Seriously?? 12 Catholics Share the “Dumbest Things” Others Have Said About Their Faith

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Despite Roman Catholicism being the largest Christian denomination, there are still countless myths that surround the Church and its beliefs — both from non-Catholics and Catholics alike!

While some misunderstanding is inevitable, however, sometimes it can lead to ignorant and offensive comments that leave Catholics wondering what some people are thinking.

Recently, on a popular social platform, someone asked, “What is the dumbest thing you heard someone say about Catholicism?”

And, not surprisingly, the answers came pouring in…


1. That Catholics Aren’t Christians

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For some reason, many people believe Catholics aren’t Christians. Not only are Catholics Christian, but the Roman Catholic church is the largest denomination within Christianity.

In fact, Catholics believe they are the original Christians, still holding fast to the teachings of Jesus and the first-century church.

One person shared,

“For me it was ‘Oh you’re Catholic. What a shame. I thought you were Christian’ from my Lutheran neighbor.”

Unfortunately, this comment doesn’t only come from atheists and Christians of other denominations, either. Even some Catholics don’t realize that Catholics are Christians!

Another person added,

“My uncatechized and lukewarm Catholic friends say that to me too…”


2. That Catholics Have to Listen to the Pope on Anything and Everything

Pope Francis.
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Yes, the Pope is the leader of the Catholic Church, but that doesn’t mean that he’s never wrong or that he has final say in every single matter of a Catholic person’s life.

Papal infallibility only applies when the Pope is officially speaking in the capacity of the Pope — not for every single opinion or thought he shares. This is a lot rarer and less consequential than most people think.

One person shared,

“Someone today told me that if the pope told me to [off] my child that I’d have to do it. I know they’re making an extreme example but you can’t sin just because the pope tells you to. I find most people’s knowledge of the Catholic Church is usually informed by other non-Catholics.”

Another agreed,

“I’ve seen people on TikTok (so take that for what it’s worth) basically say they could become Catholic if it weren’t for having to do whatever the Pope says because of papal infallibility. Seems a lot of people really confuse how infallibility works.”


3. That Catholicism is About Having a Personal Relationship with the Pope

Pope Francis.
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While it’s easy to see how some Protestants could come up with the misconception that they follow Jesus while Catholics follow the Pope, this simply isn’t true at all. (Catholics follow Jesus too.)

Unfortunately, when this belief is taken to an extreme, it can lead to some very weird claims about how things work.

One person shared,

“Passed by an old pastor of mine on the street. I told him I went Catholic, and he said being Catholic is about having a personal relationship with the pope. I mean, it’d be cool if I knew the pope, but I really don’t since he lives in the Vatican and I live in Canada.”


4. That Catholics Don’t Read the Bible

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While it is true that Protestants typically emphasize personal Bible study far more than their Catholic counterparts, the belief that Catholics don’t read the Bible at all (or that they are discouraged from reading the Bible for themselves) simply is not true at all.

The way Catholics and Protestants approach and study the Bible and biblical concepts may be different, but both groups value and do their best to follow the Bible’s teachings.

One person pointed out,

“There are readings at every mass.”

Another added,

“Not only do we read it, but the priest also explains it and takes teachings from it during the homily.”


5. That Catholics Use Confession as a License to Sin

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While it’s true that Catholics believe that confession has the power to wipe away the consequences of all their sin, this doesn’t mean that Catholics use it as a license to sin as much as they want without repercussion.

One person shared that others had told them,

“You can just do whatever you want and then go to Confession.”

Another shared that they’d heard the same thing:

“A Protestant once said to me, ‘You can just do X and then say you are sorry.”

This would be like saying, “Protestants can sin as much as they want because they believe Jesus covers all their sins at salvation.” It doesn’t really work like that…


6. That Catholics are Devoid of Real Faith

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Similarly to how some people believe Catholics aren’t Christian, an astonishing number of people will make comments about how former Catholics left the church to “find Jesus.”

The Catholic church teaches the entire gospel and the Bible as well, and it’s entirely possible (and incredibly common!) for people to “find Jesus” within the Catholic Church.

While some people may learn more at one type of church or another, it doesn’t mean that the Catholic church wasn’t teaching the gospel.

One person shared how they had been told,

“My husband left Catholicism and has now turned to Jesus.”


7. That Catholics Worship Mary

Statue of Mary
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Unfortunately, there’s an incredibly common myth that Catholics worship Mary.

While Catholics do pray to ask Mary for her help and guidance, they certainly do not worship her, nor is this taught in typical American Catholic churches.

She’s a wonderful example many look up to, but she’s not God.


8. That the Pope is the AntiChrist

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Similarly, it’s not uncommon to hear that the Pope is the antiChrist. This is a strange belief, as we’ve had many Popes throughout the ages, yet the myth persists. (And Catholics are tired of hearing it.)

One person shared how someone had told them:

“Oh! You’re Catholic…. The Catholic church is the wh*** of Babylon, and the Pope is the Antichrist.”


9. The Church Should Change Its Teachings to Fit in with the Times

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If there’s one thing you can count on with the Catholic Church: It’s not changing its teachings to “fit in” with the times.

The Catholic church prides itself on staying true to Jesus’s teachings, no matter how unpopular they may be in our current climate.

Many people might wish the Catholic church would change its position on several of its teachings, but it’s not likely to happen.


10. That the Pope is Selling Everyone to Aliens

Pope Francis waving
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While many of the dumb and offensive comments make about the Catholic church at least have some small bit of truth to them that has since been twisted… other comments are so completely off-base that there’s no telling where they came from.

One person shared that someone told them the pope is selling everyone to aliens, but couldn’t say much more when asked for details.

“There’s no elaboration. The person legit thought the Pope is selling everyone to aliens and the Vatican had contacts to extraterrestrials. All the comments on that video were completely agreeing with the video.”


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