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"I Want to Be a Better Mom"

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Motherhood. It's one of the most difficult jobs out there. But it's also one of the most rewarding too.

And as your children's mother, you set the tone. You set the pace. Not that they won't have other influences too -- they will. But it all starts with you. Are you up to the challenge?

If you've been feeling a little grouchy... a little preoccupied... a little frustrated lately, the +Positive Parenting Challenge is for you.

A simple 6-day challenge delivered straight to your inbox, it's just what you need to get out of the rut and start making positive memories once again. Want in? Where should I send it?

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"I Want to Help My Kids Grow in Faith"

Girl reading the Bible

Telling your children facts about Jesus is one thing. Helping them develop a relationship of their own is a whole different challenge altogether. 

Thankfully, while there is no way to guarantee that your children will continue in the faith as they grow up, there are PLENTY of things you can do to help increase the odds of growing in a real faith of their own

Here are several ideas you may want to try!

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