Controversial Convictions: These 14 Christian Beliefs Leave Non-Christians Stunned

In a world full of diverse beliefs, religion often sparks debates. Christianity, one of the largest religions globally, can be puzzling to those who do not practice the faith. This article dives into 14 Christian beliefs that might leave non-Christians surprised and questioning.

1. When Christians Say Hoarding Wealth is a Sin

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We recently found some Christian takes on a popular social media thread that tend to anger non-Christians. One commenter on the thread stated that gaining lots of money while others suffer is seen as a grave sin. It’s not fair and can make things worse for people who are already having a tough time.

Another commenter added that having wealth isn’t sinful by itself, like when you inherit it or win the lottery. However, trying to keep or grow that wealth can sometimes lead to sinful behavior or temptations.

2. When Christians Say Bad Events Are Not God’s Fault

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Another commenter in the thread stated that they don’t blame God for whatever happens; it’s always been clear to them that things occur for a reason. In their view, the reason goes back to humanity’s fall from grace.

Since then, people have had to live in a world filled with both harshness and beauty, as well as moments of joy. They accept that mortality, illness, and death are natural parts of our world. Their perspective is that it’s not God’s fault when unfortunate events occur.

3. When Christians Say Christianity Doesn’t Always Align With Politics

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Someone else commented that the major US political parties don’t fully match Christian values. They agree on some Christian ideas but differ on others.

For instance, one party might align with Christian views on certain topics but not on others, and the same goes for the other party. This shows that Christians often need to think carefully about how their faith fits with politics.

4. When Christians Say Blasphemy Doesn’t Happen on Accident

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Another commenter stated that when people hear about the sin of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, they often get scared of accidentally doing it. But it’s not something you can do accidentally with just a few words. It’s about consistently rejecting God’s presence in your life over a long period of time.

5. When Christians Say The United States Isn’t a Christian Nation

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One commenter thinks it angers non-Christians when they mention that the United States isn’t a Christian nation. They pointed out that God specifically set up the only government in ancient Israel. There were also elements that might be seen as socialist, like sharing wealth, helping the poor, and forgiving debts regularly.

6. When Christians Say God Wants to Save All Humanity

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Another person on the thread said that people should love and help those who are hard to understand or live with. Christianity stands out because Jesus taught us to love even those who are different from us.

God says we will be judged by how we treat all people, even the most troubled ones. And, since Christians believe that God/Jesus dwells inside them, we should love people the way God loves them and desire for them to be saved by His forgiveness.

7. When Christians Say The Bible is True History

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One Christian on the thread simply stated, “The Bible is true history.” This may anger some people who aren’t Christians, who might follow different religions with their own unique books and ideas about history and spirituality.

They might not think the Bible is the one true source of truth, and they might have different beliefs about history and what’s revealed by a higher power.

8. When Christians Say People Should Forgive and Not Hold Onto Hate

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Another commenter said they had lost friends because they suggested that their friends should forgive and not hold onto hate. They said that this might not seem like a big deal, but these days, more people are openly embracing and defending hatred, which is different from when the commenter was younger.

9. When Christians Say Christianity is Doing Better Now Than Ever

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One Christian in the thread said that when looking at it from a broader view, Christianity seems to be doing quite well. It’s being shared in many countries as part of the Great Commission, and people are choosing to follow it rather than being forced.

Also, even in societies that aren’t Christian, there seems to be more overlap with Christian values than in a long time, especially since the Industrial Revolution.

10. When Christians Say Taking The Lord’s Name in Vain is More Than Profanity

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Another person in the thread mentioned that taking the Lord’s name in vain means doing something bad and saying it’s what God wants. It’s not about using bad words. It’s about being careful and respectful when talking about God and not using His name to excuse doing wrong things.

11. When Christians Say God Loves Everyone Equally

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Someone else mentioned that when they talk about how God loves them and has helped them, sometimes others think they’re saying they’re better or more special. But that’s not what they mean.

They don’t see themselves as better than anyone else. They feel like a regular person facing life’s challenges. They want to share a positive message: if God loves them, He definitely loves everyone else, too.

12. When Christians Say Even Bad People Can Be Forgiven

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Another commenter mentioned that it bothers non-Christians when they say even the worst criminals, like murderers, can go to heaven if they genuinely repent and want to change. This shows the power of forgiveness and the possibility of transformation.

13. When Christians Say Life’s Main Goal is Preparing for Heaven

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One other commenter mentioned that it tends to both non-Christians when Christians think that the main goal for life on Earth is to develop spiritual values like kindness and honesty, which gets them ready for life in the spiritual world after death.

They are also bothered by how Christians view Jesus’ resurrection as a spiritual event, believing a physical body is only needed in the physical world.

14. When Christians Say Sins Can Only Be Forgiven With Repentance

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Another commenter stated that it seems to bother non-Christians when they say that when someone asks for forgiveness, it’s important to honestly admit their mistakes and sincerely want to change.

This shows that they’re serious about making amends. It also bothers them when Christians say that they believe God can tell if someone is being honest in their repentance, emphasizing the significance of heartfelt change on the path to forgiveness.

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