Paying for a TV Streaming Service? Here’s the Best Family-Friendly Content to Watch

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Tired of scrolling through your favorite TV and movie streaming service, looking for something to watch, but being utterly disappointed by all the options?

While it certainly can be difficult to find good, Christian content the whole family can enjoy, if this is the type of content you’re interested in, you’re in luck! In this post, we’re sharing the must-watch Christian or family-friendly TV shows and movies you’ll want to check out on each of your favorite streaming platforms.

Scroll through to find the service(s) you have, then check out our recommendations to see what you think!


1. PureFlix

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Pure Flix has a large selection of Christian movies and television shows for your family to enjoy.

Here are a few we recommend:

  • God’s Not Dead
  • The Case for Christ
  • Unplanned
  • Heartland
  • The Chosen
  • Do You Believe
  • Sue Thomas: F.B. Eye.


2. Dove Channel

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Shows and movies on the Dove channel are not exclusively Christian, but they are family-friendly and reviewed by Dove Foundation staff.

You will find older TV shows like Bonanza, Father Knows Best, and the Lone Ranger. Great shows for children include: The Cat in the Hat, Madeline, and Davey & Goliath. There are also movies to watch on a family movie night like School of Life and The Little Princess.


3. Angel Studios

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Angel Studios is continuously adding new content all the time so make sure that you check back often.

Some of their most popular current shows and movies are:

  • The Chosen
  • Freelancers
  • The Tuttle Twins
  • The Wingfeather Saga
  • His Only Son
  • Testament: The Parables Retold
  • The Riot and the Dance


4. UP Faith & Family

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UP Faith & Family has a large line up of family friendly TV shows including some of their own original TV shows and movies.

Some of their exclusive shows include Bringing Up Bates, Small Town Mayor, Our Wedding Story, and Bulloch Family Ranch.

For movies there are lots to choose from that the whole family will enjoy — from romantic comedies to thrillers and mysteries.


5. Yippie

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Yippee is a streaming service made specifically for children, and it has TONS of shows that your kids will enjoy.

Popular shows include Veggie Tales, Danny Go, Cowboy Jack, and SuperBook.

Yippee is a great choice if you want to let your kids watch TV for a while without you having to supervise or worry about what they’ll stumble across next.

6. Minnow

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Minno is a Nashville-based media and technology company focused on serving Christian kids and families great, family-friend content.

Some shows your kids might like are Adventures in BoogaBooga Land, Angel Wars, Dot Conner, and God Rocks!


7. Faithlife TV

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Faithlife TV has shows and movies for children, families, and couples including Bible studies, biographies, and documentaries. Kids will enjoy shows like Junior’s Giants or Ryan Defrates, while teens will enjoy Agent Abby, Steve’s Trek, and Defy Conformity.


8. Christian Cinema

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The Christian Cinema channel is a little different than some of these other streaming services. On this service you purchase or rent the movies that you would like to see, rather than getting them all in one lump package.

Some of the popular movies for you to rent or buy include Unplanned, I Believe, and I Still Believe.


9. Answers TV

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Answers TV has a variety of TV episodes for kids and plenty of documentary style programming that adults will enjoy. Some of the most popular shows streaming on this platform are Sea Kids, of Fools and Follies, Kashtan’s Wildlife in the Zoo, Hike & Seek, and Behind the Experience.


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