Top 10 Christian YouTubers (Christian Videos to Inspire)

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Looking for the best inspirational Christian videos for women? Whether you need help with your marriage, your parenting, or you simply want to be challenged and inspired, here are 10 top Christian YouTubers you’ll wish you were following!

 Top 10 Christian YouTubers (Christian Videos to Inspire)

Are there any Christian women in your life who you really look up to?

Who make you think, “Wow, she’s so amazing. I wonder how she does it?” Or “She’s such a great wife, mom or friend. I wish I could be more like her.”


I remember feeling that way years ago, when I was in high school.

I knew a few Christian women who were SO Godly. They were so peaceful, calm, loving, and self-assured. They truly loved Jesus, loved the Bible, and lived lives that reflected that. 

I remember thinking, “Man, I wish I had that.”

But I didn’t know how to get there.

After all — these weren’t close friends of mine. It’s not like I could just sit them all down and ask them for the deepest, darkest, juiciest details of their spiritual lives… I could only guess what their lives were like.


And honestly, it’s been years now and that feeling has never gone away. I STILL have Christian women that I look up to and admire. That make me wonder, “How does she do that??” and “How can I learn how to be a godly woman too?”


And that, my friend, is exactly why I created the Equipping Godly Women YouTube Channel.

Not because I’m the perfect model of Christian perfection (ha! definitely not!). But to pull back the curtain on what it really looks like to be a Christian woman, and to give some super practical encouragement and advice on how you can get there as well.


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I never thought I’d join the ranks of the Christian YouTubers out there, but I’m having an absolute ball diving into the REAL topics Christian women deal with every day as well as interviewing other strong Christian women to glean as much insight and perspective as possible.

It’s exactly the kind of thing I wish I had had when I was first getting serious about growing in my faith, and now I’m excited to be able to create this type of content especially for you!


And you know what — I’m not the only Christian YouTuber out there! 

While it’s definitely true that most Christian vloggers out there share primarily share make-up, fashion and lifestyle tips, there ARE a few Christian YouTubers totally devoted to sharing Biblical advice for Christian wives and moms — and their Christian videos are pretty good too!

Want to know who some of the best Christian YouTubers are? Keep on reading!


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10 Top Christian YouTubers for Women

Equipping Godly Women Podcast


1. Equipping Godly Women


Of course I couldn’t create a list of my favorite Christian YouTube channels for women without including Equipping Godly Women!

In my Christian YouTube videos, we dive deep into what it really looks like to live a life that’s ALL IN for Christ. Both through my personal videos — which will absolutely challenge and inspire you — but also through the many, many interviews I do with other Christian women who have BEEN THERE and GET IT.

Whether you’re struggling to be a good wife, a good mom, or simply a good Christian, you’ll find tons of encouragement, inspiration, and practical, hands-on advice here… along with the serious kick in the pants we all need sometimes.

There are lots of YouTube videos out there designed to entertain you and keep you laughing, but if you’re tired of living a lukewarm life for Christ and you’re ready to finally experience the real life change that comes from being ALL IN for Christ, these Christian YouTube videos will challenge, encourage and equip you to do just that.


Learn more about the Equipping Godly Women YouTube Channel here



Anna Willemstein


2. Anna Willemstein


No one else deserves to be on this list of best Christian YouTubers as much as Anna. While many of us other Christian YouTubers are just starting out on this platform, Anna has been sharing her stories on YouTube for over three years!

On her channel, Anna primarily shares video devotionals, Bible study tips, and Bible reading plans — definitely the kind of content you want to subscribe to if you want to make learning how to read your Bible more of a priority!

You can definitely tell Anna loves reading her Bible and helping people understand the Bible better. She is passionate about making it approachable to people and helping them fall in love with God’s word as well. Her Christian YouTube videos are beautiful and engaging to watch.  You may even find yourself taking some notes since she shares such insightful thoughts and tips!


Learn more about Anna Willemstein’s Christian YouTube Channel here



April Cassidy


3. April Cassidy


Want to learn how to be a truly Godly wife? April Cassidy’s YouTube channel is definitely the one to watch. On it, April gets real and honest about what it really means to be a good, Godly wife no matter how long you’ve been married.

While she does touch on some general Christian living topics as well, I love how she isn’t afraid to tackle big marriage topics like sex, pornography, marriage disagreements, and more — topics most Christian YouTubers won’t go near.

I’ve found her content really helpful for me personally, and I know you’ll love it as well.


Learn more about April Cassidy’s Christian YouTube channel here



Coffee and Bible Time


4. Top Christian YouTubers: Coffee and Bible Time


Geared more toward younger Christian women, Coffee and Bible Time is an upbeat and encouraging Christian YouTube channel with tons of relevant and inspirational Christian videos about living life as a Christian and studying our Bibles.

Watch just a few videos and you’ll understand right away why they have over 96,000 followers on YouTube!  Their fun personalities make it enjoyable to watch, and with the variety of topics, you never know what type of encouragement you’ll find from week to week.

If you’re a fan of Bible journaling and hand-lettering, you’ll really enjoy watching these Christian YouTube videos.  These young girls invite you to study the Scriptures with them and mark up your Bibles in an effective and pretty way.


Learn more about Coffee and Bible Time here



Beloved Women TV


5. Top Christian YouTubers: Beloved Women TV


Christina is a Christian vlogger, wife and stay-at-home mom “with a passion to encourage women in the love of Jesus Christ and the truth of God’s Word.” She does a great job bringing you fresh perspectives and easy girl-talk style conversation, especially through her Monday morning devotionals and her book reviews. She also posts Christian vlogs and other inspirational Christian videos to encourage you in your Christian walk.

I’m really looking forward to checking out more of these inspirational Christian videos from Christina since she has so many topics to choose from. Her YouTube videos range in length from just a couple of minutes to longer, more in-depth episodes about questions we might have in our Christian lives.


Learn more about Beloved Women TV here



Laura Krokos


6. Laura Krokos


If you’re looking for sweet Christian YouTubers whose videos make you feel like you’re talking to a friend, Laura Krokos’ YouTube channel is the one for you. With a mix of quick encouragement and longer instructional videos, Laura will encourage you to dive into Scripture and let it change your life. 

Laura has been working in Christian ministry for many years and has created a YouTube channel with some great Christian videos and website with many resources and freebies.  If you’re feeling called to lead a Bible Study or a group of other Christians, she’s got some great suggestions and encouragement for you, so I’d highly recommend you check her out!


Learn more about Laura Krokos’ Christian YouTube channel here



Far Away Distance


7. Top Christian YouTubers: Far Away Distance


Becca is a young 20-something evangelical Christian YouTuber who is on fire for Christ and wants to share her heart and faith with you.  As she puts it, she always tries to “keep it real here by talking about my struggles, what Jesus is doing in my life, and sharing testimonies of what I have seen Him do.”

Her video topics are extremely relevant, particularly to younger Christians, and include SO many interesting topics like waiting for sex until marriage, body image issues, drinking, mission trips, dealing with depression and anxiety, and so much more.  She’s open about what she is currently going through in her life and it makes it so easy to relate to.

If you’re looking for young and passionate top Christian YouTubers who will challenge you in your faith, definitely check out Far Away Distance for some great, inspirational Christian videos!


Learn more about Far Away Distance here



Revive Our Hearts


8. Revive Our Hearts


Revive Our Hearts, one of my top Christian YouTubers, is a ministry that is focused on bringing women freedom, fullness, and fruitfulness in Christ.  You may have heard of them through their annual conferences, daily podcasts and blogs, or biblical resources.  Their mission is to “proclaim the truth that sets women free,” so you can find a lot of Christian videos on their YouTube Channel that will encourage and inspire you to find Christian truth.

Most of these YouTube videos are conference talks, not just quick vlogs, so we know they are highly regarded speakers with a lot of well-thought-out and hard-won wisdom to share.  Interestingly, they also have some of their “skits” that have been performed at conferences available to watch, and these offer a unique way to understand our lives in the light of our Christian faith.

This is a great channel for women of any age — especially those who are serious about growing in their faith!


Learn more about the Revive our Hearts Christian YouTube Channel here



Chrystal Evans Hurst


9. Chrystal Evans Hurst


A well-known Christian speaker and author, you may already have heard of Chrystal Evans Hurst, but did you know she has a YouTube channel for Christian women as well? I didn’t until recently!

A top Christian YouTubers channel all about living your life well, especially since life is so short, Chrystal’s channel features multiple Christian videos on topics such as forgiveness, mom guilt, finding balance, parenting, finances, and dealing with life’s disappointments. Make sure you don’t miss “The Sister Circle Show,” a lighthearted talk show, or the many interviews and Christian videos with her family.

There is something for everyone here on this Christian YouTube channel. So check it out!


Learn more about Chrystal Evans Hurst’s YouTube Channel here



The Chat with Priscilla Shirer


10. The Chat with Priscilla Shirer


The Chat is a YouTube talk show with author, actress, and Bible teacher Priscilla Shirer. This talk show covers a variety of topics for women such as singleness, sexuality, stress, & marriage, just to name a few. It is Priscilla’s hope that it will be a safe place for honest conversation and will help you figure out how to respond to many different issues as a Christian woman.

To be honest, I almost didn’t include this YouTube Channel in this list because it looks like it is not being updated regularly anymore, BUT I thought the content was SO well done that I just had to include it on this list. Full of great, in-depth content, it’s definitely worth your time going through these Christian videos.


Learn more about The Chat on YouTube here


Do you watch any Christian women YouTubers on a regular basis? Which top Christian YouTubers are your favorite? Do you have any other favorite YouTube channels for Christians?

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