Are You Being a Godly Wife? Here’s 12 Ways All Christian Women Should Be Honoring Their Husbands

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In the journey of Christian marriage, honoring your husband is not only a sign of love and respect but also a reflection of your faith. Being a godly wife is about embracing biblical principles that strengthen your relationship with your spouse.

In this article, we’ll explore 12 practical ways all Christian women can honor their husbands. These insights are designed to guide you in building a more fulfilling, loving, and Christ-centered marriage. Whether you’re a newlywed or a seasoned partner, these principles can help you navigate the path of being a godly wife.

1. Pray for Your Husband

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Prayer is a powerful tool in any Christian’s life. Taking time to pray for your husband daily is a way to show that you care deeply about his well-being, both spiritually and emotionally. Pray for his strength and wisdom and that God’s guidance may be evident in his life.

2. Encourage His Spiritual Growth

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Support your husband’s spiritual journey by encouraging him to attend church, participate in Bible study groups, or engage in personal devotions. Show interest in his walk of faith and discuss Scripture together, if he’s open to it.

3. Respect Your Husband’s Leadership

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In Ephesians 5:22-24, the Bible teaches that wives should submit to their husbands as the head of the household. This doesn’t mean blindly following his every whim but respecting his leadership role within the family. Engage in open and respectful communication about decisions, and trust his judgment when appropriate.

There are times when God has uniquely gifted you to be better qualified to make decisions, but there are also times when God has better equipped and qualified him to make decisions. Rather than insisting on having your own way, consider if he may have a valid point or wisdom you hadn’t considered.

4. Be a Good Listener

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Listening is an essential aspect of any healthy relationship. Take the time to genuinely listen to your husband’s thoughts, concerns, and dreams, even if you don’t understand or agree. This demonstrates your respect for his voice and emotions.

5. Express Gratitude

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Show appreciation for the love and care your husband provides. Small gestures like saying thank you, leaving sweet notes, or preparing his favorite meal can go a long way in expressing your gratitude. Some husbands make this process easier than others, but I’m sure you can find something (probably many somethings!) to be grateful for.

6. Be Supportive

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Encourage your husband’s pursuits and aspirations. Whether it’s a career goal, a hobby, or a ministry, offering your support and belief in his abilities can boost his confidence and strengthen your bond. Rather than shooting him down, ask great questions and speak truth over him.

7. Communicate with Kindness

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Proverbs 15:1 teaches us that “a gentle answer turns away wrath.” In moments of disagreement or tension, practice gentle and respectful communication. Avoid hurtful words and aim for constructive dialogue. Remember: It’s the two of you against the problem, not the two of you against each other.

8. Maintain Intimacy

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A key component of marriage is physical intimacy. Make an effort to keep your marriage sexually fulfilling and healthy, as this is an important expression of love and affection within the bounds of marriage. While there may be seasons when this physical closeness is very difficult or even impossible, try not to constantly make excuses when you don’t have to. There’s probably something you can do!

9. Share Responsibilities

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Work together as a team to manage household chores, childcare, and other responsibilities. Sharing the load demonstrates your commitment to a harmonious partnership and allows your husband to feel supported. Depending on your marriage, this may mean asking how you can help or it may mean simply jumping in wherever you can.

10. Show Forgiveness

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Forgiveness is a central Christian principle. When disagreements or conflicts arise, be willing to forgive and seek reconciliation. Holding onto grudges can harm the marriage, so strive for forgiveness and healing. For Christians, forgiveness is not optional.

11. Respect His Alone Time

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Recognize the importance of your husband’s need for personal space and alone time. Everyone needs moments of solitude and reflection. By respecting his boundaries and giving him the space he requires, you show your understanding and support for his individual needs.

12. Show Affection and Compliments

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Continuously express your love and admiration through affectionate gestures and genuine compliments. Remind your husband of your love through hugs, kisses, and sweet words. Compliments about his appearance, character, or actions can reaffirm his value in your eyes and strengthen your emotional connection.

Speak Your Spouse’s Love Language

couple laughing
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Have you ever read The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman?

In this wildly popular book, Chapman explains that people generally best receive love in one of five ways.

Love your spouse in the “wrong” way (for them) and they’ll be far less likely or able to receive it.

Love them in the “right” way (again, for them!) and they’re far more likely to feel loved and appreciated.

25 Ways to Speak Your Spouse’s Love Language

Treat Your Husband Like a Lover Not a Roommate

married couple on bench looking away
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Does your marriage feel more like mutually co-existing, rather than building a shared and enjoyable life together?

It’s a common stage that most marriages go through at some point, but just because it’s common doesn’t mean you have to settle for it.

If you’re getting a little nervous about where your marriage is or where it’s headed, don’t worry. It’s never too late to change course and work towards intimacy.

If you’re not okay with being “just roommates,” there are two things you must work on constantly in your marriage relationship…

When You and Your Spouse Feel More Like Roommates Than Lovers

Be in the Mood More Often

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One common reason why marriages can become dull and boring is when the wife finds herself “never in the mood.”

This isn’t necessarily her fault, but it is something the couple needs to address.

Sometimes the easiest place to start is by figuring out what’s causing the problem or what obstacles may be getting in the way of this meaningful, bonding, and enjoyable time together.

Never in the Mood? Here are 4 Reasons Why (And 5 Ways to Fix it!)

Encourage Your Husband as a Spiritual Leader

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Is your husband the spiritual leader of your home? Would you like him to be?

While some women really struggle with submitting to their husbands, others would happily follow their husband’s leadership — if only their husband would lead! Unfortunately, however, not all men automatically step up to that role on their own.

How to Encourage Your Husband as a Spiritual Leader

Work Together With Parenting

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Whether it’s how late the kids can stay up on a school night, how much junk food the kids should eat on the weekends, or what type of discipline the kids should receive when they are acting up, chances are you and your husband don’t agree on everything all of the time.

The good news is, this is normal and you can still find ways to work together!

How to Work Together With Parenting

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