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About Brittany Ann Equipping Godly Women

Brittany Ann, founder of Equipping Godly Women

Have you ever wondered, "What would God want me to do in this situation?"

Maybe you've struggled with how to respond to others' choices you don't agree with. Maybe you're not sure how the Bible's commands -- written thousands of years ago -- apply today. 

Maybe you're ready to follow God's will for your life... if only you knew what it was!

Friend, God still leads and guides us through the pages of His Word.

This is why reading Scripture is SO important. The Bible is THE primary way God still leads and guides His people today. We don't want to miss what He's saying!

BUT we aren't just called to read... we are Called to Act. 

As Christians committed to following God's will, we have to go beyond simply reading God's Word. We have to learn how to read, understand, and apply God's Word accurately.

And at this incredible conference, our speakers will encourage, equip, and inspire you to discover and boldly live out God's will for YOUR life today!

Join us September 13-15, 2022

All online. All for free. All from the comfort of your own home.

Watch this short video to learn more about this year's Called to Act Conference.

Trustworthy Advice Straight from the Professionals

Get hard-earned, "been there, done that" advice for the topics that matter most to you.

Follow God's Will for Your Life Today

Brittany Ann: Author, Equipping Godly Women

Mark Batterson

How to Hear God's Voice Leading You

Mark Batterson: Pastor, Bestselling Author

Peyton Jones

How to Share the Good News Wherever You Go

Peyton Jones: Pastor, Author, Church Planter

Kris Langham

How to Share the Good News Wherever You Go

Kris Langham: Founder, Through the Word

Shari Rigbt

Overcoming Your Past and Finding God's Will

Shari Rigby: Actress, Director, Author, Speaker

How to Accurately Understand God's Word

Mark L. Strauss, PhD: Bethel Seminary

Amanda Pittman

How to Find Your True Confidence in Christ

Amanda Pittman: Author, Confident Woman Co.

Wendy Pope

Trusting God During Seasons of Waiting

Wendy Pope: Author, Word Up Ministries

Jen Evangelista and Arabah Joy

How to Get the Most Out of Your Bible Study

Jen Evangelista, Arabah Joy: Sojo Academy

Jason Jimenez

How to Talk About Controversial Issues

Jason Jimenez: Pastor, Stand Strong Ministries

Katie Orr

How to Prioritize God's Call in Busy Seasons

Katie Orr: Author, Speaker, Bible Teacher

Darryl Burling

Discover God's Word in the Original Languages

Darryl Burling, PhD:  Biblical Counseling 

Christina Patterson

How the Four Spiritual Seasons Affect Our Call

Christina Patterson: Beloved Women

Kristen Welch

Changing the World Despite Fear and Trials

Kristen Welch: Founder, Mercy House Global

Rebecca George

The Three Calls on Every Christian's Life

Rebecca George: Podcaster, Speaker

Rachael Adams

Serving Others with Small Acts of Love

Rachael Adams:

Scarlet Hiltibidal

Finding Freedom from Works-Based Striving

Scarlet Hiltibidal:

Kat Lee

Creating a 3-Minute Morning Routine

Kat Lee: Author,
Hello Mornings

What People are Saying

Our past attendees LOVE our Conferences. I just know you will too.

Here at Equipping Godly Women, we're all about bringing you practical, encouraging advice that's just what you need right when you need it most. Just check out what our past conference attendees had to say...

"Thank you for putting this together! It was an awesome experience, and I can't wait for the next one."

"It was a wonderful conference and I have been working on this area for months so it was very keyed in for me. The women were all wonderful and I learned so much. I am already applying what I learned."

"I really want to thank you for the time it took to put this together. It was definitely life changing."

Pssst... Want a Sneak Peak?

Watch the video below for a few highlights from this year's conference.

Meet Your Conference Host

Hi, I'm Brittany Ann!

I'm the founder of Equipping Godly Women, an ECPA bestselling author of 8 books (and counting), and I'll be your host for this year's Called to Act Conference.

As a busy working mom of 3 elementary and middle school aged children (and one very friendly goldendoodle puppy), I KNOW how difficult it can be to find the time, energy, and motivation to make your faith the priority you know you should. 

That's why, here at Equipping Godly Women, we are ALL about providing easy, practical solutions to help busy Christian women (just like you!) go ALL IN in faith and family. 

You see, I firmly believe you were made by God on purpose for a purpose.

And we want to help you discover what that purpose is so you can walk it out fully. 

I hope to see you September 13-15 for this year's Called to Act conference!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Much Does the Conference Cost?

You can join the Called to Act Conference for FREE! The free ticket includes live access to the conference plus 24 hours to watch each of the replays. If you need more time than this, the optional All Access Pass has you covered.

2. How Do I Access the Conference Videos?

Each morning September 13-15, you'll receive an email with a link to that day's sessions. Simply click the link and you're good to go! No Facebook or log in required.

3. Is This Conference Live or Pre-Recorded?

The Called to Act Conference will be broadcast LIVE September 13-15, 2022 from 10:00 - 2:00 EDT each day. After the conference is over, you'll have 24 hours (until 10:00 am the following day, when the next day's sessions start) to watch the recordings with the free ticket OR you can get lifetime access with the All Access Pass.

4. I Don't Live in the US. Can I Still Join In?

Absolutely! Everything is pre-recorded, so you can easily join us no matter which time zone you're in. As long as you have a reliable Internet connection, you're good to go.

5. Do You Offer Closed Captioning?

Yes! Because all of the videos are hosted via Youtube, you can click on any conference video, then click the CC button in the player controls to turn on auto-generated closed captioning. It won't be perfect, but pretty close. 

Other Questions?

 Send us an email and we'll get you taken care of right away.

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