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Why do some kids grow up to love God, while others abandon their faith?

Similarly, why do some teens overcome huge obstacles to make wise life choices... While others repeatedly make poor choices that leave you questioning, "Where did I go wrong??"

Parenting is HARD! And your kids need you (more than you know).

Whether your children are still in diapers; they're navigating homework, driving, or dating; or they're already grown, the pressures they face are worse than ever. But there is hope.

As a mother, you have tremendous, God-given influence in your kids' lives.

Even if you feel completely overwhelmed, tired, or anxious. Even if you have NO idea what to try next (because nothing is working). Even if you've made serious mistakes in the past.

God has chosen YOU to raise YOUR amazing kids. (And we want to help!)

Join us for the Rise Up Christian Parenting Conference™ to get practical, biblical tips and encouragement from 20 popular Christian authors, pastors, medical professionals, parenting experts, and more!

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Trustworthy Advice Straight from the Professionals

Get hard-earned, "been there, done that" advice for the topics that matter most to you.

Inspire Your Kids to Follow God's Will

Brittany Ann: Author, Equipping Godly Women

Dave and Ann Wilson

Ditch Parent Guilt with Realistic Expectations

Dave and Ann Wilson: Pastors, Radio Co-Hosts

Crystal Paine

How to Prioritize Your Time as a Working Mom

Crystal Paine: Founder, Money Saving Mom

Dr Jessica Peck

Real Issues Kids Face (But Won't Talk About)

Dr. Jessica Peck, APRN: Pediatric Nurse and Mom

Trudy Cathy White

Creating a Family Legacy that Lasts

Trudy Cathy White: Chick-fil-A Family, Author

Natasha Crain

Prepare Your Kids with a Biblical Worldview

Natasha Crain: Author, Apologetics Expert

Leslie Means

The Importance of Sharing Your Story

Leslie Means: Founder, Her View from Home

Dr Saundra Dalton-Smith

Battling Burnout and Finding Sacred Rest

Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith
Author, Wellness Expert

Amber Lia

How to Stop Yelling and Enjoy a Peaceful Home

Amber Lia: Author, Certified Health Coach

Jill Savage

Parenting Through the Empty Nest Years

Jill Savage: Author, Founder, Hearts at Home

Brooke McGlothlin

Praying Powerful Prayers for Our Kids

Brooke McGlothlin: Author, Podcaster

Eunice Lalam

The Incredible Impact of Child Sponsorship

Eunice Lalam: Speaker, Compassion International

Rachel Norman

Set Healthy Boundaries and Enjoy Motherhood

Rachel Norman: Author, Parent Coach, Mom of 5

Michelle Ami Reyes

How to Talk About Race and Culture as a Family

Michelle Ami Reyes, PhD Coach, Author, Activist

Monica Swanson

Raising Amazing Kids Despite Today's Culture

Monica Swanson: Author, Podcaster, Mom of 4

Jami Balmet

How to Teach the Bible Wherever You Are

Jami Balmet: Podcaster, Homeschooling Mom of 7

Carol Kent

When Your Child Messes Up Big Time

Carol Kent: Author, Speaker, Son in Prison

Susan Seay

Lower Your Stress with Intentional Parenting

Susan Seay: Podcaster, Life Coach, Mom of 7

Blythe Daniel

Restoring Difficult Family Relationships

Blythe Daniel: Author, Literary Agent, Daughter

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Three fantastic resources to help you parent with joy and intention -- only $447 $59! 

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Rise Up Workbook

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Rise Up Audio

Full Transcripts + Audio Files ($38 value)

Prefer written versions you can highlight as you follow along? Audio downloads so you can listen on the go? Both are included!

What People are Saying

Our past attendees LOVE our Conferences. I just know you will too.

Here at Equipping Godly Women, we're all about bringing you practical, encouraging advice that's just what you need right when you need it most. Just check out what our past conference attendees had to say...

I've never listened to/attended an online conference and am blown away by the info in this FREE one! THANK YOU for your work!

"It was a wonderful conference and I have been working on this area for months so it was very keyed in for me. The women were all wonderful and I learned so much. I am already applying what I learned."

"I really want to thank you for the time it took to put this together. It was definitely life changing."

Pssst... Want a Sneak Peak?

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Meet Your Conference Host

Hi, I'm Brittany Ann!

I'm the founder of Equipping Godly Women, an ECPA bestselling author of 8 books (and counting), and I'll be your host for the Rise Up Christian Parenting Conference™.

As a busy working mom of 3 elementary and middle school-aged children (and one very playful goldendoodle puppy), I KNOW how difficult it can be to find the time, energy, and motivation to be the amazing, intentional mom God created you to be.

That's why, here at Equipping Godly Women, we are ALL about providing easy, practical solutions to help busy Christian women (just like you!) go ALL IN in faith and family.

You see, I firmly believe you were made by God on purpose for a purpose. And I want to help you walk out God's purpose for your life with abundant joy, peace, and gratitude.

Join us for the Rise Up Christian Parenting Conference™ to get the inspiration, encouragement, and practical tips you need to be the amazing mom God created you to be.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Much Does the Conference Cost?

Get lifetime access to all conference sessions, the conference workbook, and full transcripts and audio files for all the sessions for just $59.

2. How Do I Access the Conference Videos?

You will receive a link to access all the videos and bonus materials immediately upon purchase. No log-in information needed.

3. Is This Conference Live or Pre-Recorded?

This conference originally aired in March 2023. You would be purchasing replay access to watch all of the videos after the fact.

4. I Don't Live in the US. Can I Still Join In?

Absolutely! Everything is pre-recorded, so you can easily join us no matter which time zone you're in. As long as you have a reliable Internet connection, you're good to go.

5. Do You Offer Closed Captioning?

Yes! Because all of the videos are hosted via YouTube, you can click on any conference video, then click the CC button in the player controls to turn on auto-generated closed captioning. It won't be perfect, but pretty close. 


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