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Quiet Time Planning Guide

What if you could change your quiet time habits for good? AND in less than five minutes?

This super simple guide was designed to help you stay focused, hold yourself accountable and experience real spiritual growth.

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Tired of being a lukewarm, ineffective Christian? This 5 day faith-building challenge will help you Ignite Your Faith! to make a positive difference!

"Ignite Your Faith!" 5-Day Faith-Building Challenge

A 5-day email challenge specifically designed to help you identify the obstacles that are holding you back from an incredible faith so you can overcome them!

Hundreds of women have taken this practical and encouraging course already–why not you too?

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How To Confront A Husband Living In Sin -- The Biblical Way

You don't have to just sit by and do nothing while he makes choices that hurt you and your family. 

Grab this free guide to learn how to confront the sin in your husband's life in a Biblical, respectful way.

This looks awesome! I could definitely use some encouragement in my marriage today. So glad I found this when I did.

31 Days to a Better Marriage (FREE ebook!)

Has your marriage taken a back seat to everything life has thrown your way? Or maybe you and your sweetie have gone through some big struggles and it's really taken a toll. 

It's time for a little encouragement. 31 days of it to be exact.

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So glad I saw this parenting challenge! I definitely need this in my life!

+Positive Parenting Challenge

Tired of being a grouchy, impatient and irritable mom? It’s time to make some positive memories with your kids once again. Sign up for the +Positive Parenting Challenge and for the next six days, you can do just that!

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