10 Best Christian Podcasts for Women in 2021

ūüĆļ  Written by Brittany Ann

Looking for the best Christian podcasts for women? Whether you need help with your marriage, your parenting, or you simply want to be challenged and inspired, here are 10 top Christian podcasts for women of faith that are definitely worth a listen!

10 Best Christian Podcasts for Women Pop Quiz Time.

When it comes to growing in faith, what would you say is the BIGGEST obstacle holding Christian women back today? 

a. Making time for God

b. Overcoming past sin and shame

c. Learning how to read the Bible

d. Figuring out how to trust in the Lord


Answer: While each of these factors definitely play a role… For many of us, it’s the lack of time (answer a) that’s hurting us the most.

We’re SO busy working, taking care of our families, taking care of our homes, trying to be the perfect Proverbs 31 woman… that we simply don’t have the time, energy, or motivation left over to do anything else — much less learn how to study the Bible and grow in our faith!


That’s the bad news.

Now — are you ready for the good news?¬†

I found an awesome solution that I think is REALLY going to help. Not only will it challenge you and inspire you to truly grow in your faith, BUT it doesn’t add ANY more time to your day!

The answer: Listening to women of faith podcasts!


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Why I Love Listening to Christian Podcasts for Women


Now, I know, Christian podcasts for women aren’t exactly a brand new phenomenon. Women of faith podcasts have been around for years.

BUT I do feel like they’ve really exploded in popularity lately, with new Christian marriage podcasts and Christian parenting podcasts popping up all the time.

Personally, I just started to listen to the best Christian podcasts for women of faith myself — around the time I launched my own Equipping Godly Women podcast — and I’m so glad I did!


Here’s why:

  • Women of faith podcasts are a great way to fill your mind with Christian thoughts, Scripture and ideas all week long (not just on Sundays!)
  • The best Christian podcasts for women are seriously good! They’re challenging, encouraging, thought-provoking, entertaining and so much more.
  • Christian podcasts provide really great perspective and advice on the real issues Christian women deal with every single day (but can’t always talk about).
  • (Most) Podcasts are free! Who wants to throw away money if they don’t have to? Not me! Another reason why I am excited to share these best Christian women podcasts!


And the thing I love most of all: Podcastss don’t really take up any time!

While I definitely love reading my favorite blogs by Christian women, they really aren’t made for multi-tasking. If I’m reading a website, I’m probably not doing much else at the same time.

Podcasts, on the other hand, are absolutely perfect for multi-tasking.

So you don’t have to figure out when you’ll have time to listen to them… you just listen in while you’re¬†doing dishes, folding laundry, taking the dog for a walk, driving around in the car… or any other boring activity that takes up a lot of your time but not a lot of your attention.

**Note: Christian Youtube videos are great for this too! Here are some great¬†Christian YouTubers You’ll Wish You Were Following


10 Best Christian Podcasts for Women


Okay, so you want to start listening to some of the best Christian podcasts for women, but the real question is: Where do you start???

Hey, I get it. It can be TOTALLY overwhelming to hop into iTunes, Stitcher, and Spotify to find line after line after line of Christian podcasts. How do you choose the best Christian podcasts for women? 

They’re all so different, and honestly, some are a lot better than others. (And even if you find one that is really well done, how do you know the theology isn’t off somewhere? That’s a pretty important thing to consider too!)¬†


Well, the good news is, you don’t have to figure it out alone. I recently spent HOURS going through the best Christian podcasts for women of faith, asking for recommendations, and checking them out to see what they’re all about.

And now, I have a handy, short list of the 10 Best Christian Podcasts for Women just for you! 

Check them out below!


Equipping Godly Women Podcast - A Bible-Based Podcast for Christian Women


1. The Equipping Godly Women Podcast


Of course I couldn’t create a list of the best podcasts for Christian women without including the Equipping Godly Women podcast!

In this Christian women podcast, we dive deep into what it really looks like to live a life that’s ALL IN for Christ. From honest interviews about the topics we all struggle with every day to convicting messages about what it really means to be a devoted follower of Christ, you’ll find tons of encouragement, inspiration, and practical, hands-on advice here… along with the serious kick in the pants we all need sometimes.

There are lots of podcasts out there designed to entertain you and keep you laughing, but if you’re tired of living a lukewarm life for Christ, and you’re ready to finally experience the real-life change that comes from being ALL IN for Christ, this podcast will challenge, encourage and equip you to do just that.


Listen to a sample and see what you think:



Check it out button



risen motherhood podcast


2. Risen Motherhood with Emily Jensen and Laura Wifler


In researching the best Christian podcasts for women of faith, this podcast popped up time and time again. The Risen Motherhood podcast is a popular choice for Christian moms looking for “gospel-hope” and fresh perspective in what can feel like the trenches of motherhood.

From issues such as potty training, nap times, disciplining your children, and even recovering from childhood abuse, Emily Jensen and Laura Wifler show how the gospel really does affect every area of our lives, and how it can help you as a young mother as well.

They remind listeners that when life gets hard (as it often does!) and you feel like you can’t go on, you can always turn to the gospel for hope and help.¬†This is one of the many reasons I chose Risen Motherhood in my top Christian podcasts for women.

Their tone may be casual and low-key, but don’t be mistaken. These short (15-20 minute) podcasts are jam-packed with much-needed reminders and plenty of Spiritual truth. If you’re looking for Christian parenting podcasts for moms of littles — this is it.


Check out Risen Motherhood here


the happy hour with jami ivey


3. The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey


As I was researching the best Christian podcasts for women of faith, this fun podcast is one that just kept popping up again and again, and it’s not hard to see why! With over 200 episodes,¬†The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey has TONS of great content to encourage and inspire you.

The show’s topics are varied¬†(as Jamie says, “the big things in life, the little things in life, and everything in between”), but always relevant, inspiring and super interesting. Topics include marriage, faith, children, parenting, sorrow, grief, joy, justice, books, what they are loving, plus so much more.

From Jamie’s noteworthy guests and engaging topics to her charitable, honest, intelligent, and fun personality, this is one of the best Christian women podcast you’ll want to catch every week! You will LOVE having her on your new list of top Christian podcasts for women!


Check out The Happy Hour with Jami Ivey here


That Sounds Fun Annie F Downs


4. That Sounds Fun with Annie F. Downs


I MUST include Annie F. Downs in my choice of best Christian podcasts for women.

I actually got to hear Annie F. Downs speak at a Christian conference I attended a few years ago, and let me tell you, she does not disappoint — whether on the stage or behind a microphone.¬†With her contagious laughter and ability to make friends wherever she goes, Annie F. Downs’ podcast, That Sounds Fun, totally lives up to its name.

An interview-style podcast with TONS of Christian “celebrities” ranging from¬†comedians to non-profit CEOs to NFL FOOTBALL PLAYERS (Tim Tebow anyone?), That Sounds Fun will infuse your day with Christian truths that are delivered with heart and wit.

Her show feels like sitting down to coffee with a good friend, and her ability to weave deep conversations is an art. Plus, as a committed Christian CEO, author, and single woman with no kids, her podcast is a great choice for ambitious Christian women who may want something less exclusively family-oriented than the typical Christian parenting podcasts or Christian marriage podcasts out there.


Check out the That Sounds Fun Podcast here


the fierce marriage podcast


5. Fierce Marriage Podcast with Ryan and Selena Frederick


Ready to create an awesome, rock-solid Christian marriage? If so, the Fierce Marriage Podcast with Ryan and Selena Frederick is for you.

In it, husband-and-wife couple Ryan and Selena Frederick have the open, honest, deep and even playful conversations all of us wish we could have with our spouses on things like sex, finances, communication, purpose, priorities, and many other important topics for the Christian couple. Conversations that will encourage, equip and inspire you to start having some of the same conversations in your own marriage as well.

Whether you’re looking for Godly marriage role models, you simply want to listen to the best Christian marriage podcasts, or you have a specific question you’d like advice on (they take reader questions!), this is one podcast that deserves a spot on your weekly playlist. Listen by yourself or with your spouse! Either way, this is a great addition to your list of top Christian podcasts for women!


Check out the Fierce Marriage Podcast here


simply joyful podcast kristi clover


6. The Simply Joyful Podcast with Kristi Clover


Looking for simple tips and tricks to improve your day-to-day life and to bring a little more joy into your home? If so,¬† add The Simply Joyful Podcast to your list of top Christian podcasts for women.¬† This podcast is one helpful and inspiring women of faith podcast you don’t want to miss!

In it, host Kristi Clover interviews tons of big names in the Christian Living space on all sorts of topics — everything from¬†faith, family, homemaking, homeschooling and more.

No matter what stage of family life you’re in or what you’re struggling with right now, you’re sure to find several episodes to inspire, encourage and equip you in your role of a Christian wife, mother and homemaker.


Check out the Simply Joyful Podcast here


Don't Mom Alone podcast


7. Don’t Mom Alone (Formerly the God-Centered Mom) Podcast by Heather MacFayden


As a wife and mother to four boys, Heather MacFadyen definitely has the advice and experience we need, and it comes through loud and clear in her¬†Don’t Mom Alone Podcast. One of the best Christian parenting podcasts, Don’t Mom Alone is chock full of wisdom, advice and encouragement!

With a wide variety of guests¬†from a number of backgrounds and life experiences, each episode is full of God-centered truths, spiritual encouragement, and enough honesty to encourage us when we feel like we’ve – yet again – missed the mark in our parenting, our marriages, and our lives.

Heather also makes a special point to include guests who can share ways to help you navigate deep topics like disability, race, and culture with your kids. Another best Christian women podcast, Don’t Mom Alone will encourage you to settle down with God, digging deeper into what He has for you and who He has you for.


Check out the Don’t Mom Alone Podcast here


homemaking foundations podcast


8. The Homemaking Foundations Podcast with Jami Balmet


After Jami Balmet’s website (Young Wife’s Guide) earned a top spot in my article 10 Awesome Websites for Christian Women, it should come as no surprise that she ranks among my top Christian podcasts for women of faith as well.

Through a series of interviews and by sharing her own tips, Jami’s Christian women podcast equips listeners to craft a Gospel-centered home by exploring various areas of Christian homemaking including Biblical womanhood, cooking, organizing, healthy living, marriage, and more.

With a goal of helping other women bring glory to God every day in their homes and help encourage and equip them to serve with joy and diligence, this podcast is full of biblical encouragement as well as practical ideas and tips.

While there is no shortage of Christian marriage podcasts and Christian parenting podcasts out there, Jami’s content truly takes the mission of equipping Christian wives and mothers one step farther. Her Homemaking Foundations podcast is one of the best Christian homemaking podcasts I’ve found!


Check out the Homemaking Ministries Podcast here


set apart girl podcast


9. Set Apart Girl with Leslie Ludy


With a mission to inspire Christian women of all ages to pursue true Christ-centered femininity, bestselling author Leslie Ludy’s Christian women podcast does exactly that and why I chose her to be in my top Christian podcasts for women of faith.

Full of straightforward, practical advice as well as tons of Scripture and encouragement, the Set Apart Girl podcast dives into issues including God-centered living, Biblical marriage and parenting, purpose, purity and beauty. Leslie’s show will infuse your day with a fresh perspective that speaks to your heart. Set Apart Girl has the honest truths we need to hear, laced with the grace our hearts need to become – and stay – soft as we find our purpose and fulfillment in Him.


Check out the Set Apart Girl Podcast here


grit and grace podcast


10.¬†Grit ‚Äėn‚Äô Grace with Cheri Gregory and Amy Carroll


Tired of trying to be the “perfect Christian good girl” who keeps all the rules (but who ultimately feels a little empty inside?) If so,¬†Grit ‚Äėn‚Äô Grace: Good Girls Breaking Bad Rules with¬†Cheri Gregory and Amy Carroll is for you.

One of the best Christian women podcasts devoted to equipping women of faith to develop grit, break the chain of the legalistic rules that hold us captive, and learn to fully embrace God’s grace, this encouraging and challenging podcast will¬†challenge your ideas of perfectionism and break down those impossibly high standards that so many of us put on ourselves.

A friendly podcast that feels like sitting down with friends to chat, you’ll love the witty and insightful conversation you find here as you slowly learn to open up, be yourself, and rest in God’s undying love for you — just the way you are.


Check out the Grace and Grit Podcast here


Do you listen to any of the best Christian women podcasts on a regular basis? If so, do you have a list of best Christian podcasts for women of faith? Share them in the comments below! (Be sure to include what you like about them as well!) 

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  1. Thanks for the great list of podcasts!! Is there any for women over 50, divorced , 4 adult kids? I’m dipping my toes into the podcast pool!!

  2. I’m trying to find a podcast that got deleted from my phone. I think her first name is “Jen”? She’s from Texas and I was starting to listen to her Judges study. I can’t find it anywhere? Any thots?

  3. I am looking for a great Christian podcast for women who have married later in life (almost 40) and do not have any children. Almost all of these include parenting which is not something to which I can really. Any recommendations?

  4. I would totally recommend another great podcast for Christian women – Stripped Whole, by Simcha Natan.

    I have found them real and gritty – challenging me to push further into God in the hardest of seasons, while rooted in stories from Scripture, weaving together inspiring songs as well… worth a listen!

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