Christian Christmas Crafts for Kids: The Star of Bethlehem Ornament

What a beautiful Christian Christmas craft for kids! Easy, and very pretty!

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It may only be early December, but the holiday season is well underway! Neighborhoods are filling up with lights, blow up reindeer, abominable snowmen holding ornaments, and even Frozen snowmen. Yet, while these decorations are festive and cute, none immediately call to mind Jesus or the story of his birth. One classic symbol of Christian Christmas celebrations is the Star of Bethlehem or Christmas star.

A fun way to introduce the Star of Bethlehem and the Christmas scriptures to your Christmas décor and to your children is with Christian Christmas crafts for kids. While you’ll have to do the hot glue yourself, your children will love spending time with you making this beautiful, easy and affordable Christmas ornament craft. This tutorial will show you how.

Not only are these Star of Bethlehem ornaments beautiful, but they also cost only about $0.30 each, making them an affordable craft project. All you need is clothes pins, glue, and paper. You can add paint or glitter if desired. You may even already have all of the supplies on hand already, making this the perfect craft for those times when you need something to occupy the kids NOW.

Don’t have small children? This would also be a fun activity to do with a Sunday school class or Bible study group as well. Participants can assemble the crafts while discussing the Scriptures.

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Christian Christmas Crafts for Kids Star of Bethlehem

The Star of Bethlehem Ornament Supplies

The Star of Bethlehem Ornament Instructions

1. Remove the springs from your clothes pins.

2. Glue 2 clothes pin pieces back to back to make rays for the stars. Continue until all clothes pins are made into rays.

Christian Christmas Crafts for Kids Star of Bethlehem

3. Glue 4 large rays together at 90 degree angles to make the base of the star. Continue until all large clothespins are made into bases.

4. Glue 4 mini rays together at 90 degree angles to make the top layer of the star. Continue until all mini clothespins are made into top layers.

Christian Christmas Crafts for Kids Star of Bethlehem

5. Glue the top of each star to the base making sure the rays are off set (do not line up directly).

6. Get creative! Paint and/or glitter your stars. I used gold spray paint on mine. If you want to add glitter, apply an even coat of school glue and sprinkle with glitter. The stars would be cute in many colors.

7. Print out scripture labels and cut out. (Due to space constraints these are not the full scriptures, they are shortened verses that call to mind the entire reading.) I used blue, white and parchment colored paper.

**Click here for Scripture label printable cut outs. (Or, if that link doesn’t work, try this one)

Christian Christmas Crafts for Kids Star of Bethlehem

8. Bend the Scripture cut-outs slightly by pulling them over a pen or marker (the motion you use while curling ribbon). I like the ends to curl outward.

9. Glue the scriptures to the front of the star ornaments using a dab of hot glue or school glue.

Christian Christmas Crafts for Kids Star of Bethlehem

10. Add a loop of ribbon, string or twine to hang the ornament. I used twine attached with hot glue.

Christian Christmas Crafts for Kids Star of Bethlehem

11. Enjoy your ornaments!

What a beautiful Christian Christmas craft for kids! Easy, and very pretty!

These ornaments look great on the tree, as gift package tie-ons, or even hanging from windows. I hope you try making a few and add the Star of Bethlehem to your Christmas!

Or, if you’re too lazy to take the time to make these beautiful ornaments (don’t worry–I’m not judging!), you can always just grab some pretty Star of Bethlehem ornaments from Amazon and call it a day 🙂 Click on any image you like for additional information:

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AW!!!! Those are BEAUTIFUL Brittany!! I just love this craft and of course the meaning behind it! I am going to see if my children’s ministry wants to do this! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

I was excited to use this craft as our Sunday School lesson is on the wise men. However, after two hours of trying the pdf still won’t print. I saved it, downloaded it to Google drive, everything I could think of. Normally have no issue printing these. Open for suggestions.

Oh no! I’m so sorry you’ve had so much trouble! So, you can view the file on your computer, but it just won’t print? Can you print it straight from the link without downloading it first?

No, I couldn’t, however I was finally able to print it as an image. If anyone else has trouble they might try that. Thanks for offering these. My 5th and 6th graders will love this.

Hi, Debbie. This craft is made with both big and small clothespins. I know you can find big clothespins anywhere. The small ones–I’m not positive. You can find both on Amazon, however. The links are right in the post! 🙂

Thank You for sharing. I usually teach 1-6th grade Sunday School (I have taken a year off to work on some health issues). This would be a great project for next year.

These clothespins look more intricate than the ones on amazon thru the link, could we find out exactly what these are and where they were purchased. THANKS so much. I LOVE THIS CRAFT! colleen

I absolutely love this craft! Thank you so much for sharing it!
I had a little difficulty finding the correct size of mini clothespins, though. In the post the size of the mini clothespins is listed at being about 3/4 inch long, so I ordered 1 inch long clothespins. They were way too small! I ended up sending them back and ordering the ones posted in the link, but they are 1 3/4 inch, not 3/4 inch. You might want to edit the instructions. I’d hate for anyone else to make the same mistake I did.

I’m having trouble with the printer out. I try to download but the page is blank with small writing on the very bottom. Is there another place I can get the printout?

I would love to use this with my church’s Christmas for Kids in a couple of weeks, but am having difficulty getting the page to print – I’ve tried in both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge but just get a blank page. Thoughts???

i am trying to print these scriptures for my ornaments but everytime it loads and i hit print it freezes up my whole computer, i know its not my computer or printer because i have printed other numerous things to see if its that but everything else prints fine no problem, so it must be the link i have tried to find others but i cant, please help, thanks

this is beyond crazy i have tried google, mozilla, internet explorer, even tried saving it as a pic and still doesnt print

I have been trying for several days to print your scrolls. Can’t get it to download, save, or print. Can you help me out?

I am unable to print the banners as well. I’ve tried saving as a photo but can’t. Anyway to get a printable version? BTW how rude of me to not lead with thnaking you for sharing this! It’s awesome and the kids are going to love making these and taking home! Thanks!

Would you be able to send me the link for the print out as well? This is such an awesome craft! Looking forward to making it with our school kids for our older church members. Thanks!

Really???? If you’re going to post instructions and include links on your website, could you at least make sure they work!!!! The scripture banners WILL NOT PRINT and my husband is an IT Manager and he absolutely could not get it to print. Complete waste of time!!!!

I just came across these ornaments. They are amazing!!! I am having trouble printing the banners…I’ve tried both links 🙁 I can see from past this has been a problem….can you email me the file? Thank you in advance.


Thanks for creating this and sharing! I made 50 for Christmas gifts for kids at my church. Really lovely and meaningful ornament. 🙂