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The first time I considered fasting in the Bible was when I was in college. Some friends in the campus ministry I was a part of decided to participate in a Christian fast together. We went 24 hours without eating food and drank only water. I don’t remember why we were fasting, but I do [Continue Reading]

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If you’ve ever wondered what the fruit of the Spirit is or what it might look like in your life, you’re not alone.  In the early years of parenting, I was shocked at how easily I could be grumpy, impatient, and lose my temper. I wondered what was wrong with me and felt ashamed. As [Continue Reading]

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One of the reasons the Bible is so fascinating is that it isn’t a book you just read. While I do recommend that you actually learn how to read the Bible, that should only be the beginning of your understanding. God’s Word is also meant to be savored, wrestled with, meditated on, memorized, recited aloud, [Continue Reading]

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If you’re on the hunt for good Bible verses about anger because you just blew up at your kids, you’re in good company. As a mom of five, I’ve snapped at preschoolers and I’ve raged at preteens. More often than not, my outbursts have more to do with my own exhaustion and fear rather than [Continue Reading]

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In times of trial, it’s so easy to lose hope. In today’s post, Gina M Poirier shares 10 amazing Bible verses about trusting God in difficult times that can help carry you through your most difficult moments. One of the most difficult times in my life was when I couldn’t be with my daughter. It [Continue Reading]

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Looking for Bible verses for kids to memorize? Today’s post from Gina M Poirier features 20 easy children’s Bible verses — plus 7 fun and easy memorization tips! The high-pitched wailing of my five-year-old daughter pierced my ears. She burst through my bedroom door with tears flowing freely, pleading her case before me about how [Continue Reading]