If you had to choose 3 adjectives to describe your relationship with your husband, which 3 would you choose?  Would you choose adjectives like fun, close, exciting, fulfilling, silly or passionate? Or would you choose adjectives like boring, routine, strained, frustrating, or lonely?   While obviously each marriage is going to have its own dynamics, [Continue Reading]

Guest post by Mary at Healthychristianhome.com   “You know she has a stubborn streak, right?” My soon-to-be husband stared at his soon-to-be father-in-law in bewilderment. “Wait, are you talking about my sweet, quiet Mary? Stubborn??” Not long after our wedding day, my husband discovered the truth in my dad’s warning. Yes, I do have a stubborn [Continue Reading]

Guest post by Mary at Healthy Christian Home    Do you remember the fun of getting dressed up and putting on makeup before a date?   Talking on the phone to your significant other for hours? Being excited about mundane activities like getting groceries or standing in line in the cafeteria, simply because you were [Continue Reading]

Is it possible your husband watches porn? Unfortunately, there’s a good chance he is. An incredible 47 percent of Christians say pornography is a major problem in their home, according to an article by Family Safe Media. And by “major problem,” these families don’t mean “the husband watches porn occasionally and the wife finds it [Continue Reading]

Guest post by Gina of GinaMPoirier.com “We’re like two ships passing in the night…” It’s a phrase I hear surprisingly often when couples are talking about their interactions with one another. In other words, you coexist around each other. When it comes down to it, there’s not much space or even desire for intimacy. You’re not [Continue Reading]

Sex is bad, and should be avoided at all costs. Or at least, that’s the message I got growing up. Not from my parents, mind you, but from the church I grew up in. (Just one of many lies Christian women believe about sex I picked up along the way) As teenagers, we were expected [Continue Reading]