What Is Advent? Here Are 10 Ways to Celebrate

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Advent is a special time for Christians globally. “Ad-venire,” a Latin word meaning “to come to,” is where the word “Advent” originates. This season is important because it marks the start of the liturgical year and represents excitement about the upcoming birth of Jesus Christ.

In this article, we’ll explore the heart of Advent and look at ten enjoyable ways to celebrate this meaningful time.

1. Understanding Advent

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Advent is the four weeks leading up to Christmas, meant for thinking and getting excited about the holiday. It’s more than just counting down the days. It’s about really thinking about the special meaning of Christmas. Lighting candles on the Advent wreath each Sunday helps us focus on the good things of the Christmas story—like hope, love, joy, and peace.

The feeling of waiting for Christ’s birth is everywhere during Advent, making it a time to take a break from all the holiday busyness and get ready, both in our homes and in our hearts. It’s a chance for people to be open to the good changes that Christmas brings to the world.

2. Advent Wreath Tradition

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The Advent wreath is an important symbol of the season, and it helps us feel excited and connected to traditions. It usually has four candles, one for each week before Christmas. This wreath is like a visual calendar, showing us how close we are to the big day.

Lighting a candle every Sunday is a special way of counting down to Christmas and feeling the anticipation of Christ’s arrival. Each candle is a little step closer to the joyful celebration, making the Advent wreath a simple but powerful tradition that helps us get ready for Christmas.

3. Daily Advent Calendar

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Get into the Christmas spirit by using an Advent calendar—it’s a fun way to count down to the big day. These calendars have little doors you open, and behind each one, there’s a small gift or message.

It’s like a daily surprise leading up to Christmas, making the countdown more exciting. Opening each door becomes a special part of your day, and besides the fun, it also gives you a moment to think about the meaning of the season and look forward to the joy of Christmas.

4. Prayer and Reflection

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During Advent, it’s a good time to think about your thoughts and prepare spiritually. Take a few moments daily to pray, reflect, and meditate, creating a space to connect with the season’s true meaning. Many people find it helpful to use Advent devotionals or prayer guides for guidance.

These tools offer a structured way to explore the spiritual aspects of Advent, helping you connect more deeply with the traditions and meaning of this special time. By dedicating time to these practices, you find comfort and strengthen your connection to the heart of Advent, making the experience more meaningful.

5. Acts of Kindness

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Get into the true giving spirit of the season by doing kind things during Advent. You could volunteer at a local charity, help out a neighbor, or surprise someone with a thoughtful gesture. These acts of kindness perfectly fit what Advent is all about.

It’s a way to show love and care, bringing the real essence of the season to life. Whether it’s a big or a small act, spreading goodwill helps make our community more compassionate and connected, making Advent a time of togetherness and generosity.

6. Nativity Scene Display

A nativity scene display.
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Putting up a nativity scene is a meaningful way to show the story of Jesus being born. Arranging the figures of Mary, Joseph, the shepherds, the wise men, the animals, and the baby Jesus creates a special focal point.

Each part of the nativity scene has a deep meaning, telling the story of Christmas—Mary and Joseph’s journey, the humble shepherds, and the arrival of baby Jesus- and brings a message of hope and love. Placing the nativity scene where people can easily see it encourages thinking about the profound meaning of Christmas and finding inspiration in the incredible story of Jesus’ birth.

7. Attend Advent Services

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Many churches organize special Advent services where the community can come together to celebrate the season. These services include things like worship, music, and readings from the Bible, creating a special atmosphere that captures the true spirit of Advent.

It’s a chance for everyone to gather, feel a sense of togetherness, and share in the significance of Christmas. To find out about these events in your area, you can check local listings or ask around in your church community. Participating in these services helps you connect more deeply with the season and adds to the overall joy and spirit of Advent in your community.

8. Family Traditions

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Make lasting memories by starting special Advent traditions with your family. Whether you’re baking yummy treats, making ornaments, or reading Advent stories together, these shared activities bring everyone closer and create joy. Doing these traditions together helps build a strong bond in the family.

Baking becomes a time for laughter and togetherness in the kitchen. Crafting ornaments adds a personal touch to your decorations, and reading stories is a shared adventure into the magic of the season. These traditions become part of your family’s history and add warmth and joy to the holiday season.

9. Jesse Tree Tradition

A Jesus ornament on a Christmas tree.
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Another way to celebrate Advent is by embracing the tradition of the Jesse Tree. It’s a special representation of Jesus’ family tree, going back to Adam. Each day until Christmas, hang an ornament on your Jesse Tree that tells a story from the Bible—including important people and events.

This visual and hands-on tradition helps you and your family learn more about the history leading to Jesus’ birth. It’s a beautiful way to combine storytelling, creativity, and reflection, making Advent a special time for generations to connect and understand the spiritual journey of the season.

10. Establish a Quiet Advent Atmosphere

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Amid all the holiday hustle, try to find moments to relax and think. Make your home a peaceful place with soft lights, calming music, and some quiet time. Even with all the excitement and busyness of the season, taking these intentional breaks gives you a chance to connect more deeply with the meaning of Advent.

The soft lights and calming music create a soothing background, offering a calm contrast to the busyness around you. Taking a moment to be still allows you to think about the significance of Advent and the spiritual journey leading up to Christmas. This intentional focus on peace during the holiday rush makes the experience more meaningful and helps you feel more connected and mindful during this special time.

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