75 Ways You Can Serve Your Church

🌺  Written by Brittany Ann

 75 Ways You Can Serve Your Church

Are you one of the many people who shows up at church week after week to listen and learn without ever stepping up and helping out? According to an article on Christianity Today, the number one reason why people don’t help out at church is because they feel useless, or don’t know what they can do to help out.


Just because your church seems to be running smoothly from the pew on Sunday mornings doesn’t mean that they couldn’t use a little additional help behind the scenes. Don’t wait for someone to ask you–most people are really bad about asking for help, and besides, they don’t know what unique talents you have unless you tell them!


Instead, get proactive and creative. It doesn’t matter if you’re young, old, busy, poor, or just don’t feel very talented–your church needs YOU! Just because one role may not be a good fit for you at this stage of your life doesn’t mean that you are off the hook for helping at all. Here are 75 ways you can help serve your church.


  1. Welcome people as they come in and help them find where they need to go
  2. Volunteer in the church nursery
  3. Provide a ride for people who can’t drive (children, elderly, disabled, etc)
  4. Host a “Mom’s Night Out” with childcare
  5. Stick around to clean up after service or special events
  6. Mentor younger church members, couples or families
  7. Visit people in the hospital
  8. Run copies for Sunday school teachers, class leaders
  9. Give financially
  10. Help set up for special events
  11. Stuff envelopes in the church office
  12. Call and invite new visitors to return
  13. Run a committee
  14. Teach an adult class
  15. Sing in the worship band or play an instrument
  16. Send cards to people who have recently had a baby or other exciting life event
  17. Send cards to those in the hospital, battling illness or who have lost a loved one
  18. Hold an umbrella for people coming in/leaving on rainy days
  19. Cook the Wednesday night meal
  20. Take communion/audio tapes to people who can’t make it in
  21. Help finalize details for special events
  22. Run the sound system
  23. Fix broken items around the church
  24. Help out with the teen ministry
  25. Paint and decorate outdated classrooms
  26. Shovel snow in the winter
  27. Join the choir
  28. Do yardwork/housework for church members who need help
  29. Drive children/teens to off-campus church activities/events
  30. Pray for the pastor, church members, missionaries and those in your community
  31. Type up the weekly bulletin
  32. Retrieve parents of crying children from service
  33. Offer medical assistance when someone has a medical emergency
  34. Volunteer in the food pantry
  35. Record videos to use during service or in the youth group
  36. Answer the phone
  37. Teach Sunday School
  38. Run errands for supplies
  39. Keep an eye on the church parking lot for security purposes
  40. Periodically roam the hallways to make sure the teens are where they need to be
  41. Invite other families over for lunch after church
  42. Donate candy, pencils, Bibles, food and other supplies
  43. Prepare slide shows for service
  44. Offer wedding planning
  45. Update the church’s website
  46. Run the church’s social media accounts
  47. Take pictures of special events
  48. Gather everyone’s information for the church directory
  49. Give announcements
  50. Update the church sign
  51. Organize the church library
  52. Offer counseling to hurting church members
  53. Compliment others regularly
  54. Write an article for the church website or bulletin
  55. Introduce people to each other
  56. Organize a fundraiser
  57. Coordinate a special service project opportunity
  58. Act in skits, the Christmas musical, and/or youth group lessons
  59. Be the first to participate, to encourage others to participate too
  60. Help organize vacation Bible school
  61. Knit blankets for new babies (either for the nursery or to take home)
  62. Restock pews with offering envelopes and pencils
  63. Bring small toys to give to children in the service
  64. Tend to a church garden
  65. Participate in Angel Tree during the holidays
  66. Make posters/signs for upcoming events
  67. Be responsible for advertising church events in your community
  68. Direct traffic after service lets out
  69. Start and maintain a “Jobs” or “Opportunities” bulletin board
  70. Open your home for youth group events
  71. Help late-comers find seats
  72. Decorate for Christmas
  73. Set up a clothes donation box (particularly winter gear) for those in need
  74. Open your home to those without one
  75. Sit near the front or back of church to minister to those who need someone to talk to


Don’t go to church week after week just to get, get, get. Go to serve! Not only will you help out your brothers and sisters in Christ, but you’ll also grow in faith as well. (Plus, finding the right ministry can be a lot of fun.)


Do you help out at church? What do you do? What other jobs can you think of that didn’t make this list?

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Brittany Ann is an ECPA bestselling author and founder of Equipping Godly Women and Monetize My Ministry. She’s also a Christian speaker, podcaster, and conference host. Her work has been featured on numerous TV, radio, and online ministries, including CBN, MSN, Christianity Today, Evangelical Alliance, Patheos, Crosswalk, and more.

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Brittany Ann is an ECPA bestselling author of “Fall in Love with God’s Word” and “Follow God’s Will” and the founder of EquippingGodlyWomen.com, a popular Christian-living website dedicated to helping busy Christian moms find practical ways to go "all in" in faith and family. Her work has been featured on CBN, The Christian Post, Crosswalk, and more.

  1. In the era of texting, it is nice to hear a warm voice . Making calls to the elderly and shut-ins lifts their spirits. Thank you for your hard work. God bless.

  2. I looked at this because I like to add neat things I find to our Sunday bulletin. But as I read this list I realized that I can put at least three DIFFERENT names to almost all of them! It makes me realize how truly blessed and how true a family our church is!

  3. This is a wonderful list! Thank you! One thing I did and the staff really enjoyed was to bake treats for the staff meetings. I asked my pastor when they were and had them ready to go that morning.

  4. Morning Brittany

    Trust this response finds you well and safe. Thank you so much for the so much needed advices. I’ve learnt a lot from you.
    I’m the secretary of the women in Christ league at our church.
    I’m also planning on helping with the health & wellness campaigns & donate first aid kit, help decorate church with my sewing skills?❤️

    1. Awe. You are so very welcome. Those are incredible goals and I pray you succeed in all you do!

  5. I used to do a lot of service in our church from serving food at memorial services to cleaning the church, working in the office, when we had a different pastor. Now I don’t feel like I fit in. No one asks me to help in anyway. I feel lost and alone. We also used to have more small groups and more fellowship. I feel lost and alone. Please pray for guidance. Thank you

    1. That can be so hard when it feels like you don’t fit in. It sounds like you served a lot in the past. Was there one service project that you really loved doing? If so, maybe you can start there and make some new connections.

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