Letting God Lead: My Jourmey Through Cathollic and Protestant Belief

Several years ago, I started on a journey that would change my life forever. It started with a book and a conversation, it continued with classes, arguments and tears, and where it ended–well, I’m still not sure yet. But I’d love to take you along for the journey.

(Note: At the time of this writing, I am neither Protestant or Catholic, simply a dedicated Christian seeking out the truth through prayer and study.)

Throughout the course of this series I’ll be sharing a little of my background, a lot of my journey, and a LOT of fact-based information–both from the Bible as well as from history. You’ll get to know me, but you’ll also get to know yourself and what you believe as well.

Whether you are Protestant, Catholic or none of the above, you are welcome here. This series isn’t to persuade you, preach at you, tell you you’re wrong, shove my opinion down your throat or make you feel guilty. My intent is simply to inform.

And to inspire you to set out on a journey of your own as well. Because wouldn’t you like to know what and why you believe? Whatever that is? Wouldn’t you like to make your decisions based on facts and truth, not just what you’ve been taught your whole life that may or may not be true?

As I started examining the things I was taught from a young age, I found out that many of them simply weren’t Scriptural. At least, not once you had all the facts. So that’s what I’m doing. Simply presenting you with some facts.

And where your journey ends up? Well, that’s up to you. But here is mine. I really hope you’ll stick around. You just might learn something…

January 14th: The Day I Realized My Religion Got it Wrong

January 21st: 10 Common Catholic Church Myths that Critics Believe

January 28th: Is the Eucharist Really Just a Symbol?

February 4th: Is Faith Alone Enough? (Sola Fide)

February 11th: Who has the Ultimate Authority? A Biblical Look at Sola Scriptura

February 18th: A Brief Look at the History of Christianity

February 28th: What All Christians Should Know About Priests, the Pope and Confession

March 4: What Do Catholics Really Believe About Mary, Saints and Statues?

March 11: Infant Baptism or Believer’s Baptism? Which is Correct?

March 18: What is Purgatory? What are Indulgences?

March 25th: Why Do Catholics….? Honest Answers to Your Burning Questions

April 1st: Protestant and Catholic Beliefs Series Conclusion and Giveaway!

April 25th: What Your Pastor Won’t Tell You About the Reformation

THREE Years Later: Catholic Journey Update!

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Resources for Additional Study

Ready to begin a journey of your own? Here are a few great resources to get you started. *This list contains affiliate links. Please see my full disclosure statement for additional information.

The New Catholic Answer Bible

Catechism of the Catholic Church

Surprised by Truth: 11 Converts Give Biblical and Historical Reasons for Becoming Catholic by Patrick Madrid

Rome Sweet Home by Scott and Kimberly Hahn

The Catholic Church: What Everyone Needs to Know by John L. Allen

Christian History Made Easy by Timothy Paul Jones, PhD

A Concise History of the Catholic Church by Thomas Bokenkotter


Two Minute Answers to Your Questions About the Catholic Faith by CatholicsComeHome.org