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Have you ever considered that where and how you get your news can dramatically affect the way you see the world? According to Pew Research, “Social media platforms faced a range of controversies in recent years, including concerns over misinformation and data privacy. Even so, U.S. adults use a wide range of sites and apps, [Continue Reading]

Have you read the entire Bible, cover to cover? Because the Bible is a massive book, it’s completely understandable if you’ve never read the entire thing, if it’s been a while since you read parts of it, or if you’re still learning how to understand it properly. (We all are!) The problem occurs when some [Continue Reading]

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Where to send your children to school is a major decision with several factors to consider. You want your children to receive an excellent education and be surrounded by good friends and positive role models… but you also want an option that’s affordable, convenient, and in line with your own morals and values. It’s a [Continue Reading]

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The first time I considered fasting in the Bible was when I was in college. Some friends in the campus ministry I was a part of decided to participate in a Christian fast together. We went 24 hours without eating food and drank only water. I don’t remember why we were fasting, but I do [Continue Reading]

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About one in four Americans reported having changed religions or denominations over their lifetime, according to a recent study released by PRRI. For this report, PRRI examined the rate of religious churning, or the number of Americans who report that “they were previously a follower or practitioner of a different religious tradition or denomination than [Continue Reading]

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Seventy two percent of Americans believe America is either the greatest or one of the greatest countries in the world, according to a recent Pew research study. After all, we have the freedom to elect our own leaders, enjoy free speech, access resources to help us thrive, and worship as we please — liberties we [Continue Reading]