It’s National Day of Prayer! Here’s How to Participate This Year

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In 2024, the National Day of Prayer is May 2.

It was established in 1952 by President Harry S Truman and is held the first Thursday of May each year.

With 2024 being a presidential election year, it is a good year to pray specifically for many needs leading up to Election Day on November 5, 2024.

Here are ten prayer prompts you can use to pray for the United States on the National Day of Prayer and days leading up to Election Day.


1. Pray for the President

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No matter which side of the aisle you claim as yours, you can pray for the current president in office. The Bible tells us this about rulers: “The king’s heart is a stream of water in the hand of the Lord; he turns it wherever he will.” (Prov. 21:1, ESV)

On the National Day of Prayer, you can pray that the President’s heart would be attuned to God’s will. You can also pray for blessings on his health, family, and work. You can pray that wise people will surround him and that he will be protected from evil. Praying for our leaders, including the President, helps us see them as fellow human beings who need God’s grace and wisdom, just as we all do.


2. Pray for Federal Government Leaders

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There are many government leaders at the federal level – both in the Senate and House of Representatives, and many advisers, workers in intelligence, and committee participants. These leaders make important decisions every day that affect Americans at all socioeconomic levels.

Pray that our federal leaders will submit to God for wisdom in their decisions. Pray that God will protect them from deception, greed, and evil influences. Pray for renewal at this high level of government, “…for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God” (Rom. 13:1).


3. Pray for State Government Leaders

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State government leaders also need our prayers on the National Day of Prayer. Pray that God will help them to be sensitive to the unique needs of their constituents. Ask God to grant them insight, knowledge, and wisdom. Pray that God will cause state leaders to stand firm on convictions that honor him and the people they represent.


4. Pray for Local Government Leaders

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Local government leaders need help in knowing what people need most and how to spend tax budgets wisely. Pray for the needs you know about in your own community, and that local leaders will respond to those needs with intelligence and wisdom. Keep them in your daily and weekly prayers, not only on the National Day of Prayer.


5. Pray for Judges

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The judicial branches at the federal, state, and local levels hold great power. Judges are accountable to God for the decisions they make. Pray that their decisions are not swayed by political interests or greed but guided by God. You can pray that judges seek God for guidance rather than relying solely on their own knowledge or experience.


6. Pray for Members of our Military

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We often focus on members of our military on Memorial Day and Veterans Day. However, the National Day of Prayer is another good day to pray for them. Pray that God will bless each member of our active armed forces whether they are serving overseas or stateside. Ask God to protect their minds and bodies in everything they do. Pray that God will richly bless our veterans who have served our country in the past. Pray for God’s peace and provision for military families as well.


7. Pray for Police, Fire Departments, and First Responders

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Our police forces, fire departments, and first responders across the United States need to be covered in prayer. You can pray for their protection as well as for their wisdom in making split-second decisions. Pray that these public servants are honored and respected for the work that they do and pray for integrity within their ranks.


8. Pray for our Schools

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It’s no secret that our schools need our prayers. First, pray for God’s protection from any evil influences outside or inside schools – pray that God would stop school violence before it starts. You can pray this every day for your local school districts. Also, pray for God’s provision for all students, teachers, and administrators. On the National Day of Prayer, pray that God would raise a generation of leaders among the students who are now in home schools, elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, and colleges.


9. Pray for our Healthcare Workers

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Our healthcare workers appreciate our prayers. On the National Day of Prayer, pray that God would bless them for their service to us when we need healing and help. Pray that God would strengthen them, help them, and uphold them with his righteous right hand (Is. 41:10, NIV). Pray that God would help our healthcare workers have compassion as they work with the sick and dying.


10. Pray for our Churches

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The American Church needs our prayers on the National Day of Prayer. Pray for pastors, worship leaders, and church workers to be salt and light in our culture today. Pray that they will look to Jesus as their example of being a good shepherd. Pray like Jesus did, asking God to bring believers of all denominations together in unity (John 17:20-23).


An Extra Prayer: Pray for Revival on the National Day of Prayer

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You may have heard about the various revivals in our nation, happening now at many college campuses across the U.S. Pray that the Holy Spirit will spark a revival in every state, at every level of society. Pray that a revival will breathe new hope into our nation and that other nations will see an American revival and be encouraged by it.

You can pray this prayer not only on the National Day of Prayer, but every day for the rest of the year, especially as Election Day approaches.


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