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Guest post by Kristen Hogrefe Parnell How do you praise God when you’re hurting? I’ve grappled with that question this year from several difficult places. My year began with a skiing accident that dislocated my shoulder. I struggled with the pain and had to depend on my husband for the simplest of movements from dressing to [Continue Reading]

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Wish you could learn how to hear from God, but your life feels too chaotic? In this post, Elizabeth Abbott of Quiet Grace Blog is sharing three tips to help you learn how to hear God’s voice when you can’t even hear yourself think. Our lives are getting louder and louder. More notifications binging and blaring [Continue Reading]

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Do you ever struggle with trusting God or His plan for your life? In today’s post, Mandy Johnson is sharing how to overcome doubt in faith with three biblical tips perfect for new and seasoned Christians alike.  “I trust God, but I also have moments of doubt.” Have you ever felt this way before? As Christians, [Continue Reading]

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Guest Post by Kristin Demery “He spat on another child.” Hands over her face as though to block out the embarrassment, my friend groaned with mortification. She’d recently received a call from her son’s preschool about an “incident.” According to the teacher, her son had become very angry with another child. He was so enraged [Continue Reading]

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Is bitterness holding you back from finding peace? In today’s post, LaVonda McCullough is sharing practical advice on how to overcome bitterness and embrace freedom. I stood silent as I overheard the women at the nearby table talk negatively about my husband. I had not attended any recent gatherings due to my new work schedule. My [Continue Reading]

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Guest Post by Liz of Simple Life. Messy Life.   Do you love finding ways to make Christmas a time for your children to learn more about the miracle of Jesus’ birth? The holiday season is such a great time to be intentional in teaching your children about Christ. I know I love getting to [Continue Reading]