8 Fun and Unique Prayers of Blessing You’ll Want to Receive Today

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Churches offer prayers of blessings at every Sunday service. These prayers ask for healing, protection, health, provision, comfort, and love. Special blessings are celebrated on Holy days, like Christmas and Easter.

But there are many more types of blessings that your church may offer, no matter if it is Catholic or Protestant. You might hear prayers for the sick, for new parents, and general prayers, too.

Your church probably has some unique and interesting blessing services that you never knew about. These prayers of blessing can increase your faith and add to your prayer life.

Many of these can be done on your own, during an official church ceremony, or during a visit with your priest.


1. Blessing of the Animals

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It isn’t just people who get to go to church. Your pets can be blessed, too!

St. Francis of Assisi was known for his deep love of the animal kingdom and nature. He is the patron saint of animals and the environment. So it only makes sense that on St. Francis’s feast day, animals get to be blessed in a service known as the Blessing of the Animals.

In the United States, this takes place usually around October 4th. Some churches, ranging from Catholic to Methodist, will host blessing services where you can bring your pets or even your livestock to the churchyard to receive a special blessing. They may even be anointed.

If that isn’t possible, your priest may be willing to visit your home or farm to bless your companion and working animals with a prayer and holy water.


2. Blessing of the Bicycles

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The first Blessing of the Bicycles took place at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City in 1999. People of all denominations could bring their two-wheeled transportation (bicycles and motorcycles) to be blessed to keep the riders safe in the coming year.

This ecumenical tradition has become so popular that it has spread to other locations and denominations in an effort to pray for the safety of the riders. The tradition has since expanded to include the blessing of scooters.

The Blessing of the Bicycles is often celebrated with a planned bicycle ride following the blessing.


3. Blessing of the Home

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House blessings are performed to protect the occupants from misfortune for the coming year. They are usually held during the time of Epiphany, which is at the beginning of January.

A house blessing typically involves a visit from the priest, who will recite prayers in every room with holy water. Sometimes salt and incense are used, as well.  A blessing prayer may be written in chalk above the home’s door. Family members are welcome and encouraged to participate.

This isn’t just a Catholic tradition; however, the Methodists also have a blessing for the dwelling. If a priest isn’t available, parishioners can celebrate their own blessing of the home and include sacramentals that have been blessed at the church. You may be able to bring a crucifix to your church for the priest to bless so that you can hang it in your home during the blessing ceremony.


4. Blessing of the Throats

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The blessing of the throats takes place on the feast day of Saint Blaise of Sebaste on February 3rd. Not much is known about Saint Blaise except that he was a physician before he became a bishop.

St. Blaise came to fame because he miraculously healed a young boy from nearly dying because he had a fishbone stuck in his throat. Another story says that Blaise was on his way to prison when he miraculously rescued a woman’s pig from the clutches of a wolf. That lady visited him in prison, bringing him candles and food.

Therefore, St. Blaise is invoked to bless the sick, especially those with throat issues, and candles are often used. In the American Catholic church, the throat may be anointed with oil on a cotton swab.


5. Blessing of the Gardens

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One spring in France in the year 470, nasty weather threatened to destroy all of the crops. This would lead to a terrible fate for the people, including starvation and death.

The Bishop of Vienna stepped in to help with the introduction of Rogation Days.

Rogation comes from the Latin word that means to make supplication or to ask. The Bishop invoked the people to ask God for blessings on their crops and fields. In the Anglican community, worshippers would process around the property edges, carrying bells and banners.

This was the start of the blessing of gardens and fields. The blessing is celebrated whenever it is appropriate to bless the fields for the upcoming growing season.

Some churches will celebrate this time of blessing on Earth Day by having the parishioners bring in a cup of garden soil to be blessed.


6. Blessings of the Hands

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There are two separate services for the blessing of the hands. The first is for weddings, and the second is for nurses.

The Blessings of the Hands is a Celtic wedding tradition where the couple’s hands are tied together. This symbolizes spiritual and physical unity and prayers and blessings are spoken over the couple. In other traditions, water is poured over the couple’s clasped hands.

The other Blessing of the Hands is a healthcare tradition that may date back to Florence Nightingale during the 1800s. Many nursing schools will offer this blessing to their graduating nurses as they get their start in their careers.

The blessing is often celebrated during nurses week, and the hands may be anointed with water or oil. It is a reminder and a prayer that nurses’ hands bring comfort and compassion with their healing touch.


7. Blessing of the Palms

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Palms are symbolically important in the Catholic and Protestant churches. When Jesus rode into town on a donkey, people laid palm branches on the road ahead of him and waved them as he rode by.

On Palm Sunday, palm branches are blessed by the priest, which makes them sacramental. This means they are holy and can never be thrown away.

Members of the congregation may take them and keep them. Many people fold their palms into crosses and display them. The blessed palms are considered sacred. To dispose of a palm, they can be buried or burned but never thrown in the trash.

Priests take the leftover palms and burn them. They save the ashes for the following year’s Ash Wednesday service.


8. The Blessing of the Fleet

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This is a traditional ritual used to bless ships. It is performed on new vessels and old, to invoke protection for the boat and the crew.

The tradition began in ancient Mediterranean fishing communities and has spread throughout the Catholic and Protestant communities.

The boats are cleaned and decorated with flags. A priest stands on a boat while the rest of the fleet processes by. He blesses each one with holy water as they pass him. There are different blessings for general boats and fishing boats. The ceremony typically takes place in spring or early summer.

The Blessing of the Fleet is also a time of remembrance for those who have died at sea and a time to ask for blessings for a successful fishing season.


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