Here at Equipping Godly Women, we are committed to helping Christian women grow in faith and family. Below you’ll find help and answers for some of the most common email requests we receive. We hope this helps you get the information you need quickly and easily!

Still need assistance after reading through this page? Feel free to email us using the contact form below and a member of our team will be happy to assist you!


>> I’m looking for help on a particular subject.


Great! Here are links to a few of our most requested articles/topics:

You can find our top faith articles here, our top marriage articles here, and our top parenting articles here. You can also search this site using the search box at the VERY bottom of this page (scroll way, way down).


>> I am looking for personal help, direction or advice.


While I would love to personally help, counsel and encourage the thousands of women who visit this site every day, unfortunately that simply isn’t feasible. I am not a certified counselor, pastor or therapist, nor do I have a full-time staff. I work from home with three small children underfoot, and their needs come first.

I am more than happy to answer quick “What should I do…?” or “Do you have any advice on…?” type emails from current email subscribers (you can sign up here if you haven’t already, then just reply to any of my emails). And of course kind notes and encouragement are always welcome!

But unfortunately, I am no longer able to offer extensive advice, get into lengthy theological debates, accept prayer requests or personally reply to any emails sent through the contact box below.

Thanks for your understanding as I seek to put my family, my health and my personal quiet time first. 


>> I’d like to get my product/website in front of your audience.


While I am always on the look out for great products that will truly help my readers, please be aware that:

  • I will not provide free advertising for your product.
  • I won’t promote anything that isn’t a fantastic fit for my readers.
  • I am not likely to promote a brand new company without a proven track record.

Book publishers, Christian product creators, and fellow Christian bloggers with affiliate programs — I’d love to hear more! Please use the contact form below and my team will forward the email on to me if they feel it’s a good fit.


Please note: I do not accept guest posts from freelance writers on behalf of companies, I am not accepting new contributors to my Pinterest boards, and I do not need help with my SEO. Emails of this nature will be immediately marked for deletion. 


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