How has Mary Helped You? 21 Catholics Share Their Inspiring Stories

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It’s no secret that Catholics are well-known for their enthusiastic devotion to the Virgin Mother Mary. Yet, where does this unending devotion come from?

Recently, on a popular social platform for Catholics, someone asked, “How has Mary helped you?” and the answers came pouring in.

From following her quiet example to experiencing her presence and her undeniable miracles, here are several ways these 21 Catholics believe Mary has helped them thrive in faith, family, and life.


1. By Giving Birth to Jesus

Catholic Mary with Jesus Statue
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Many Catholics shared how Mary gave us the best gift of all, her son Jesus.

One person shared,

“She gave birth because of the wisdom of God to Jesus through whom we have obtained a salvation and pray in his name.”

While the stories and praise for Mary poured in, several Catholics were quick to point out that the main reason she’s so special is that, ultimately, she points Catholics back to Jesus.


2. By Setting an Amazing Example

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Yet, while Mary points us to Jesus, there’s no denying that she also provided an excellent example and source of inspiration through her own life during her time here on Earth.

One person shared how they appreciate her “teaching us to completely submit to and trust in the will of God even though it may bring struggles and pain in this life.”

Another shared,

“She inspired me to follow God’s will, because when the Angel came to her and advised that she was chosen by God to bear Jesus… she said YES.”

A third agreed,

“Her example has really helped me learn to accept the will of God in my life in powerful ways.”


3. By Interceding in Prayer

A woman in a blue robe appearing to be Mary, the mother of Jesus.
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Revelation 5:8 tells us,

“And when he had taken it, the four living creatures and the twenty-four elders fell down before the Lamb. Each one had a harp and they were holding golden bowls full of incense, which are the prayers of God’s people.”

Catholics interpret this Scripture verse (along with others) to teach that Mary (along with the other Saints) are actively in Heaven right now, praying to Jesus on our behalf.

While we’re welcome to pray to God ourselves, Catholics believe our prayers can have a better chance of being heard and answered when we take them to Jesus’s mother (or another Saint) to present on our behalf.

One person shared,

“She always intercedes for me! Professional, educational, social, and all goals large and small have been accomplished with her intercession and guidance. Thank you, Jesus for your Mother, and thank you, Mary!”


4. By Bringing Them Closer to God

Mary, the mother of Jesus, holding a baby.
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Several Catholics shared how they believe Mary had brought them closer to God, typically through a regularly practice of praying the Rosary.

“Praying her rosary has drawn me closer to God!”

“The Rosary and meditation of the mysteries are awesome”

“She literally saved my life with the rosary”


5. By Providing Motherly Care

A mom looking down at her daughter.
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Others shared heartfelt stories of how the Blessed Mother had been a mother to them, particular when their own Earthly mothers hadn’t been up to the task.

One person shared,

“She unfurled her rosary for me to grasp as a lifeline when I was drowning in sin. I’ve prayed it every day for a year and a half and my life is unrecognizably different now from when I started. She cares for me as my earthly mother never has. She leads me forward, her fingerprints are all over my life. She makes significant, important things happen for me on her feast days to remind me that she’s the one with her hands on the steering wheel, directing my life for the glory of God, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Another person shared,

“[Mary] showed me what motherly love is. I don’t have a mom myself so unfortunately I never got it from mine.”

One simply wrote,

“She’s been the only Mother I have known”


6. By Performing Miracles

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Though it’s been approximately two thousands years since Catholics believe Mary was taken up into Heaven, many Catholics believe that she is still actively at work on Earth here today, often by performing unexplainable miracles.

One person shared how Mary helped her escape a dangerous situation.

“The Blessed mother got me my apartment. I was in an abusive situation and was about to be homeless. On the 27th day of my 54 day Novena to Our Lady Undoer of Knots, I was approved for my apartment. There were thousands of people waiting for places and I got approved.”

Another shared how Mary helped her make it through a difficult pregnancy.

“She helped me survive the pregnancy of my 3rd baby who was a cesarean scar pregnancy that I was advised to abort and refused. She got us through the pregnancy and traumatic birth, and he made it… She was with me every step of the way and the way things unfolded was a miracle!”

Another shared how they wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for Mary’s miraculous healing.

“My mom was almost completely infertile. After years of trying, the doctors told her to just adopt. She said a novena to Mary, and then she had me. My mom is certain that the prayer is what caused this.”


7. By Shaping Their View of Womanhood

A mom with her daughters.
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Mary’s influence isn’t simply limited to helping women become mothers, however.

One mother shared how the Blessed Mother helped her understand and thrive in her domestic roles.

“As a woman and mother, I find Mary has helped shape my image of what womanhood and motherhood is all about. She makes me proud to be a woman and mother. I never understood people who think the Catholic Church looks down on women as less than because we can’t be priests. We have Mary! The love and devotion our church gives her shows me how highly our faith regards women. I feel bad for Protestant women who don’t have this. “


8. By Helping Them Overcome Misogynistic Beliefs

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It isn’t only the women that Mary helps either.

More than one man shared how their devotion to the Virgin Mary helped them overcome their sexist beliefs and have great love, appreciation, and admiration for the women in their lives.

One man shared,

“I had some misogynistic beliefs before finding the church and our blessed mother. How could I look down on women when the greatest creature that ever graced this planet was one? And how can I continue to be such a horrible son when I have such a wonderful mother that I don’t deserve?”

Another related a similar experience,

“Same. I grew up with a dad who was a great dad in every way, except his views on women. He encouraged me to be with as many as possible and objectify them. I was very good at it too, for many years. Now I try every day to fight those old habits/urges and see each woman as my sister or daughter. Listening to Catholic radio and learning more about Mary and praying the rosary has helped a lot.”


9. By Inspiring Them to Fight Physical Temptations

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Along those same lines, several men and women shared how their devotion to the Virgin Mary helped them pursue chastity and holiness in their lives as well.

One person shared,

“Mary has helped me to stop looking at [adult content]. Early days, but when I pray to Mary, I find I can resist temptation.”

Another simply wrote,

“Chastity. 1000% Chastity.”

While one person shared that, despite not sharing the same experience, it did make sense.

“Chastity – I could see that. She was a perpetual virgin. So she would know how to fight temptations or the thought of it.”


10. By Providing Comfort

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Others shared how their devotion to the Blessed Mother brought them an unexplainable sense of peace and comfort that simply could not have come from anywhere else.

One person wrote,

“I also find her so comforting! If I feel vulnerable or worried, she’s so close in prayer and so caring. I ask her to be a mother to my son everyday I drop him off at school too. I can’t be with him at school, but Mary can. I ask her to guide and comfort him throughout the day. This gives me such peace. I know I’m a grown adult, but there are times I feel I need a mother too, and all I have to do is call to her. I find she is quick to respond, which is exactly like a mother would be.”


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