Are You Communicating Like You Should?

Back when my husband and I were first dating, we could talk for hours on end. About anything and everything... it didn't matter. We just wanted to spend time together and know each other better. 

But somewhere along the way... something changed.

Between working full-time, keeping up with the housework, and taking care of three very energetic little ones... neither of us had the energy anymore. We stopped talking.

Maybe you can relate? 

Do you and your husband still snuggle up and talk for hours on end like you used to? Or has your marriage taken a backseat to life's pressing demands? And now you have a lack of communication to show for it?

These Closer Marriage Conversation Cards Will Help

The good news is: You can get the conversation flowing again.

And not just dry, lifeless communication, but real, heartfelt, healing conversation that draws you closer together than ever before.

That's where the Closer Marriage Communication Cards come in.

Grab your set. Print them out. Staple them together (or attach with a ribbon if you're feeling especially fancy). And put them somewhere you won't lose them.

Then tonight, instead of turning on the TV, ask your sweetie one question. Just one.

Tomorrow, ask another.

And as you do, you'll get back in the habit of communicating again. You'll build trust, friendship and goodwill. You'll grow in connection and intimacy.

You'll learn things about each other, see each other in a whole new light, and possibly even fall in love with each other all over again...

That's what happened for me anyways. And I know it can for you too.

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