Why Bother with Church? 10 Reasons It’s Worth the Effort to Show Up This Weekend

🌺  Written by Brittany Ann

The statistics are grim. Church attendance continues to drop — even before the pandemic.

It’s not difficult to see why… Americans are busy, and everyone loves a break now and then.

Yet, just because getting the whole family out the door for a Saturday or Sunday service can be a lot of work doesn’t mean that we should just sleep in and skip church altogether.

Recently, on a popular social platform, someone asked, “What’s the point of going to church?”

He elaborated,

“I try to make it a habit to read the Bible and pray on my own, but I said goodbye to churches a long time ago. I guess as a kid, I attended churches because I thought pastors and church leaders were more honorable, and more ‘Christian’ than other people, but I realize I was wrong.

Pastors and Christians who attend churches regularly are no better and no worse than the rest of the world. They love rumors, they commit a lot of adultery, they molest kids, they worship celebrities, they love vanity, they are rude, they are racists, they are proud, they are greedy, etc… just as much as the rest of the world. I have seen these things and more in churches. I also worked with a man who I thought was one of the most evil humans I had ever been around. Later I found out that he had been preaching at a church! So, what is really the point of going to church?”


1. Church is a Dedicated Place to Worship

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It’s so easy to get caught up in the hustle, bustle, and busyness of everyday life. As a result, our souls can have a difficult time slowing down and quieting down enough to hear God’s voice and really connect with Him on a deeper level.

When you attend church in person, you intentionally take a break from the daily grind.

This act of visiting the same quiet place each week can help your heart and soul prepare to quiet and worship.

One person shared,

“Church is simply a place of worship, where people go to pray and connect with God as a community. “


2. You Can Receive the Sacraments

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If you attend a church that observes the sacraments (such as the Eucharist), attending church in person is typically the best (or only!) way to receive these sacraments.

If you choose to stay home, you miss out on the grace they provide.

Someone shared,

“We’re commanded to love God in all four different areas: heart, soul, mind and strength. Going to church—and in particular those churches that worship through the Sacraments (Communion, among others), are practicing the love of God with all their souls.”


3. You Can Learn from Mature Believers

Praying in group
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While your pastor may be the primary person responsible for providing sound teaching while you’re at church, chances are he (or she) isn’t the only one you can learn from.

When you attend church in person, you have the benefit of meeting and connecting with other mature believers to learn from their wisdom and example (and to help other believers with your knowledge as well)!

One person responded,

“People should be in church so that they can learn from more mature believers and help stay grounded in the faith.”


4. Church is a Place to Find Community

In-home Bible study group
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The people you choose to surround yourself with don’t merely provide entertainment and companionship.

Studies show that we are heavily influenced — both for better and for worse — by the people we spend the most time around.

By attending church regularly, you are ensuring that you surround yourself with positive influences who will make it that much easier for you to boldly live out your faith and calling with conviction.

One person shared,

“Teaching, fellowship, united in worship and purpose, meeting with likeminded people, helping your children make link minded friends, bringing people to hear the gospel etc.”


5. Church is a Place to Grow in Your Faith

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Listening to the Sunday sermon (whether in person or online) is one way to grow in  your faith, but it certainly isn’t the only way.

By attending church in person, you give yourself additional opportunities to grow in faith and charity — from serving in the nursery to dealing with grumpy people who help you build your patience.

Sometimes the things we find annoying or inconvenient help us grow our character the most.

One person said,

“Christianity is a practical faith – we grow by serving, we learn by being with others, we are grown through encouragement, we grow when we sit under teaching, we grow as we talk about our lives as Christians together, we grow when we are doing evangelism, when we are loving others, when we are friendly and welcoming towards new people etc.”


6. You Can Share Your Spiritual Gifts with Others

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As wonderful as it is to “get” something out of Sunday service, church shouldn’t primarily be about us and what we can receive.

Rather, attending church in person provides us with the opportunity to use our own unique spiritual gifts to help others grow in their faith as well. This is important!

A person said,

“Each of us have different spiritual gifts and the purpose of church is to share those spiritual gifts with one another. No one is going to have the same spiritual gift, like encouragement which is a spiritual gift. if you are down and sad spiritually or naturally, those with that special gift can encourage you and give you motivation. Also the spiritual gift of teaching, someone with that gift can help you better understand the Word of God.”


7. Church is a Place to be Reminded of the Gospel

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If you grew up in church (or if you’ve attended for several years), you’re probably very familiar with the gospel message. This doesn’t mean you’ve “heard it all” already, though.

We all need to be continually reminded and encouraged to live out the morals and values we already know.

And you never know when a pastor will preach a familiar concept in a new and novel way that resonates like never before!

Someone responded,

“We’re all sinners, churchgoers and non-church-goers alike. We all need God and to be reminded of the gospel.”


8. You Can Follow the Example of Jesus

Jesus Christ
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If anyone didn’t “need” to go to church, it was Jesus. After all, he was perfect!

Yet, if even Jesus regularly attended church — despite how busy he was healing people and performing miracles — that’s a good sign that we need to follow his example and attend church as well.

One person shared,

“Hebrews 10:24-25 ‘And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds, not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another—and all the more as you see the Day approaching.’

Luke 4:16 ‘He went to Nazareth, where he had been brought up, and on the Sabbath day he went into the synagogue, as was his custom. ‘

Note that not only is Hebrews telling us to go to church but that even Jesus went to the Synagogue ‘as was his custom.’”


9. Church is a Safe Place During Tough Times

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For those going through difficult or traumatic times, church can provide a peaceful safe haven from all of life’s stresses.

There’s just something so comforting about the familiar rituals, melodies, and messages that remind us that God is all-powerful and He’s still in control, even when we don’t understand His plan.

A person said,

“Going to church helps getting through tough times and is always worth it!”


10. Church is a Place to Receive Sound Doctrine

A man holding the Holy Bible.
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Planning on simply reading the Bible for yourself or watching a few videos online?

While it’s wonderful (and highly encouraged!) to read the Bible yourself, you don’t want to limit yourself to only your pre-existing knowledge (nor do you want to take everything the online influencers say at face value).

Pastors typically spend years training and studying the Bible so they can preach sound doctrine and explain difficult concepts well. You don’t want to miss out on this good teaching!

Someone shared,

“To worship collectively, to be receive the sacraments, to receive sound doctrine.”


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