Unbelievable! The 14 Most Offensive Statements by Non-Christians

🌺  Written by Jessica Clark

In our diverse world, we often discuss different beliefs and ideas, especially when it comes to religion. Sometimes, these discussions can get a bit intense, and people may say things that upset others.

Let’s discuss 14 of these surprising and controversial statements that non-Christians have made. We’ll look at comments that have stirred up debates and made people want to defend their beliefs.

1. People are Christian Because of How They Were Raised (Not Factual Evidence)

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On a popular social media page, we found a comment thread about things non-Christians said that really irritated some Christians. One person in the conversation shared that they really dislike it when people say their beliefs are because of how they were brought up, their traditions, or because it makes them feel good.

Even though they grew up in a family that didn’t believe in God and had a background related to Catholicism, they now follow the beliefs of the 7th Day Adventist group. They want others to know that their faith is based on strong evidence they’ve found, not just because of their family or culture.

2. Christians Twist the Bible to Say Whatever They Want

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Someone else in the conversation talked about being upset with atheists. They said some atheists use parts of the Bible to make their arguments, but they don’t actually believe in Christianity.

These atheists try to make others agree with them by talking about Jesus, even though they don’t follow Jesus themselves. This really bothered the person because it seemed like the atheists were being manipulative and not honest.

3. Christians Are Only Moral Because of Their Religious Beliefs

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Another person in the conversation said they get annoyed because people often don’t understand why they do certain things. Instead of realizing they do these things because they want to, some people think they do it just to earn religious points.

They talked about how they don’t drink too much and don’t do casual hookups, and some folks wrongly think they do it because of religion, even though it’s just because they prefer it that way.

4. All Denominations Have The Same God

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Someone else in the conversation said they disagree with the idea that Jews, Christians, and Muslims all pray to the same God. They think this is not true because these religions have big differences in what they believe, especially about the Trinity in Christianity.

They don’t like it when people say they all believe in the same God because, even though they have some things in common, they are actually very different beliefs.

5. Christian Figures Are a Joke

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Someone else in the conversation said they’re angered by mean comments about Christianity. They talked about how people make jokes about Mary and say bad things about priests. Even though some people say these things as jokes, some people really believe them and use humor to make fun of the religion.

6. Christain Stereotypes are True

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Someone else in the conversation talked about how people often think Christians are against certain groups of people and are not accepting of them. They said it’s not fair because people are allowed to say bad things about Christians, but they can’t do that to other groups. This person thinks it’s not right that Christians get picked on more than others.

7. Certain Bible Verses Prove That Sin is Fine

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Another person in the conversation talked about how they get annoyed when people use Bible verses to justify doing bad things. They said it bothers them because they’re a new Christian, and they’ve learned that some people twist what the Bible says to make it fit what they want to do.

They also noticed that non-Christians often mention a specific Bible verse, 1 John 4:5, to show the difference between people who think in a worldly way and what real faith teaches.

8. The Bible Proves That Christian Beliefs Are Wrong

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Someone else in the conversation said they get really annoyed when people use the Bible to try and make Christianity look bad or prove it wrong. They think it’s frustrating because it changes what the Bible is supposed to teach and makes their beliefs seem bad or wrong.

9. Children Shouldn’t Be Forced Into Religion

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Another person in the thread became Eastern Orthodox and had a special celebration for their baby after 40 days. When they called their baby an “Orthodox baby” during a family visit and made a joke about it, their mom got worried that they were forcing the baby to follow their faith. This caused some tension because they grew up differently and have different beliefs.

10. Christians Just Use Their Faith for Politics

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Another person in the conversation talked about how they get annoyed when certain Christians say they don’t really believe in their faith and just use it for politics. This person thinks it’s frustrating when some people call others who believe differently not real Christians, even if they know a lot about the Bible and theology.

11. Christians Don’t Actually Believe What They Say They Do

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Someone else in the discussion said they get really annoyed when people think they know what they believe, even though they’ve been part of their church for a long time and know a lot about their faith, especially in Catholicism. They also don’t like it when people make fun of their religion, which they find childish and hurtful.

12. Christmas Would Be Better Without Religion

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Someone else in the discussion talked about their discussion with an atheist friend. The friend liked how Christmas is celebrated in Japan because it’s not about religion, unlike in America where they think religion is added for no reason. They also mentioned how their friend thinks Christmas is connected to Yule and paganism, making it sound more simple than it actually is.

13. Christ is a Joke

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Another Christian mentioned that they really don’t like hearing disrespectful and blasphemous things about Christ and non-Christians mocking the Most High. They believe that “jokes” based on lies like this should bother everyone because they go against the truth and the gospel. They think speaking the truth with love is important when we encounter lies.

14. All Christians Are Biggots

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Someone else mentioned that it bothers them when some people think that if you’re a Christian, you must be close-minded or against LGBTQ+ people. They imagine that if the tables were turned and they made unfair assumptions about other groups because of their beliefs, it wouldn’t go over so well. To them, it seems like only religious people often face these kinds of unfair judgments.

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  1. Most of the comments listed here are nothing more than a demonstration of a lack of understanding of what Christianity is really supposed to be according to the Holy Bible. Christianity is about following Christ and His word, the bible, not any religion. ALL religions are man-made and follow after the teachings of those men. The man Jesus the Christ was born of God by the Holy Spirit and did not start any religion. He is declared to be the Son of God by the resurrection from the dead. He was a Jew by birth and when His own people rejected His gospel message, he gave it over to the gentile nations. No religion can provide a pathway to heaven after we die except for Jesus the Christ and Him alone. (John 14:6) " I am the way, the truth and the life, no one comes unto the Father, but by me." Otherwise, He's a liar or a lunatic and not Lord. We must repent (change of mind), believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and His Gospel (with all our heart), confess him as Lord and God the Father will send the Holy Spirit to indwell you forever and give you eternal life apart from this earthly life by resurrection just as He was resurrected. Seek Him and you will find Him, He's not hiding from you.

  2. "Judge not and you shall not be judged."
    Whenever convenient, the secular world misuses the admonishment of Jesus to mute any criticisms of behavior or ethics. But that is nonsense. Jesus cautioned the world against holding anyone under the Judgement of Salvation, something only the Lord can provide.
    But to prevent an insane world, we NEED to judge deeds & motives for ALL — especially ourselves.
    Do you try to raise your children without judgement? God help you if you do!

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