Woah… 14 Things Christians Take Way Too Seriously

🌺  Written by Brittany Ann

It’s wonderful and highly commendable when Christians take their faith seriously.

As believers, we should make our faith our number one priority, putting Christ above all else.

However… sometimes it’s possible to take things just a little too far, completely missing the point of the Gospel in our endless quest to make sure we follow all the “rules” perfectly.

Recently, on a popular social platform, someone asked, “What are some things Christians take WAY too seriously? Either things that really aren’t a big deal… or at least aren’t as big of a deal as people make them out to be.”

Whether or not you agree with everything on this list, it’s a great reminder that sometimes we don’t have to take ourselves so seriously.

God has a sense of humor, and we can too!

1. Versions of the Bible

Stack of Bibles
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Are you a big stickler on which Bible translation you read?

While some Christians love to read from multiple translations in order to get a fuller picture of what the original text likely meant, other Christians have very strong opinions on which version is or is not “correct.”

Some Christians insist the King James Version (KJV) is the only translation worth reading, even though it is written in old-fashioned language that is often difficult for modern readers to follow understand. All others are incorrect garbage.

Many Christians also are vocal in their dislike of The Message, a very informal Bible paraphrase (not translation) that is incredibly easy and interesting to read but loses some of the Bible’s original meaning.


2. The Style of Worship Music

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Similarly, some Christians have very strong opinions on what worship music should or should not sound like or which songs should or should not be included.

While some believers love the rock concert experience, others believe these showy stage productions are practically sinful. On the other hand, some Christians love a quiet, contemplative worship service with hymns, while others find those types of services dreadfully boring.

Thankfully, with countless churches available all over the United States, it’s usually not too difficult to find one that suits your unique style and preferences.


3. The Need to Convert People

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Yes, Jesus does give us this command in Matthew 16:15: “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.”

However, some people take this call to evangelize way too far.

While we should be open and willing to share our beliefs with others, we must also be considerate and respectful of our time, place, and method. There are many times when sharing the gospel is unwanted, unappreciated, and inappropriate.

If people don’t want to listen, they have the right not to do so.

One person shared, “There’s Christians out there that shove the Bible down people’s throats and don’t consider their feelings. They should understand because they were unbelievers too. And doing that is just going to be a turn off.”


4. Entertainment Choices

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Other Christians have very strong opinions about which type of entertainment or media is appropriate and not appropriate for Christians to watch.

While some are pretty laid-back with their entertainment choices, others are incredibly strict about avoiding anything even mildly immoral or offensive.

Every Christian is allowed to decide for themselves what they think is acceptable. The problem comes when Christians become so worked up about this issue that they try to police what everyone else is watching or listening to as well.

One person shared, “If I see one more post about “which entertainment products should I consume?” I’m going to scream. How we turned the Sermon on the Mount into a do / do not watch list, I’ll never know.”


5. The Bible

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While most Christians agree that the Bible is an incredibly important book, some Christians almost take their love of it too far.

It is one thing to love and appreciate the Bible’s wisdom; it’s another to misuse the Bible in ways it was never intended to be used, making it into an idol or a clearcut how-to guide it was never intended to be.

One person said, “Some people take the BIBLE too seriously. Which can sound weird, but I imagine many will know what I mean. We have a movement that is basically making the Bible into an idol. The Bible is a very important part of our Christian tradition, of course. Yet it is not perfect and does not contain answers for everything.”


6. The Debate Over Theology

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While discussing theological differences in belief can be interesting and edifying, it is not uncommon for some Christians to take these debates way too far.

Yes, the Bible does give us a lot of information, but much of it is open to interpretation and we cannot know for sure if all of our beliefs are 100% correct merely by reading the Bible alone.

This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have these debates, but we do need to be humble in our opinions, accepting the possibility that we could be wrong.

One person responded, “Theological nitpicking when we don’t actually have any way to know if any idea is right.”


7. Apologetics

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Similarly, other Christians love to debate apologetics — the study or defense of why Christianity is true and real.

While apologetics can also be incredibly helpful and interesting, we have to remember that there is a time and place to share and a time and place to stay quiet.

It is great to study and be prepared to give a defense of what you believe, but it is often just as important to listen to others’ thoughts, opinions, and questions as well.

Someone shared, “What do I think Christianity takes too serious…apologetics…and I am guilty. We’ve got to remember that it is about belief in Jesus. People are going to talk…let them. Just rest in the joy and peace that Christ left us with.”


8. Tradition

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There is nothing inherently wrong with traditions.

Every family has their own unique traditions and celebrations (like decorating a Christmas tree or hunting for Easter eggs), because they’re fun, they help families feel more connected, and they’re a great way to celebrate important events and milestones.

Well, the same is true with the Church.

While traditions can be incredibly helpful for creating community and teaching the faith, some people take them way too far, elevating the importance of optional, man-made traditions over the gospel these traditions are meant to commemorate.


9. The Desire for a Miracle at Every Church Service

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While most Christians agree that God still works miracles today, the majority don’t notice His miracles on a daily or even regular basis.

Other Christians, however, expect to see miracles constantly and can be disappointed when God doesn’t come through how and when they want.

This expectation for constant on-demand miracles can easily set the more hopeful Christians up for serious disappointment when God takes His time to fulfill His promises in His own way.

Someone responded, “There needs to be a miracle at every church session. God blesses when He wants to bless out of His sovereignty.”


10. The Sabbath

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Christians also very widely in their beliefs surrounding the Sabbath.

While some Christians are religious about taking Sundays off as a day of rest and worship, others see the day as just another day to catch up on work, cleaning, and errands.

Similarly, some Christians are adamant that the Sabbath must be observed on either Saturday or Sunday, while other Christians really don’t care either way.


11. Speaking in Tongues

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Is speaking in tongues a requirement for all church services or all believer? According to some Christians, it is.

Yet, just because some people spoke in tongues in the Bible does not mean that all true believers must do the same today.

It’s a wonderful spiritual gift… not a requirement.


12. Themselves

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Multiple people commented that they take themselves far too seriously, and honestly, it’s easy to see how this happens.

With a steady stream of airbrushed influencers, larger-than-life Christian personalities, self-help books, and helpful Christian resources, it’s easy to feel like you’ll never measure up to all the of the “super Christians” out there.

Yet, Jesus didn’t create us to be perfect and He doesn’t expect us to be. We can only do our best.


13. The End Times

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Do you love speculating about the end times, watching for any signs that the apocalypse is near?

While the Bible tells us to be prepared for Christ’s second coming, it’s also clear that no one knows the date or time when it will happen. 

It’s one thing to pay attention to the more obvious signs of the end times. It’s another to obsess or try to predict exactly when it will happen.

Someone responded, “Any event seen as foretelling the end times.”


14. Yoga

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Should Christians do yoga? That depends who you ask.

While some Christians are firmly against the exercise, citing it’s Hindu origins, others think the fear is silly and unfounded. 

As a result, some Christians have even created “Christian yoga” classes while others won’t go anywhere near the exercises for fear of demonic possession.


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