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Interested in prayer journaling with God but need some ideas for how to start? In this article, Gina M Poirier offers several great beginner tips for women, including 20 prayer journal prompts and examples perfect for a daily prayer notebook! I’ve been a Christian for about 20 years, but if I’m super honest, I have [Continue Reading]

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Do you ever wonder, What would God want me to do in this situation? Whether you’re seeking God’s will in the big decisions (where to move, what job to take…) or in the small decisions (how to respond to coworkers, family, or friends…), the Bible is FULL of wisdom, direction, and encouragement to help us [Continue Reading]

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Wondering how to seek the kingdom of God first, as Jesus talks about in Matthew 6:33, during the Sermon on the Mount? In today’s post, Gina M Poirier shares what this phrase means and how to apply it to your life. One of the most well-known teachings of Jesus is to seek the kingdom of [Continue Reading]

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I never set out to be a Christian author, speaker, or website owner.  Maybe it’s because the Internet didn’t exist back then like it did today. Maybe it’s because I didn’t see other speakers around me growing up, so I didn’t know it was an option. Maybe it was because, at that point in my [Continue Reading]

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You’ve asked God to speak to you clearly — so how do you hear God’s voice now? Follow these six tips to help you hear God’s voice, and to help you overcome common obstacles in the way. “How do I hear God’s voice? What does it sound like?” When one of my children asked me [Continue Reading]

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Do you wonder how to share the gospel (without being weird or pushy)? When to speak and what to say? Keep reading for when and how to share, plus learn practical tips to inspire confidence. If you’re reading an article about how to share the gospel, it’s probably for one of two reasons: You have [Continue Reading]