10 “Silly” Things that Make People Irrationally Angry

🌺  Written by Brittany Ann

Do you have any small, even irrational, things that make you angry? It seems like everyone has something.

Recently, on a popular social media platform, one user asked, “What makes you the most angry?”

While many of the answers were along the lines of what you would expect, several people also shared things you might not expect. These might be things that the average person doesn’t find that annoying, or they could be things that make people more angry than they should.

Are you guilty of any of these 10 behaviors? If so, you might be making someone very frustrated with you, without even realizing it!


1. When People Are Unnecessarily Noisy

A woman listening to her phone with earbuds.
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Everyone has a different threshold for how much noise they can handle. Unfortunately, many people don’t consider how their noise might be negatively affecting those around them.

One person shared, “If I tell you I am listening to something, and you get progressively noisier, especially after finding out I am listening to something. I will kick you out of my house.”

While watching videos or listening to music without headphones are commonly seen as annoying, talking too loudly or too often are two behaviors that can really get on peoples’ nerves as well. It’s great that you’re having fun, but no one else wants to hear it.


2. People

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One person commented “People” without any additional context. And to be fair, more context isn’t really needed in this case!

Whether they’re being too loud, blocking aisles, spreading germs, or stocking up on in-demand products, all humans routinely do things that annoy those around them. It’s a part of life!

It makes sense, then, that some people will go out of their way to avoid people whenever they can.


3. When It’s Allergy Season

Woman sneezing into a tissue
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Do you love the fresh Spring air or dread it? While some people look forward to throwing open all the windows, others can’t stand certain times of year, based on the various allergens in the air.

One person shared, “I want to lie down but each time I do I get a tickle in my throat and have to sit up. It’s so annoying.”

While this isn’t everyone’s experience, we certainly can’t blame those who hate it. It would be awful to feel terrible all the time!


4. The Sound of a Baby’s Laughter

baby girl laying down laughing
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Who doesn’t love the sound of a baby’s laughter? Apparently, one commenter, who mentioned that they cannot stand the sound.

Let’s hope this person doesn’t have children of their own, or that might not end well — both for the baby and the parent.


5. Poorly Designed Products

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Few things are more frustrating in life than important products that don’t work the way they are supposed to. While we can all understand that sometimes things don’t go to plan, more and more often, companies are actually purposefully manufacturing their products to fail in an effort to get people to spend more money with them!

It isn’t just your imagination. Things don’t last as long as they used to. It’s always a treat to find products that were obviously made with plenty of care and thought for the end user.


6. When People Bring Dogs Into Businesses

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Have you ever brought your pet into a restaurant or store?

While we can all agree that service dogs are sometimes necessary, more than one person shared how annoyed they get when people bring their dogs into businesses for no apparent reason. Yes, they’re cute, but that doesn’t mean we want their germs.

One person shared, “I just stopped at the grocery store on my lunch break and an old man was carrying a floofy little dog, approaching the salad bar. He set the dog down before he started dishing up but come on. I love dogs with all my heart, and I don’t bring them to the grocery store.”

Another person wrote, “Just don’t bring pets inside businesses. They have no reason to be inside any business except an animal hospital. No need to put people’s health and safety at risk for absolutely no reason other than being an entitled, arrogant, and self-centered dog owner violating the Americans with Disabilities Act which is against the law.”


7. When People Don’t Understand How Things Work

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No one knows everything. We’re all learning and growing every day. Yet, it can get incredibly tiring when you have to explain a basic process or procedure multiple times because some people simply can’t grasp the concept.

One person responded, “Having to repeat the same sentence to customers who just don’t understand how things work.

If this describes your job perfectly, unfortunately, it may be time to start looking for a new job.


8. Bad Manners

mom scolding daughter
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While there’s no need to be extra picky with our manners, it would be nice if everyone had at least some level of basic common courtesy. Unfortunately, sometimes it seems like some people were simply never taught (or simply don’t care).

At least one commenter shared how it makes them irrationally angry and irritated when others don’t bother with even basic manners everyone should know and follow.


9. Entitled Soon-to-Be or New Mothers

A pregnant woman in a white shirt holding her belly.
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Pregnancy can be a wonderful and special time. Unfortunately, it can also make some mothers rude, angry, or entitled.

While it’s wonderful to offer special treatment when it’s reasonable to do so, one commenter shared that they don’t believe that new or soon-to-be mothers should act as entitled as they do.


10. The Monday Through Friday Work Week Junk

calendar dates
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Another commenter shared how they don’t love the “Monday Through Friday Work Week Junk.” And honestly, we don’t them!

For those who work full-time, you’re probably spending a lot of hours on the clock. Life’s too short to be miserable constantly.

If you dread waking up and going into work every day, it may be time to get a new job.


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