Is It An Addiction? 10 Common Activities We Can Take Too Far

🌺  Written by Brittany Ann

While a serious addiction is nothing to laugh at, not all types of addiction look the same.

In fact, many people probably have smaller habits they return to again and again… even though they know they know these behaviors aren’t good for them and they genuinely want to stop.

Recently, one person took to social media to ask, “What is an addiction people might not realize they have?” Not surprisingly, the answers came pouring in.

1. Doomscrolling

married couple distracted on phones
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For many of us, it seems as though we can’t put our phones away, even when we know we should. We know too much scrolling is bad for our mental health, and yet we can’t seem to stop.

One user shared this helpful advice: “My phone has a setting where I can set a timer on all my apps that can be doom scrolled so I limit how long I can be on them. After the timer goes off the app is offline until midnight. I’ve found it helpful…”

Another shared, “I had to Uninstall Tiktok because of how addictive it was to me. Of course, now every other platform has aped their model, but none of them are nearly as addictive to me. YouTube Shorts still get me sometimes.”

2. Drama

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For others, it’s all too easy to get hooked on the rush of excitement and adrenaline that comes from needless interpersonal drama.

One user shared, “Misery. Drama. The spikes become normal to the brain so those in toxic relationships for example, crave those dysfunctional patterns They crave the rush of the fights and the drama. They pull it from around them without even noticing it. Misery loves company is not just a saying. It’s science.”

Another chimed in, “My home life as a child was so awful I developed BPD. It took me years to realize the reason why therapy wasn’t working was because I was hooked on the pain. Without it, I had no concept of who I was. I needed it to have an identity.”

3. Outrage

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Similarly, it seems as though many are hooked on anger, outrage, or being offended these days.

It’s almost as though they read articles they know will make them mad… just so they have something to be mad about.

One user shared, “Political outrage is the drug of choice for SO MANY people.

“Our older neighbors seek us out to tell us just how outraged they are at [insert political news topic] and they will strongly take a side, make the opposition an enemy worthy of execution, and expect us to wholeheartedly agree with them.

“I’ve had to use my pocket answer so many times: “I don’t talk politics with people I like” over and over again…”

4. Shopping

couple shopping
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For others, shopping is their escape method of choice.

Whether or not they need new “stuff” doesn’t matter… They’re constantly at Target, at the mall, or filling up their Amazon cart with shiny new things they hope will make them feel better or make their life more complete.

One user shared, “This is a big one, and I think a lot of us are ‘shopping’ even when we’re not spending money. Looking at products online, putting stuff onto wishlists, browsing aisles at Target, asking people in conversation where they got [whatever]. I’m trying to be more cognizant of this because I resent that I’m going through life in total consumer mode.”

5. Validation

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For those who don’t feel loved or worthy enough on their own, the pursuit of external validation can quickly take over.

One user shared, “As someone who grew up with parents who constantly gaslit, dismissed, and invalidated them, I am always looking for validation and I hate it. I have an insatiable need to know I’m not crazy for having the thoughts and ideas that I do because I was always told things like ‘other people have it worse’ and ‘quit feeling sorry for yourself.'”

Another agreed, “I constantly seek external validation and struggle SO much with validating myself. It’s absolutely attributed to my childhood… I want to do well, to have people tell me I’m doing well, to be told that I am worthwhile and that I have value! I want to be useful, to make people around me proud, to hear them tell me I did a good job.”

6. Stress

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While most people try to avoid stress, others seek it out (whether consciously or not).

One user shared, “Stress. I’m convinced some people create stress in their life bc they are addicted to it.”

Others agreed, “I literally can’t function if I’m not under pressure or have something to prove. If people like me I sabotage it, if I’m having a relaxed day I’ll try and find reasons to stress out, I’ll create drama from nothing. That’s what happens with u live in fear your whole childhood. I’m 33 now.”

7. Food

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Yes, food is essential for survival. But for some people, the drive to eat goes way beyond what is needed to survive.

One user shared, “People often eat far more often than necessary. They eat out of habit and not out of necessity.”

Another agreed, “Food used to be an inconvenience. Now, it’s so convenient that it’s used as a way to simply kill time.”

8. Soda

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Similar to food, many people may not realize they are addicted to soda. One user said, “It’s wild how many people drink soda like it is water…It tastes nice but the amount of sugar in soda is absolutely absurd, just not worth it.”

Whether it’s Coke or Pepsi one thing is for sure, the sugar and caffeine that come from these beverages can lead to an addiction very easily.

9. Working Out

Couple working out
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Focusing too much on your body and needing to work out is a common sign of an addiction. Theoretically, exercise is supposed to help our bodies stay healthy and strong. But when taken too far, people can obsess over their bodies and be too focused on gaining more muscle or losing more weight.

One user commented in regards to the body dysmorphia that comes with workout addiction, “This is a bigger deal than people realize. Our culture worries constantly about girls having unrealistic expectations of what they should look like and barely notices that boys face the same thing…”

10. Gaming

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Perhaps one of the most common addictions that people have today is computer gaming. One person commented saying, “It’s scary how many people will pour 8+ hours into a game each day. They cut their sleep down to 2-6 hours just to do it, too.”

Lack of sleep, stimulation from screen time, and long-term exposure to violence and stressful scenarios are just a few of the “benefits” of an addiction to gaming.

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