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For those of us who don’t live in the Middle East, biblical narratives can seem to unfold in a faraway place and time. These locations are associated with heroes of religious faith—and can therefore take on an almost mythical quality. But Scripture’s stories took place in real cities and towns, places the modern descendants of [Continue Reading]

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The news coming out of the Middle East right now is grim. If you’ve watched the news at all lately, you know there is a massive conflict happening, with tens of thousands of lives lost and no clear end in sight. In light of these events, you may be wondering what’s going on and how [Continue Reading]

What did Jesus look like? Biblical authors weren’t particularly interested in describing His physical attributes, focusing instead on His character and actions. But that hasn’t prevented scores of artists across the centuries from depicting Him as they saw fit. In our modern age—with buzz words like “cancel culture” and “cultural appropriation” swirling around us—some critics [Continue Reading]

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Over half of Americans (55%) say they pray every day, according to the most recent Pew research. You may hear this statistic and think, “I don’t feel like praying that often.” But if you’d like to start a practice of regular prayer, you might simply need to approach it differently. Conversations with God shouldn’t be [Continue Reading]

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Ask me if faith is a priority in my life, and I’ll definitely say yes. But I don’t live in a monastery, praying all day! I have work to do, bills to pay, teenagers to raise, and all sorts of life events that crowd my days. I forget about God all the time. I know [Continue Reading]

Have you ever had to sit in a waiting room for so long that it felt like an endless purgatory? Maybe you’re in a doctor’s office, at your local DMV, or in an airport lounge. The time ticks by, and you wonder when, oh when, will you be summoned? Of course, thinking about it just [Continue Reading]