25 Easy Ways to Share the Gospel

🌺  Written by Brittany Ann

25 Easy Ways to Share the Gospel | Equipping Godly Women

Before you even start reading this post, I want you to take a minute and try to think back to the last time you shared the gospel with someone. How long ago was that? Have you ever shared the gospel with someone? What was it like?


Really. Take a minute. I’ll wait.



If you haven’t shared the gospel with anyone in a while, what is holding you back? Are you worried what people will think of you? Scared that you won’t know what to say or that you won’t be able to answer their questions? Do you think that sharing the gospel is only for pastors and missionaries? Maybe you just haven’t thought about it or you don’t think it’s important. Or maybe you don’t even have non-Christian friends to share it with? (It’s okay to be honest.)


Regardless of your reason, the fact is that in Matthew 28:18-20, Jesus COMMANDS us to go and make disciples (and yes, that includes you!)


“Then Jesus came to them and said, ‘All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” -Matthew 28:18-20


Furthermore, not only should we do this because Jesus COMMANDS us to, but also–shouldn’t we want to? When you have fantastic news, don’t you WANT to share it with your friends? And I’d venture to say the Good News is the most important news of all!


Why Christians Don’t Share the Gospel


So, if sharing the Gospel is so important, why don’t we do it?


I think it’s because a lot of people have the wrong impression about sharing the gospel. Sharing the Gospel doesn’t mean that you have to grab the nearest unbeliever, open your Bible, and lecture them about Heaven and Hell. It doesn’t mean that you have to know all of the answers (though it helps if you do actually know why you believe what you believe). And it doesn’t have to be awkward or scary or weird.


Instead, sharing the gospel is just having a normal conversation with another person who doesn’t believe the same things you do. Except instead of talking about football or the weather, you’re telling your story about your God and the things He has done in your life, and letting them know that He can do the same for them too.


Sharing the Gospel isn’t trying to convince the other person that you are right and they are wrong. It isn’t about telling them a great argument so that they will believe. It isn’t trying to get them to stop being such an awful sinner. It’s just sharing who God is, what He’s done for you and explaining why that matters.


Furthermore–the point of sharing the Gospel isn’t to save people. Yes, you read that right. “Saving people” isn’t our job–it’s God’s job. Our job is simply to sow the seed, nourish the seed, and hopefully eventually harvest the seed. We are obedient to share God’s love with others, and we depend on Him for the rest.


So without further ado, here are:


25 Easy Ways to Share the Gospel | Equipping Godly Women
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25 Easy Ways to Share the Gospel


  1. Tell people that you went (or are going) to church when they ask about your weekend. Add in a quick sentence about what the sermon was about.
  2. Refuse to participate in ungodly activities. When they ask why, politely(!!) let them know.
  3. Play Christian radio in your car when you carpool (It’s okay to have it on quietly. You don’t have to blast it and sing at the top of your lungs–unless you want to.)
  4. Pray for people when you hear they are going through a rough time. Pray right there with them, and let them know you have will be praying for them on your own too.
  5. Read the Bible or other Christian books on your lunch break. People will notice. They may ask you what your book is about, or you may bring it up yourself.
  6. Having a garage sale? Put a few Bibles on a table with a “Free–take one!” sign.
  7. Teach Sunday School.
  8. When someone is sick, bring them a hot meal and a card with a nice note and an encouraging Scripture verse written on it.
  9. Ask their opinion about current events. Share your (Godly, but humble) opinion as well.
  10. Be honest about a tough time you are having and how you are really having to rely on God to get you through it.
  11. Do a random act of kindness and leave a note simply saying “because Jesus loves you.”
  12. Invite them to a church event. Many people who don’t attend regularly would go if you ask, especially around major Christian holidays like Christmas and Easter.
  13. Do you own a business? Leave a couple Bibles in the waiting room for people to read while they wait.
  14. Share encouraging Scripture verses, memes, youtube videos, and posts by your favorite Christian bloggers on your social media accounts. 🙂
  15. Support a child in a third world country.
  16. Don’t be afraid to share the big things God is doing in your life.
  17. Did you know there are numbers people can call or websites people can visit at anytime–day or night–if they want to learn more about Jesus? You could sign up to be one of the people that answers their questions or talks with them.
  18. Feeling super brave? Go door to door. Even if most people aren’t interested, if you find a few that are, it’s completely worth it.
  19. Volunteer in a setting like a hospital, children’s home, women’s shelter or crisis pregnancy center. Listen to their stories, offer hope, pray with people.
  20. Go to a bar and talk to people. (No, I’m not joking.) Find out their life story. Share yours.
  21. Start a Bible study with a few Christian friends. Ask nonbelievers if they would like to join you.
  22. Wear t-shirts/jewelry with Christian themes on them.
  23. Help people stranded on the side of the road. Give God the credit.
  24. Be a big brother or big sister.
  25. Start a blog where you can tell the world about Jesus!


Do you regularly share the Gospel? If not, what is holding you back? Which of these 25 ways do you think you could do–or what other suggestions could you add as well?




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  1. This is wonderful and practical! I’ll be sharing this on pinterest and my Facebook page today. These are things the youngest and most uncertain Christian could do easily. Very encouraging.

  2. Dear Brittany,
    For the sake of friendly discussion, I’ll admit that I feel uncomfortable with the bar comment. It may be the definition in my mind of a bar. I tend to think the serious kind where people go with the intention of getting plastered (as opposed to say a Chili’s). A young or immature Christian in that environment may be in danger in two directions. One they may be tempted to poor discretion and drink more than they should. And even more dangerously (in my mind) they may be tempted to self-righteousness as they try to reach out.
    I suppose a wise and older Christian might make some progress there but there are places where one could run into lots and lots of folks who are “unchurched” in a less fraught environment-ball games, grocery stores, PTA meetings etc.
    I have to point out as a compliment, that I rarely comment or share when I disagree. I try to be positive in my online interactions. But this was so GOOD I couldn’t resist. Thanks for your interest.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to respond! Yes, I do mean a dark bar where people go to get plastered. Thinking back on Jesus’s ministry–did He preach in churches or in other places where the “good people” hang out–no, he went where the sinners are. There was a whole scandal because he went to the home of a “sinner” to eat, and because he let a prostitute kiss his feet. He met with the woman at the well, etc etc. He didn’t stay in the friendly crowds. He went to the people where they were. That’s how I want to be too. I never want to see myself as “too holy” to go where the people are.

      You are very right to say that not all Christians should go there–that it should be a temptation for some. I agree. But the fact that some would struggle doesn’t negate the fact that that’s the exact place where others are called. Yes, we should also go to PTA meetings and grocery stores, but we (as a general group of Christians) can’t just leave out the worst places because we are uncomfortable there. The truth is that there are some people who can only be reached in these places, and so some Christians need to be there to reach them.

      Also, we do run the risk of “self-righteousness” wherever we go…

      I’m glad you said “drink more than they should” and not just “drink.” I don’t believe drinking in itself is sinful. Jesus turned water into wine for example. Now, do I drink? Rarely. I just don’t care to. But I don’t have any problem with people who do. (And actually, I met my husband in a bar. Which is very funny if you knew me and what a “good little Christian girl” I was raised to be. 🙂 )

      Should everyone go to the bars? No. Should people say they are going to witness and use it as an excuse to drink? lol, no. But should some people go there to actually witness? Absolutely.

      Thanks for taking the time to respond and to read this horribly long answer. 🙂 If you have more to say, I’d love to hear it! Disagreeing can still be very friendly and positive!

      1. I love your respond and totally agree. We need to remember jesus ministry was laways outside and around those that got him into scritiny by the pharisees.To masny Christians ar like who paul reminded us not to be and those are whom forget they were once chrildren of disobedience. AS you said, it’s not eveeryone to go to witness in the bar so we should ld the holy spiirt guide us and not act impulsively. Keep up the good work Brittany.

  3. Excellent job, Brittany. All good points in the first section – glad to see someone articulating them. And lots of simple, unintimidating ideas in your list.

    Have to say that I was so thankful Sun. evening to share a few sentences with a neighbor we had over for snacks. We try to be purposeful about spending time with them so we can have opportunities to make God known, and God gave me one (and let me see it, so I wouldn’t regret missing it later!).

    1. Thanks, Abi! And that’s great that you are intentional about spending time with your neighbors. I tend to be a hermit, even though my neighbors are very lovely people 🙂

  4. Me, being a non-believer, finds things like this so offensive. It makes you seem so childish talking about stuff like Jesus and god, just blabbing your mouths off on how to “turn” us and being so persistent on convincing people that your religion is the truth. I’m not saying any of you are wrong it just makes Christians seem like cult leaders when they constantly try to convince people of their “facts.” I would recomend not talking about anything religion related around agnostic, or atheist people. It really does make you seem like a insane dictator 😐

    1. Hi, Savannah. I’m sorry you found this post offensive. That was not my intent in the slightest. Allow me to add a little perspective — Imagine you somehow found the cure for cancer or some secret about vaccines that proved that they were safe/unsafe … wouldn’t you want people to know? Wouldn’t you feel compelled to get the word out? Or even something as simple as a really good shoe sale. Wouldn’t you tell your friends so they could go too if they wanted to?

      Not because it benefits you and you just want everyone to be like you and to join your club, but because you care about people and feel like people should know? That’s how it is for well-meaning Christians. (Obviously, there are some bad seeds out there, but don’t worry, I’m not one of them 🙂 )

      I don’t believe in God because I’ve been *brainwashed* into thinking so. I believe in God because I’ve seen Him work firsthand in my life. I’ve seen the incredible difference that doing things His way can make. And I’ve done a lot of research into actual facts that overwhelming support that there really IS a God and that Jesus really was His son who came, died and rose again. And I know that other people could really benefit from knowing this too.

      I don’t share this because I think people who don’t believe aren’t good people too, but because it’s really great news! It’s life-changing! And because I care about people, I want them to know too. Whether you choose to believe or not, everyone should have a right to at least make an informed decision. But if everyone kept Christianity to themselves, then no one would have that ability because they’d never hear about it. I’m NOT trying to *force* anything on anyone. Just wanting to share some good news that people need to know so they can decide for themselves.

      You say “facts” in quotation marks, but let me assure you–Christianity is not based on a bunch of myths just because people said so and the words got messed up somewhere along the lines. There really are very solid reasons why we believe. Hope that helps me seem like less of a dictator, lol. I promise I’m very nice, very logical and at least reasonably intelligent. 🙂

    2. It is important to respect another person’s personal privacy. God has not called us to argue our point, dominate a situation verbally that turn people away. We should not show ourselves to be the “know-it-all” in these conversations as we do not see it as an invasion of their beliefs and knowledge bit the need to share what we think is right. A writer or two ahead of this writing has told us explicitly how we come across. It is way better and considerate of others to say nothing, but to wait for others to ask us a question and then to keep our answers generic at first. When we live it without bragging about it, people sense something different and wonder why. They will ask us what causes it. “Clean Living”, warm regards toward all others in our behaviors toward them is enough for people to want some of it and ask how we learned it. Personally, this “Friendship Evangelism” style has worked well with me as people watch how we act and treat people, are we truthful, honest to the core. Christianity is basically about how we treat others based on how God has shown His love and Grace toward us individually. That is the core and blossoms out toward others automatically without us starting types of conversations offensive to many.

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