25 Hobbies to Help You And Your Partner Rekindle the Romance

In the hustle and bustle of life, finding meaningful ways to connect with your significant other is more important than ever. Amidst the chaos, hobbies offer a unique and down-to-earth avenue for partners to strengthen their bond.

Let’s explore 25 hobbies designed not just for leisure but to foster genuine connections between couples. Whether you’re navigating the early days of a relationship or seeking to rekindle the flame after years together, these activities are grounded in the simple joy of shared moments.

1. Bike Riding

Couple riding a bike
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Bike rides are great for your health AND your relationship! Not only can you get some fresh air, sunshine, and exercise, but they also provide plenty of time to talk and explore together. This is an especially great option if your spouse’s love language is quality time.

2.  Cook Together

couple cooking together
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Cooking can be a real chore… but if you cook together and make something delicious, it can actually be a lot of fun too! Skip the weeknight chicken, mushroom, and green bean casserole, and whip up something delicious to enjoy together once the kids are in bed.

3. Take a Class

Couple at library reading book
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Is there anything you’ve been wanting to learn how to do for a while now? Signing up for a class is a great way to commit to a regular night out, doing something interesting and enjoyable.

You can learn about anything from sculpting to website design to early Christian church history–whatever you’d like to learn more about!

4. Hiking

older couple hiking
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If you have mountains or hiking trails in your area, going out for a hike is a great way to put the devices aside and spend some quality, uninterrupted time together, just exploring and talking. The first time might be a bit awkward if you’re not used to having that much free time together to talk, but chances are, you’ll quickly fall in love.

Spending time in nature is a great way to get closer to God and to each other!

5. Go to the Gym

couple at the gym
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Depending on what amenities your local gym offers, going to the gym can be a great way to spend time together — WITH drop-in-anytime childcare built in! While lifting weights or running on treadmills near each other can work, you might also look for a gym that offers a pool or racquetball — something you can do together.

If you’ve fallen into a rut lately, this is a great way to make your marriage fun again!

6. Go for a Walk

couple walking on the beach
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This is one of the easiest, cheapest ways to spend time together. It doesn’t require any notice — just up and go for a walk if the weather is nice! You can even leave the kids home without a sitter, depending on their ages, if you don’t go too far.

Taking regular walks to talk is a quick, easy, and free way to fight for your marriage when you’re busy and exhausted.

7. Play Mini Golf

couple playing mini golf
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When was the last time you played mini-golf? If it’s been a while, it might be time to go! It’s cheap, low-key, and fun. You don’t have to be any good — just go and goof off together.

Whether your marriage is rock solid or you’re doing your best to fix a broken marriage, mini-golf is a fun, low-stress activity anyone can enjoy.

8. Go Horseback Riding

couple horseback riding
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Horseback riding is so much fun. This probably isn’t something you could do on a regular basis (unless you know someone or can get a great deal), but it’s SO much fun if you can go. Plus, the time alone out in the woods provides a fantastic opportunity to improve your marriage communication.

9. Visit Parks

couple at park overlooking pond
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You probably take your kids to the park regularly, but when was the last time you and your husband went to a park for a while to just hang out and be together? Pack and picnic and enjoy the day!

Plus, a relaxing stroll through the park is often the perfect time to talk.

10. Start a Garden

couple gardening
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Some people find it very relaxing. Plus, you don’t even need childcare. Just set up a standing date — every Saturday, just the two of you, out in the garden. Sounds lovely! Plus, if you’re constantly fighting about money, working in the garden is a very affordable hobby that can even help you save on your grocery bill.

11. Go Fishing

couple fishing
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Here’s an idea you can probably get your husband to agree to! You don’t even have to fish yourself. Just enjoy the sunshine, boat ride, and quiet, kid-free conversation while your husband casts a line. (Although, if you want to fish too, that would probably earn you some major wife points too!)

If your husband doesn’t mind talking while the fish are out, time spent out on the lake is an excellent opportunity to work on these marriage communication skills that prevent fights.

12. Volunteer

couple volunteering
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This is such a great way to spend time together, but often one of the most overlooked! Finding volunteer opportunities is easier than you think. Simply Google “Volunteer opportunities + your city,” and chances are you’ll find at least one organization or two that regularly sets up events you can help out with. You can also ask at church or your children’s school to see if anyone knows of any opportunities.

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13. Play Board Games

adults playing board games around a table
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Another great idea that’s super cheap and doesn’t require planning in advance or finding childcare. If all you have at home are kids’ games like Chutes and Ladders or Connect 4, invest in a grown-up game as well.

You just might find that board games are one of your favorite hobbies for married couples!

14. Go Bowling

married couple sitting at a bowling alley
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If your relationship is a bit strained and you aren’t great at effective communication skills, bowling may be just the date night activity you’re looking for. Since someone is always up to bowl, you don’t have long chats (or arguments), just a bit of flirting, playful banter, and encouragement.

15. Read a Book (Join a Book Club)

couple reading books
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Are you both readers? Then you might enjoy reading through a book or even joining a book club together. Ask your local library if they have any existing book clubs. If not, you can always make your own!

16. Bible Study/Church Group

group Bible study
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Are you involved with your church’s Bible study/married couple’s group? If not, this is another super easy thing you can join to have a night out of the house together. Not only will you grow your relationship, but you’ll grow your faith too.

17. Go to a Concert

couple with guitar sitting on bench
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If you both enjoy the same type of music, a concert is always a fun time! You can either buy tickets for a large concert with a group you love or simply check out what sorts of live music or festivals are happening nearby.

Even if the music isn’t stellar, it’s still a great way to get out of the house and spend some quality time together.

18. Go Camping

couple hiking to campsite
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This is a great idea to surprise your husband with, and it comes with the added benefit of getting out of the house overnight! Just make sure you bring an air mattress!

19. Play Tennis

woman with tennis racket
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Tennis courts are often fenced in or near parks, so you can enjoy fun, active time together outdoors, while your kids play nearby. No childcare, but you still get that time to yourself. (And it’s super cheap)

20. Go Swimming

married couple in pool
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No one is worried about what you look like in a swimsuit, but you. Go! Have fun! This is a great place to be playful and flirt, and your marriage will be that much stronger because of it.

21. Go Canoeing or Kayaking

couple in canoe
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If you live anywhere near a larger river, chances are there are places that allow you to do canoe rentals for just a few hours, then they’ll pick you up at the end. This is a great way to enjoy a beautiful day and some 1-on-1 time together.

22. Take Dance Lessons

couple dancing on beach
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Another great active date idea- dance lessons can be fun, sexy, silly, serious, or anything in between. You don’t have to be good at it — just have fun!

23. Go to Paint Nights

couple covered in paint
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Seems like these types of places are popping up ALL over the place lately. Basically, you can choose a wooden sign or canvas, and they’ll teach you how to paint the design. You paint your beautiful creations right next to each other, and then you have a beautiful momento to take home with you afterwards. And don’t worry — they make it VERY easy, so no painting skills are required.

24. Go to the Movies

couple watching movie with popcorn
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Whether you catch a comedy, action movie, or chick flick, who doesn’t love going to the movies? You could take turns picking the movie and snacks, but you’ll definitely want to share the same popcorn.

25. Join Community Sports Leagues

man and woman dressed for baseball
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Are you the competitive type? If so, you may want to join a co-ed sports team in your area if you can find one. It will definitely bring out a different side of you than what you’re used to seeing just sitting on the couch at home, taking care of the kids!

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