Create a Consistent Quiet Time You Love

in just 10 days - without feeling guilty or overwhelmed - no matter how busy you are

About Brittany Ann Equipping Godly Women

Do you ever wish you could spend more time in God's Word - but life always seems to get in the way?

You want to read your Bible. You know it's important. But between work, taking care of the kids, cleaning the house, and everything else we moms do on a daily basis, you struggle to find the time, energy, and motivation. 

Friend, a busy schedule does NOT have to rob you from time in God's Word. 

God wants to meet you right where you are - right in the middle of the messy, beautiful life He gave you. He wants to give you so much joy, peace, patience, wisdom, and direction.

And in my course, Create a Consistent Quiet Time You Love, I'm going to show you how you can truly ENJOY consistent time in God's Word -- no matter how busy you are.

The problem isn't what you think...

If you've tried (and failed) to read your Bible consistently in the past, you may be tempted to think...

❌ I'm just too busy. I don't have the time.

❌ This comes easily for other people. Not for me.

❌ I just don't have enough motivation, willpower, or discipline.

❌ If I could just find the right devotional, Bible study, or plan, it'd be easy.

❌ I'm not enough. I'm a failure. And God is probably disappointed in me.

Friend, NONE of these are the case!

You CAN be an incredible Godly woman who truly enjoys consistent time in God's Word. You just need a plan that works for YOU. 

And that's exactly what you'll get in this fun and fast-paced 10-day course. (Read on to learn more.)

Introducing: The Brand New Course...

Create a Consistent Quiet Time You Love

Fun, eye-opening, and built for busy schedules, this course has everything you need to create a personalized Quiet Time Plan that works for YOU!

Here's What You Get:

16 Actionable Video Lessons

Hey, you're busy. We get it! That's why this course contains 16 short (10-30 min) but highly practical (NO fluff!) video lessons you can watch at your own pace, whenever YOU have a few minute to spare. 

28-Page Printable Workbook

It's one thing to know what to do. It's another to actually DO it. That's why this course comes with 28 pages of worksheets and printables to help you put your quiet time into action. (You got this - really!)

PLUS: Two BONUS Classes!

When you sign up for "Create a Consistent Quiet Time You Love" you'll ALSO get replay access to these two 1-hour classes: "How to Create Positive Habits that Stick" and "How to Fall in Love with God's Word!"

Here's what you'll learn... 

🌺 Why other Bible reading plans never seem to work for you (but this unique method will!)

🌺 How to create a personalized Bible reading routine that you'll LOVE (and actually keep!)

🌺 Which materials you should (and shouldn't) have on hand before you dive into God's Word

🌺 Why simply choosing a new Bible study, plan, or challenge rarely works (and what to do instead!)

🌺 10 common obstacles that prevent Christian women from enjoying God's Word (and how to overcome all of them!)

🌺 How to hack your motivation -- by sidestepping it completely

🌺 Which motivation hacks will - and won't - work for you personally (and why)

🌺 What to do when you fall "off the wagon" (and how to avoid this in the future)

🌺 The one mindset hack that will help you get back on track every single time.

Everything you need to create a consistent quiet time you love -- all for only 34.99!

Imagine it's 10 years in the future...

What does your life look like? What kind of woman do you want to be?

🌺 Do you have a close, intimate relationship with God - or are you happy putting Him on the back burner?

🌺 Do you have a strong, confident faith that can handle any storm - or are you still full of doubt and discouragement?

🌺 Are you full of the fruit of the Spirit (love, joy, peace, patience...) - or are you still tired, grouchy, bitter, or irritable?

🌺 Do you inspire everyone around you to love God more - or is your life pretty average and routine?

🌺 Do you set an amazing example for your children to follow - or did you only pass on your bad habits?

The truth is: You get to decide!

No matter where you're at in your relationship with God right now, a strong, confident faith isn't reserved for the "spiritual elite."

(There's no such thing.)

YOU can be a woman who LOVES the Lord, who has a faith strong enough to move mountains, who inspires everyone around you... And it all starts when you commit to getting in God's Word more regularly.

Hi, I'm Brittany!

And I know exactly what you're going through...

As a busy working mom of 3 elementary school aged children (and one puppy who needs constant attention), I KNOW how difficult it can be to find the time, energy, and motivation to read God's Word on a consistent basis.

In fact, I struggled to read my Bible consistently for YEARS until I finally stumbled onto the one solution that suddenly changed EVERYTHING. 

(Hint: It ISN'T more willpower, a new Bible study, or more hours in the day.)

No - it's all about creating the custom Quiet Time Plan that works for YOU!

To date, I've helped thousands of women all over the globe enjoy more consistent time in God's Word. (It's what I do and I LOVE it!) Now, I want to help you as well!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this a Bible study? Will you give me a study plan? This isn't a one-size-fits-all Bible study. It's a fun and fast-paced course designed to help you create the custom-tailored Quiet Time Plan that works for YOU and your life right now. (If you DO want a pre-written Bible study, though, I do include several suggestions in the course so you can find the one that works best for you.)

2. Is this course for beginners or advanced Bible readers? Either. This course is designed for anyone who wants to read God's Word more regularly/consistently, but who struggles to find the time to do so. We'll help you create a personalized routine. The details of your individual routine are completely up to you!

3. Do your videos include closed captions? Our software doesn't allow us to upload closed captions to the video itself, unfortunately (we asked!). But full transcripts ARE included so you can read, listen, or watch each lesson - whatever works best for you!

4. Do you have a money-back guarantee? Sure. We have nothing to hide. If this course wasn't what you'd hoped, simply email us within 7 days of purchase and we'll gladly refund your payment with no hassle and no drama.

Other questions? Send us an email and we'll get you taken care of right away.

It's Time to Create a Quiet Time You LOVE

Let me show you how...