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About Brittany Ann Equipping Godly Women

Brittany Ann, Equipping Godly Women

Welcome to Equipping Godly Women!

My name is Brittany Ann, and I'm so glad you're here.

Here at EGW, we're a community of Christian women committed to being ALL IN in faith and family.

To waking up every day, determined to be a better Christian woman, wife, and mother than we were yesterday. And to chasing hard after God... even when it isn't easy.

We're not perfect. But the good news is: You don't have to be either.  

No matter where you are in your Christian walk right now, we're here to walk right alongside you and help you grow.

We promise NEVER to shame you, preach at you, talk down to you, or make you feel "less than" -- even if you haven't been making your faith the priority you know you should. 

Instead, we'll challenge, encourage, and equip you to be the AMAZING Christian woman, wife, and mother God created you to be -- with tons of tips, tricks, and resources custom-tailored just for you.

So if you're a Christian woman who could use a supportive, encouraging community and a big sister / cheerleader in the faith (who isn't afraid to kick your butt in love when needed)... I really hope you'll join us!

Simply enter your name and email below, and I'll send you practical and encouraging twice-weekly emails full of tips and resources to help you grow in faith and family.

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Explore All the Helpful Resources We Offer

Equipping Godly Women is a website FULL of great resources to help you grow in faith and family. 

In fact, here's just a bit of what you'll find here: 

🌺 Visit our Blog for great articles to help you be the amazing Christian woman God is calling you to be.

🌺 Check out the Podcast for inspirational interviews with Christian women you'll love. 

🌺 Visit our Subscriber Freebie Page for free printable worksheets and challenges to help you grow in faith and family.

🌺 Check out our Shop for great books, courses, and printable toolkits to help you take your faith to the next level.

🌺 Or Join Our Private Coaching Community when you're ready to go ALL IN!

Whether you want to grow in faithstrengthen your marriageraise great kids, or celebrate the holidays... you're sure to find the resources you need right here!

About Brittany Ann

About Brittany Ann Equipping Godly Women

I'm so excited to get to help you grow into the AMAZING woman God created you to be! In the meantime, here's a little about me:

🌺 I'm happily married to an amazing, godly, and very patient husband. He grills a mean steak, fixes all the broken stuff, and makes sure I never run out of chocolate.

🌺 We have three noisy "adorably energetic" kiddos, who are all in elementary/middle school. They make us laugh... they drive us crazy... and we wouldn't trade them for the world. 

🌺 I've grown up in church my entire life. I'm the granddaughter of a preacher, daughter of a church pianist, and I gave my heart to Jesus in Sunday School when I was little. Between church, youth group and choir, we were often at church 3 or even 4 times a week.

🌺 I graduated from a top-rated Bible university with a bachelor's degree in Elementary Education. Now, I'm a "mean mom" who makes her kids read books and do worksheets all summer long. (#sorrynotsorry #shhmommysworking)

🌺 My husband and his entire family are Catholic. I grew up Baptist, then spent a lot of time in Missionary and Non-Denominational churches (among others). Now, I'm doing a TON of research into what Catholics believe and why to learn more.

🌺 Professionally, I'm the owner of Equipping Godly Women and an ECPA and Amazon bestselling author of 8 books and counting. My writing has been featured on numerous TV and radio shows as well as on sites including CBN, The Christian Post, and Crosswalk.

🌺 I'm also a freelance marketing coach/consultant specializing in email marketing, SEO content marketing, monetization, and more.

🌺 In my free time, I love running marathons, reading huge stacks of good books, taking the kids on bike rides, baking, singing karaoke, drinking green smoothies, and eating way too many chocolate chip cookies... (We have break-n-bakes down to a science.)

Meet the Team

While I (Brittany Ann) am the main face and voice behind Equipping Godly Women, it takes a whole team to keep this site up and running. Click the button below to learn more about our team of amazing Christian women, who are all passionate about helping busy Christian moms go ALL IN in faith and family. 

What We Believe

Equipping Godly Women is a non-denominational Christian lifestyle site dedicated to helping Christian women of all denominations be the AMAZING women, wives, and mothers God created us to be.

We're not here to preach at you, interpret the Bible for you, or insist you have to believe exactly like we do. Our mission is simply to challenge, encourage and equip you with super practical tips and tricks to help you grow -- regardless of your denomination.

We don't mind sharing what we believe, though! Click the button below to learn more.

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I'd love to include you too! Just let me know where I can send them.

What People are Saying

“Girl, I NEEDED to read this post today... Thank you for this!”

–Rachel, Equipping Godly Women Reader

“Thank you for being bold! Your message on your podcast is exactly what I needed to hear right now.” –Teresa, EGW Reader

“Thank you sooooo much for this!! You don’t even know the battle I’ve been fighting for 6 months now or constant worrying and fear of everything! I’ve been trying so hard to pray through it and this post helped me so much!! Thank you for sharing your heart!!!”     -- Katie, Equipping Godly Women Reader

“Just wanted to send you a quick thank you and keep up the good work. Again your messages are right on time. I have been battling many obstacles this season and feeling lonely but you have helped me to keep my focus on God even when I feel down.” –Anissa, Equipping Godly Women Reader

“Thank you so much for your email. You have been very encouraging and gave me a lot of things to think about/do. I really appreciate the time you took to do this. I have no doubt that God sees all that you do and have done and smiles. I know that I am not the only one but you truly have helped me, through your website and through your emails, and I very much appreciate it.” --Julia, EGW Reader