Tough Seasons. We all go through them sometimes.

Tell me if any of these sound like your life right now:
  • Family Issues: Your kids aren't listening, your in-laws are driving you bonkers, and you and your husband keep getting into fights over the stupidest things. You try your best to be a good, godly wife and mom, but sometimes it's just hard
  • Financial Troubles: No matter how hard you try, it's never enough. You're constantly worried about making ends meet and having anything left over. You want to give generously to those in need, but it's just not possible right now.
  • Health Problems: You wish you could do more for you family and for the Kingdom, but sometimes it's all you can do to manage the health issues you're currently dealing with - either yours or others'. You're worn out and exhausted.

Thankfully, we don't go through them alone.

Yes, we all go through tough seasons like these from time to time, and they can really wear us down and make us feel defeated. So much so that we start questioning God's plan for our lives.

We wonder where God is and what's He up to. We wonder if we're doing the right thing, and if He even has a plan for us at all. 

But the good news is, no matter what you're struggling with right now, God does have a plan for you. He has not forgotten you, and you are not alone.

AND... I created something just for you that I truly believe is going to really strengthen you and encourage you in this tough season.


Trusting God's Plan
Walking Confidently with God Through Life's Tough Seasons

Trusting God's Plan: Walking Confidently with God Through Life's Tough Seasons is a book written for women who are going through a tough season right now. For women who do believe in God, but who don't always know what He's up to. For women who want a strong, confident faith, but who sometimes struggle with worry, fear or uncertainty.

If that's you, then this book is for you.

Practical, encouraging and full of Biblical truth, "Trusting God's Plan" will help you understand God's plan for your life, recognize God at work in your life, and learn how to live out God's plan for your life, practically speaking.

This is not just another "feel good" book with no real content. Rather, it offers solid, Scriptural answers to the real questions you wrestle with every day as well as tons of practical steps you can use to strengthen your faith and conquer your fear starting today.

Questions like:

  • Does God really care what I'm going through right now?
  • If He does care, why doesn't He do something?
  • ​Can God really use me in spite of my past?
  • Can I really trust God with my future?
  • What does Trusting God's Plan actually look like, practically speaking?
  • What am I actually supposed to do?

Everyone goes through tough seasons; the only question is how.

You could waste yours feeling worried, fearful or even angry at God. Miserably biding your time, hoping things get better on their own... eventually... hopefully.

Or you could use this tough season as just the springboard you need to learn to walk confidently, Trusting God's Plan every step of the way, and growing into a new, more mature faith that's stronger than you ever thought possible.

The choice is yours. And this book will show you how.

What Readers are Saying...


Encouraging and Challenging!

As someone who did not grow up in church, "Trusting God's Plan" challenged me to discard the idea that God is just a spirit in the sky watching everything we do. Brittany Ann shows us how God really is intimately involved in our lives. But even when God is involved, bad things do happen and things may not happen as quickly as we would like. She goes on to discuss why those things happen by using real-life examples that I found relatable to my own life. Plus, she provides actionable steps for exactly how to trust God's plan for your own life going forward. I found this book to be both encouraging and challenging.

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Encouraging Read!

Everybody goes through tough times at some point in their life. When you don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, it is easy to listen to the voice in your head that says your faith is a farce. Does God not really exist, or does He just not care about what I’m going through? Are my prayers making any difference? Why me?

Brittany’s book “Trusting God’s Plan: Walking Confidently With God Through Life’s Tough Seasons” answers these questions and more. Her writing is open and vulnerable as she shares some of the struggles she has walked through in her own life. Brittany gives a perspective on dealing with struggles that will help and encourage you, with practical advice on how to pull it all together.

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