I Tried 7 Popular Bible Apps: This One Was My All-Time Favorite

More than twenty percent (21%) of U.S. adults use apps or websites to help them read Scripture, according to Pew Research Center.

Nearly ten percent (9%) of adults use these apps or websites daily.

Yet, not all Bible apps are created equal.

According to pastor Kris Langham, cofounder of the Through the Word app: Every year, more people kick off a new Bible habit on New Year’s Day than any other day–by far.

Whether you’re looking for interesting Bible reading plans, in-depth Scripture studies, or inspiring verses to share on social media to kick off your new year, here are seven popular Bible apps you may want to try this year, along with which type of reader each app is best suited for.


1. YouVersion Bible App + Audio

With over 100 million downloads in 2023 alone, the YouVersion Bible app is by far the most popular. A project of Life.Church, YouVersion offers daily Scripture verses, 1,880 Bible versions in over 1,200 languages, and a wide variety of Bible reading plans on topics including love, anger, anxiety, forgiveness, stress, joy, loss, and more.

YouVersion users can read the Bible with friends, compare sections of Scripture in different versions, highlight Biblical text, and create private notes in one place.

Iva Ursano, owner of Women Blazing Trails, uses YouVersion every day. “As a woman over 50 who suffers from mild anxiety, finding suitable resources to help me deal with it has been a struggle. I found YouVersion about two years ago, and it’s been my saving grace. I love the daily guided prayers as they help center and calm me. I’ve grown so much closer to God because of this amazing resource.”

Verdict: The YouVersion Bible app is best for readers who want to find and follow interesting topic plans from their favorite authors and Bible teachers. However, because the plans come from various sources, some plans are far more in-depth, interesting, or applicable than others.


2. Through the Word App

Through the Word is a pastor-led guided audio Bible app that allows users to listen to the Bible’s teaching one chapter at a time while also providing a 10-minute audio guide that explains the chapter’s context, meaning, and application.

Upon logging in, users can search plans by book, Bible teacher, or topic or follow pre-planned Bible journeys for more information on the Bible’s overarching themes.

Verdict: Highly engaging, entertaining, and relevant, The Through the Word App is best for beginning Bible readers of all ages, as well as those who have enjoyed God’s Word for decades and are ready to dive deeper.


3. Ascension | Bible & Catechism

For Catholic readers looking to engage in Scripture more regularly, the Ascension app is a great option. It includes The Bible in a Year with Fr. Mike Schmitz and Jeff Cavins, a Bible reading plan that’s gained a great deal of popularity in Catholic circles over the past couple of years, as well as the Great Adventure Catholic Bible and the Catechism in a Year.

All users can access content, including the full text of the Bible, the Catechism, and the audio versions of Fr. Mike’s podcasts for free or pay monthly/annually to access the rest of the app’s content. The paid subscription includes more audio Bible studies, almost 1,000 Bible Q&A’s, and exclusive access to new content.

Verdict: The Ascension Bible app is best for those who would like to learn more about the Bible’s teachings from a trusted Catholic perspective.


4. First 5

Developed by Proverbs 31 Ministries, the First 5 app is designed to help women read the Bible daily before being distracted by social media and everything else that demands women’s time and attention. This app unpacks books of the Bible and allows users to set reading reminders and highlight, save, and share their favorite passages.

One of the most significant advantages First 5 offers over other apps is the robust community. App users can connect with other Christian women in private and public groups to provide accountability, receive support, and create lifelong friendships with other women worldwide.

Verdict: The First 5 App is best for Christian women who would benefit from the added support and accountability of reading the Bible within a community setting.


5. Bible Gateway

With over one million downloads, Bible Gateway is a popular Christian Bible app that lets users explore popular commentaries and compare multiple verses side-by-side. It offers an audio Bible, select reading plans with daily reminders, and the ability to highlight and take notes on favorite passages.

With free and paid versions, the Bible Gateway app allows users to customize their experience with or without ads and additional resources.

Verdict: While the Bible Gateway website is a favorite for quickly looking up Scripture verses in multiple translations, the app’s features seem basic and limited compared to other comparable apps.


6. Logos Bible Study App

Built as a powerful Bible study and sermon prep platform for pastors, Bible teachers, and everyday theologians alike, Logos is the perfect choice for those who want to dive deep into in-depth Scripture study and teaching.

With over one million downloads and counting, Logos offers robust sermon outlines, commentaries, manuscripts, and built-in timers to help with sermon preparation. Users can also compare several different resources simultaneously and link them together, allowing them to study the Bible and gain insights in much less time.

For this reason, Logos has been a trusted resource for thousands of Christians, including leaders such as John Piper, Beth Moore, and Dr. Timothy Keller.

Verdict: The Logos Bible Study App is best for established pastors, Bible teachers, and seminary students who want and need to research, compile, and analyze in-depth Scriptural insights from multiple sources in an organized fashion.


7. Blue Letter Bible

Blue Letter Bible is a customizable Bible study app that allows users to find commentaries, Greek and Hebrew original language lexicon, and advanced word studies for each verse throughout the Bible.

While other apps promote consistent reading and application plans, Blue Letter Bible provides readers with tools to study the nuance of the Bible’s original language. Another popular Bible app, it has been downloaded over one million times.

Verdict: The Blue Letter Bible app is best for occasional Bible teachers or students who want to quickly research a particular verse, word, or concept without being overwhelmed.


The Verdict: Through the Word is My All-Time Favorite

While individual Bible readers’ needs will vary, Through the Word was, not surprisingly, my favorite Bible-reading app. The content is interesting, engaging, and entertaining for all ages without being cheesy or annoying.

The audio guides are accessible and easy to follow, even for those new to the Bible, and the commentary is family-friendly enough that I would feel good letting my young children listen to it.

I originally started listening to give me greater context and understanding of some of the more difficult Old Testament books. Even though I’ve been reading the Bible for decades, I learned a great deal.

Through the Word doesn’t offer a community component or a systematic approach to sermon planning, but I didn’t need or want either of these features. Instead, it provides in-depth, fascinating Bible teaching by trusted pastors to anyone who wants to start reading the Bible more regularly.


This article was produced by Equipping Godly Women and syndicated by Wealth of Geeks.

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