13 Fantastic Reasons to Go to Church (That Have Nothing to Do with God)

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Of course, you should go to church for the ‘right’ reasons, like growing closer to God and learning more about how to have faith. But there are plenty of reasons to go to church that have nothing to do with God at all!

It’s no secret or surprise that church attendance has been declining over the past decade or more, but maybe it’s time to reconsider our Sunday morning activities. Maybe it’s time to return to church, and not just to find God.


1. To Be Happy

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The Pew Research Center did a study and found a direct correlation between regular church attendance and increased levels of happiness.

Granted, it’s hard to say which was the cause and which was the effect. Do people ‘get happier’ because they attend church? Or do they attend church because they feel happy?

Regardless, the study revealed that those who attended weekly were even happier than those who attended monthly.

The short takeaway is that if you aren’t feeling happy, maybe some regular church attendance will help.


2. To Have a Place to Go

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If your kids are grown and you are retired, you might not have many places to go that don’t cost you a lot of money.

A once-busy lifestyle may have slowed down dramatically when you aren’t accompanying children to their sporting events, chauffeuring teenagers to work, or even going to work yourself.

Not only is church a welcoming place to go, but many churches have plenty of social activities that you can attend for free.

Every church has different activities, from Bible studies to knitting groups. There are luncheons, weekly prayer meetings, and even service activities that can give you a place to go that won’t cost you a lot of money.


3. To Listen to Music

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It’s getting harder and harder to find places to go to hear live music, but churches are places that offer live music every Sunday. There is a church out there for every musical taste. You just have to find it.

It may take a little bit of church shopping, but many churches will offer different worship styles. You might prefer classical music (try a more traditional, high-art church). You might prefer more contemporary music.

However, some services feature simple acoustic instruments, choirs, or capella singing. There’s a church music style for everyone, from full-blown orchestras to one-man bands.


4. To Make Music

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The church might be a great place to start if you are a musician with no place to make music. Churches always need musicians for worship services, Bible studies, choirs, cantatas, and special events.


5. To Learn Something

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Churches are often steeped in history, especially older congregations with historical buildings. If you want to learn something about the history of your town or the history of the denomination, the church is a great place to start.

Some churches even house small museums that display historical items from the church’s early days.

Some churches will host lectures church history studies, and missionaries that will give information talks. Of course, they will look at things from a faith-based perspective, but there are still lots of things you can learn about society and culture through them.


6. To Meet People

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If your social community has gotten too small, you might expand it by attending church. Most churches love having visitors; it is a great way to meet new people.

Lots of networking takes place in churches every weekend, so if you want to make new friends or find a new plumber, you might do so at your local small church.

A few weekly visits or participating in some non-Sunday activities can help you spend quality time with people you relate to. Some churches offer outreach activities for the purpose of getting together and visiting.


7. For a Free Meal

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Many churches know how hard it can be to put food on the table in this economy. Every town probably has a church or two that offers a free meal to the public or a free seniors breakfast.

You don’t have to be a member or even a regular attendee for these free meals. A lot of churches offer them for free to all members of the local community as a way to give back and support people in need.


8. To Find Peace and Pain Relief

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Dr. Randy Clark did his doctoral dissertation on the effects of prayer on pain and mobility. Other studies have shown that spending time in prayer reduces stress and creates a positive immune response in the body.

If you are searching for peace or even pain relief, spending time in meditation or prayer in a church can help. Of course, you can do this at home, too, but some people find it easier to focus their spiritual practice while at church.

Churches and chapels may have open times when you can sit in the sanctuary to pray or meditate, helping you find peace and maybe even some pain relief.


9. To Wear Your Fancy Clothes

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We have become an increasingly casual society without a lot of reasons to dress up. If you want to wear those pretty dresses or fancy suits hanging in your closet, you might break them out to go to church.

Although many churches don’t require formal dress, there are still some churches who prefer it. If you want to wear those fancy clothes again, visiting a church might just be a good reason.


10. For a Sense of Belonging

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Shared experiences help us to feel a part of something bigger than ourselves. Church is a great way to share experiences, whether singing hymns or working on a community project together.

Offering your skills to the church – such as plumbing, cleaning, or handyman services – can help you feel a part of something. Even if you are unsure of your spirituality, the church can be a place to use your skills and help others.


11. For the Tax Deduction

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It can be hard to find a legitimate charity to give your money to, but if you need a solid tax deduction, giving to a church might just be the way to go about it.

You can even specify how you want your money used, whether you are donating specifically to youth programs or to fund the new sanctuary carpet.


12. To Get and Give Support

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If you want to have a friend, you have to be one first. Churches are places where you can both give and get emotional support. If you are feeling lonely, sad, or in need of encouragement, you can be sure that there are other people at church feeling the same way.

You can help and support each other through hard times and happy times.


13. To Help Others

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Volunteer opportunities abound at local churches. But that doesn’t mean you have to hand out bulletins at the front door. Local churches often provide services and support to people who are in need in the community.

Some churches offer free mechanic services to single moms, while others operate food banks. Some churches form handyman teams to help people fix their homes when they can’t afford to, and still others will visit lonely people in nursing homes and hospitals.

Even if your church doesn’t currently have an outreach ministry, you can probably start one! Churches love helping people but don’t always have the resources. If you have resources but need people to help, the church can be a place to connect you.

It’s okay if you’re more passionate about helping people than you are about your spirituality because having compassion for people in need is one of the most godly things that you can do.


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