Christianity: Fact or Fiction? Examining the Evidence You Need to Know

Christianity: Fact or Fiction? Examining the Evidence You Need to Know

Suppose I told you that cell phones give you cancer. Not that they emit a small amount of something that maybe, possibly, might someday harm you a little, but that if you use your cell phone you WILL get cancer. How would you respond?


Would you stop using your cell phone? Would you just take my word at face value and smash your phone right then and there? Would you completely adapt to a cell-phone free life just because I said so? Remember, I’m not a doctor. Just your friendly neighborhood Christian blogger. So–would you listen?


I’m guessing you wouldn’t. I’m guessing you would probably give me a funny look, wonder where my marbles went (which I obviously lost), and ask me why I think this or what proof I have. You would want to know if I had a good reason behind my claims or if I’m simply off my rocker.


*By the way, that’s just a hypothetical example. No need to smash your phones (that I know of). Don’t worry!


So my next question is–if you won’t do something as relatively simple as give up your phone because I said so, how can you expect other people to believe in Jesus just because you say so?


A phone giving you cancer–that’s believable. Our phones probably do have a harmful effect on us that we don’t know about. But God being born in human form to a virgin, performing miraculous signs and wonders, dying, rising from the dead and ascending to Heaven where he still lives today? That’s much more difficult to believe.


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My Faith Journey


Personally, I’ve never really had any difficulty believing in Jesus. Like I shared in the introduction to my Protestant and Catholics belief series, Christianity has always been an important part of my life–ever since I was very young. I accepted Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior at an early age, I grew up in a Christian family who attended church multiple times a week, and I graduated from a small, conservative Bible college. To say Christianity has had an important role in my life is a pretty big understatement.


Pretty much my entire family and most of my friends are Christian, and as a result it’s never been something I’ve had to struggle with. I almost take it for granted. But, I know for many people, it simply isn’t that easy. And really, I don’t blame anyone for struggling with it! Christianity is full of difficult concepts that take more than a little faith to believe.


That’s why this series is necessary.


Factual Evidence for the Gospel


Did you know that there is actually a wealth of solid, factual evidence that supports the Bible as being true? Really! There are tons of reasons why we can believe that Christianity is true!


The problem, however, is that most of us don’t know these reasons. Not only does this leave our faith weaker, but it prevents us from effectively telling others about the Gospel as well, since we lack any sort of compelling argument.


Why should people take your word that Christianity is true? Because your Sunday School teacher said so? Because your experience says so? Because the Bible says so? That’s just a book written and passed down by man, remember? The truth is, if you expect people to listen to you when you share your story about Jesus, you need to give them a logical reason to do so. And this series will help you do just that.


The first time I read Lee Strobel’s The Case for Christ, it really opened up my eyes to all of the solid, factual evidence we have for what we believe. Christianity isn’t just a set of stories. It is the well thought-out and logical conclusion to a wealth of solid evidence. I hope that by the time you finish this series, you feel the same way.


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The Purpose of this Series


Whether you are a Christian, you’re definitely not a Christian, or you aren’t sure what you believe–and whether you are firm in your convictions or full of questions–there are certain facts about Christianity and about Jesus that you need to know. This series is intended to present you with those facts.


If you aren’t sure about Christianity, I hope this series will answer any questions that you have and show you that there really ARE a TON of facts that support Christianity as more than a myth, story, or exaggeration, but the most logical and persuasive answer that the evidence demands.


And if you are a Christian, I hope that this series really strengthens your faith and that it equips you to go out and help others to find and strengthen their own faith as well. After all, the world is full of people who are searching, and it is up to YOU to have the answers they need.


Topics This Series Will Cover


Each Wednesday for the next two months, I’ll be bringing you a new and interesting post CHOCK FULL of the fascinating, life-changing evidence you need to know. Here are the topics I plan to cover. I will add links as new posts are published.


*Have an additional idea you don’t see listed here? Email me!


June 10th – Jesus: Historical Figure or Modern Fairy Tale?

June 17thThe Bible: Reliable Evidence or Just a Bunch of Stories?

June 24thHow Do We Know the Right Books Made it Into the Bible?

July 1stWas the Bible Reliably Preserved?

July 8thDid Jesus Really Rise from the Dead?

July 15thWas Jesus Really God?

July 22ndSix Common Objections to Christianity


Honestly, I can’t even tell you how excited I am about this series. I find apologetics fascinating, and I can’t wait to share what I’ve learned with you as well. It’s going to be good!


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  1. Hi! This sounds like a great series! I’ve been a Christian for most of my life (the better part of 40 years!) But, I’m always learning and I believe that even those of us who were raised surrounded and grounded by truth go throuh periods of questioning: Is this real? So, this series should be great!

  2. Like you, I grew up in a Christian family that went to church every week. Even though I believed because I learned it throughout my life, I also gained a testimony for myself. Through prayer and scripture study I was able to gain the knowledge necessary to make that choice. My relationship with God became stronger which has guided me through some difficult trials in my life. Through those trials I have been able to lean on Him which has given me tremendous strength I didn’t know I had. Even though I gained the knowledge necessary to make the choice it’s also important to grow closer to God. Without that spiritual confirmation I still wouldn’t know for myself if it was the truth. It takes the spirit more than knowledge to gain the truth. The spirit can lead people to the knowledge which will help them know if it is right. Thanks for sharing your strength and knowledge!

    1. Yes! That is so true as well! Both are definitely important! Case in point–even after I got all the evidence in my Catholic/Protestant series, it still has not been enough to convert. Great point!

  3. Brittany:

    I *accidentally* found your Protestant v Catholic series just today and read the entire series (along with many of the comments, which were, in themselves amazing) in one sitting – that’s how interesting and thought-provoking I found them. I plan to follow this new series as it happens.

    About 10 or so years ago, I had a crisis of faith (for lack of a better term) in which I examined, as you are doing, everything I had been taught in comparison to the Bible and Church history. As a direct result of my study (which went on for a couple of years), I now disagree with many things I was taught (in my conservative Protestant upbringing). I must admit that I was quite impressed by many of the things I learned about the Catholic Church and I very much admire her steadfastness and her refusal to be swayed by modern culture and what is politically correct.

    Anyway, I still attend a Protestant church (not the one in which I grew up) but I struggle with the same things you explored – which church is the “right” one? Are any of the various churches 100% “right?” How can I be sure? Is it enough if I do the best I know how while still having doubts (doubts about the Church, not about my salvation)? Or, is the “right” church necessary for my salvation? I still don’t know, which is one of the reasons your study so resonated with me and why I intently followed the comments especially between Bryan and DCal90. I so admired your decision to not make a decision when you still have valid doubts.

    Looking forward to your new series!

    1. You must have LOVED my Catholic/Protestant series if you read through the entire thing AND some of the comments in one sitting! lol. That was a pretty meaty series! Hopefully you’ll love this next series just as much! 🙂

      And for the record, I think having doubts like yours is a good thing. Questioning means you care enough to make sure you get it right.

  4. Hi Britanny,

    I can’t wait to see this series… Even if I know that God is God and Jesus died for our sins. God is really love, and if ever one would obey the commandment we would live happy and harmony. Most importantly, we should read the message of God that is in the Bible and be careful of what some people (supposed to be God’s messengers) are saying because it doesn’t always match the people and some of them open the way to the Antichrist. Every God believers should know about the Bible prophecies because the signs of a near end are coming more and more.

    I will try not to miss your next article 😉

    1. Yes! Knowing the truth for yourself is so important. Not that you shouldn’t know what others have to say (you should), but you should also constantly be in the Word yourself to make sure everything is lining up.

  5. Brittney, I am SO excited about this series! I can definitely say it is very timely. I’ve currently been flooded with so many doubts about my faith, and it has rocked my world. I’ve literally been praying every day for God to help me and help increase my faith. The doubts are so incredibly frustrating. I’m so discouraged by these thoughts that keep flooding my mind lately.

    Like you, I was raised in a strong Christian home. I made a profession of faith when I was a child, but it wasn’t until I was 16 years old that I truly decided to turn my life over to Christ. Since then, I have seen God do so much in my life.

    I’m so thankful that you are doing this series! I feel like it is an absolute answer to prayer!

  6. I have been a Christian for over 20 years. I fell away for a short time in my late teens, early 20’s, but still deep down knew God was calling me back to Him. I never lost my belief in the Lord.. For me, my faith is deeply rooted in trust, faith and feeling. I am looking forward to this series because I want to be able to speak my faith, not just trust in it. If that makes any sense.

    Interestingly enough, I have learned the most evidence in Christianity by homeschooling my kids. We have studied the Bible, Creation, and the history of the world from a biblical perspective, and let me just say-wow! So many things I never knew before.

    1. I think it must be normal to have a falling away period in the early 20s. I almost did too. Never could quite “shake it” though…

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