perfectly reasonable to expect that you will see miracles again.


8. They Are Boring

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One person responded, “Christianity is dull.”

Thankfully, this could not be further from the truth!

Just like any group of people, some individual Christians may be boring… But many Christians are fun-loving, hilarious, and a joy to be around.

You certainly don’t have to lose your sense of humor, joy, or adventure in order to become a Christian!


9. They Don’t Consider Catholics as Christians

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Someone shared that the biggest misconception in their opinion is, “Catholics are not Christian.”

Unfortunately, because so much of what Catholics believe is seen as at odds to what Protestants believe, some Protestants and non-Christians are under the mistaken belief that Catholics are not Christian at all.

This, of course, isn’t true.

Catholics consider themselves to be the original Christians, and they do believe all the basic (major) tenets of Christianity. They simply express their faith in a different way.


10. They All Have the Same Political Beliefs

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One person responded, “One seems to be that all Christians are similar to American right-wing Evangelicals. Yet the differences are sometimes so big they’re like another religion.”

Christians also show remarkable diversity in their voting patterns. There are plenty of Christians who vote Republican, Democrat, or third party, and some Christians may vote differently from one year to the next.

Christianity never makes any claims about who someone should vote for or how they should vote, and Christians are free to vote for any political party.


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