7 Best Bible Study Apps for Christian Women — All Free!

🌺  Written by Brittany Ann

Looking for the BEST Bible study apps for Christian women? Here are 7 free Bible apps you’re sure to love!

 7 Best Bible Study Apps for Christian Women -- All Free!

Do you ever wish you could read the Bible more regularly or study the Bible more in-depth?

If so, and you have a smartphone, you’re in luck!

Not only can you use your smartphone to read thought-provoking articles from your favorite websites for Christian Women or listen to the best Christian podcasts for women

You can also use your smartphone to learn how to read the bible regularly or to learn how to study the bible for yourself!

(Both important skills for every Christian woman to have!) 


Now, I know… smartphones can be a major source of distraction that prevents Christian women from regularly reading the Bible. That’s very true.

BUT it all depends how you use them!


If your phone is full of email and social media apps, chances are those are the platforms you’re going to check most often.

However, if you replace the social media apps on your phone with one or two of the best Bible study apps (either by deleting your social media apps or making them harder to access), it’s very easy to make it that much more likely you’ll read your Bible on a regular basis!

You just have to take the habits you are already doing anyways (getting on your phone), and tweak them a little bit (to check Bible study apps instead of social media apps), and you may just find that learning how to read and study the Bible isn’t so difficult after all!


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Of course, that brings up the question: What ARE the Best Bible Study Apps for Christian Women?”

(After all, it doesn’t do you any good to download an app that won’t actually help you learn how to read and study the Word…)


Well, you’re in luck. Because today I’m sharing 7 of the BEST Bible Study Apps for Christian Women — and they’re all free!

Enjoy! 🙂


7 Best Bible Study Apps for Christian Women


First 5 app


1. First 5: #1 Best Bible Reading App for Christian Women


Of all the free Bible study apps for women available today, the First 5 app by Proverbs 31 Ministries is a personal favorite on my list of best Bible apps and the one I’ve personally used the most.

Designed to help Christian women begin their day in the Word, this handy daily Bible study app allows you to set a custom reminder on your phone to remind you to log in each day so you don’t forget or get distracted.

Inside the app, you can choose from a variety of Bible reading plans — all designed to be completed in only 5 minutes a day. Each reading comes with a short Bible passage, a quick and easy devotional, and a question for further reflection. Save your answers right in the Bible learning app so you can go back and reflect at how far you’ve come, or connect with the community within the app for great insights and discussion.

This free daily Bible study not only makes it super easy to jump in and get started at any time, but First 5’s super short lessons are perfect for busy moms who want to be inspired without taking a lot of time.


The First 5 App is available on both Google Play and the Itunes app store.



Youversion Bible app


2. YouVersion: Most Popular Bible Study App Overall


Chances are, if you’ve spent ANY time researching the best Bible study apps for women, you’ve heard of YouVersion. With over 2.5 MILLION ratings, with a ranking of 4.9/5 stars, YouVersion is THE most popular, best-rated Bible app out there, and it’s not hard to see why.

YouVersion allows you to read all of the popular Bible translations, listen to audio Bibles, and check out literally thousands of devotionals and Bible reading plans. 

Keep track of what you’re studying with notes, bookmarking and highlighting, or share your favorite verses with friends through social media, email or text message. You can even watch video clips from The Bible, the JESUS film, Lumo Project, & more.

If you’re serious about getting started with daily Bible reading, and you want to find the translation and Bible reading plan that’s perfect for you, you’ll absolutely find what you’re looking for on YouVersion.


The YouVersion Bible App is available on both Google Play and the Itunes app store.


she reads truth app


3. She Reads Truth: Great Bible Study Community for Women


If you want to read the Bible in a community of other Christian women, the She Reads Truth app is a great choice among the best Bible apps.

The app itself offers a beautiful, full-text Bible, free and paid devotional reading plans, as well as bookmarking, journaling, and search features, but the fun doesn’t stop there.

An app that’s made to be used in community, She Reads Truth also offers a variety of beautiful, sharable images and even an in-app camera with photo overlays perfect for sharing your daily reading with others via social media. Just use the #SheReadsTruth hashtag on social media to join in with the hundreds of thousands of women who gather in the Word every day.

If you love that feeling of belonging and community with other Christian women, you’ll love the She Reads Truth women’s Bible study app.


The She Reads Truth App is available on both Google Play and the Itunes app store.



Bible gateway app


4. Bible Gateway: Best Bible App for Looking Up Specific Verses


I use Bible Gateway ALL the time on desktop for looking up verses in different translations. (Any time you see a verse quoted on this site, there’s a 99% chance that’s where it came from)

So you can only imagine how happy I was to see that Bible Gateway offers a free Bible app as well — and it’s a good one!


A great resource for anyone who wants to quickly and easily look up specific Bible verses in any translation, the Bible Gateway app offers more than 90 different Bible translations, over 20 audio Bibles, and an entire library of popular Bible commentaries and other references.

Use the search feature to look up any verse in any translation, or check out the Verse of the Day for a little bit of encouragement and inspiration. You can even follow along with one of many Bible reading plans or make use of the highlighting or note-taking features as well.

Bible Gateway is on my list of best Bible apps because it’s a simple but robust app. Plus it’s a fantastic resource for looking up specific Bible passages quickly and easily.


The Bible Gateway App is available on both Google Play and the Itunes app store.



Bible app


5. Blue Letter Bible: Best Bible Study App for Beginners


Ready to go beyond simply reading your Bible to learn how to study the Bible more in-depth? If so, then the Blue Letter Bible App is a great place to start.

This handy and free Bible app allows you to read and study over 30 Bible versions (including audio Bibles), 8,000 Bible commentaries, multiple Bible dictionaries and more. You can compare different translations side-by-side, cross check Bible references, and of course, search by a specific word or theme.

You can even highlight and save your favorite verses, take notes, and even organize your favorite verses in custom folders!

Full of thousands of free Bible resources, this app is perfect for the Christian women who wants to break free from pre-written Bible reading plans to learn how to study the Bible for herself–without getting overwhelmed in the process.


The Blue Letter Bible App is available on both Google Play and the Itunes app store.



Logos app


6. Logos Bible Study Tools: Best Bible Study App for Advanced Users


If you’re serious about diving in and studying the Bible, Logos is a name you need to know. The Logos Bible Study app has SO many resources designed to help you study the Bible far more in-depth than you ever could on your own.

In this incredibly useful and comprehensive app, you’ll find quite a few popular Bible translations, audio Bibles, commentaries and reading plans — all for free. (Plus, you have the option to purchase additional resources if you want to take your study even deeper.)


What’s really need about this app is that it’s made for studying. Not only can you do the typical highlighting and note-taking, but it even supports tabbed browsing AND split screen, so you can open as many resources as you want side by side for comparison.

Do a comprehensive word study with available dictionaries, lexicons and cross references, or check out one of their passage guides for a quick road-map to additional resources for each verse. You can even search and share.

So much more than just a simple reading guide, this app will help you better uncover and explain all the nuances of Scripture for a more complete, accurate understanding of both the text and the times.


The Logos Bible Study App is available on both Google Play and the Itunes app store.



Bible.is app


7. Bible.is: Best Audio Bible App


Want to make your Bible reading really come to life? In addition to the usual digital print Bibles, the Bible.is app offers hundreds of dramatized audio Bibles as well as the Jesus film so you can read, listen and even see the Bible come to life like never before.

And of course, the Bible.is app offers all the standard features we’ve come to expect from the best Bible apps as well, like the ability to download text and audio for offline reading and listening, the ability to look up keywords, and the ability to bookmark, highlight or add notes to favorite passages.

If simply reading the Bible sounds a bit boring to you, or you’re just ready to mix things up to help the Bible come alive like never before, the Bible.is is an app you’ll definitely want to check out.


The Bible.is App is available on both Google Play and the Itunes app store.


Do you have any women’s Bible study apps on your phone? Which free Bible apps are your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!


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